We rooted… we cried, we begged, we coached… and at about 12:45 EST Lily gave birth to a cub… we heard the little one cry, its cry almost human, the sound clear as a bell!
My phone and chat on facebook went off at the same times…
“Hello Joan, Nana here!  YES, I’M WATCHING…. Hold on the other phone is ringing, Hello… OH MY &now, right now, wow, oh, my, wow; LILY HAS HAD HER CUB, YES YES YES, JUST NOW… Hold on, Joan is on chat, … Joan Hold On… Let me finish my phone call , I’ll be right back, yes yes yes I see her moving and yes it is amazing! Yes I see… she has more than 50,000 fans on Facebook today!!!! I’ll be right back”.
I’m crazed with Lily I tell you… She is a super bear ~ She has brought out the best in people! She has brought folks out of their own pained places; their own self-absorbed troubles. They aren’t thinking about unemployment, politics, paying bills, fighting with family, losses unresolved or grief of the way things could have should have or would have been!  Of course we are all also sleep derprived; some late to work, or not at work at all! But many are wrapped up; all thinking about his magnificent bear and concern for her babies!!!  What a wonderful thing these researchers have done for the world… they have included us in understanding and loving the American Black Bear in a way unheard of before.
Oops… phone rings… “Hello?  hahaha, yes Lily had her cub and oh my you should her and hear  its squeeps and cries… uh… no I don’t think squeep is really a word, maybe I just made it up! Or then again, I think it is a psychological therapeutic term that is used in specialized circumstances when a Mother Bear first gives birth to her cub in mid-January in her den with no humans around…. Well of course I am making that up!!!”
And so it goes, Lily has captured the hearts of thousands, she has even made the ABC news; she is the focus of Twitter, blogs, Facebook, schools, the workplace, OBGYN offices, chemotherapy rooms and all who have discovered this wonderful website… her birthing experience was observed by more than 15,000 people today.  And yes, I am writing while the excitement is fresh in my heart and my mind… don’t want you to miss a thing. ANd yes, I have her on another screen with the sound on just in case I hear a “squeep” and have to look!
Joan and I chatted throughout the afternoon, blow by blow detail of Lily and her breathing, her twists and turns… the babies grunts, sqeeps and cries… WE think there are two… the verdict is still out for confirmation.  Yesterday a wonderful man made a post that left me with a krumpled kleeenex in my hand. He wrote of Lily with such tenderness and profound clarity, he too has bear spirit I am just sure. I was going to copy and paste his words for the first Lily blog, but by the time I went to the fan page to get it … it was gone. But I had commented to him how he had touched me with his words. And wouldn’t you just know it, he sent me an email of thanks this morning, with a copy of his words for me to post in this blog! So for that and for Rick Cannon, I give thanks, and So It Is! Someone is certainly blessed to call him “family” or “friend”.
Bear with me a minute… “Hello Joan… Nana here! I bet you are exhausted watching Lily! Yes I want to see her face and see the baby(s) too. I wonder what little Olivia is going to think about Lily having those babies while she was at school today?  haha
Yes, we will get to watch Lily care for them and move around, but just think we can all sleep better tonight knowing that her hard work is now complete! Bet she will tell those little ones to be still and rest, she is tired!  OK, Nana loves you, bye for now!”
Yes, my best friend in the whole world managed to call multiple times during the day as well for Lily updates!  I of course am spirit talking with Lily to direct her energies into getting those 50k  plus fans to my fan page once she is rested!
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss & Life… once again the circle is continued in a bears life… we connect on a primal level, with amazing grace; sleeping beside a laptop with the volume turned up so that we can hear if a cub is born! We applaud researchers for their efforts in studying these wild bears in their habitat and not being intrusive but allowing us to bear witness to the wonderment of their world without harming them. We become stewards of their survival and we step outside of our own issues to applaud their efforts and hard work and we ask nothing in return.  We have Lily to thank for that…  She has brought out the best in humans.
I will end today’s thoughts with the thoughts of Rick Cannon:
“Born in the icy grip of winter, naked in the frigid cold, these babies will be in the continuous care of of a devoted mother who has 18 months to teach her children the ways of life, to live on their own, find food, and protect themselves as they will be solo next summer, barely a blink into their existence. its quite amazing. we can send a man to the moon but we can’t come close to doing what a mother bear does in a year and a half. No daycare, Nannie, or assistance whatsoever, she has a monumental job to do and she will do it with no complaints, her love and devotion to her children consuming her attention 24 hours a day. What respect that commands! Go Lily”   And to you Rick, I say thank you, God Bless you and walk with you in each step you make… you have bear spirit, you are blessed.
May all of you have a wonderful weekend and if you haven’t visited Lily, please do:  http://www.bear.org/
and while you are there… read up on some bear facts, make a donation to them if you can!
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss & Life, those who have read it, know that I have been called many things, but one of the proudest and greatest memories have been those when called, “Bear, Bear Lady, Bear Dancing” and yes Bear Spirit is with me always, protecting, guiding and watching…
Thanks Lily for bringing so many together and allowing them to watch with respect and honor from a distance. Special thanks to those doing the research and Doug for his work with the cam… hope the cub gets your name Doug maybe with a “y” or “ie” at the end!!!  Gotta run, the phone is ringing!!!  Sure hope Lily can boost my fan page on Facebook; after all she is the Queen of Facebook; even Jack Canfield can’t compete with Lily the North American Black Bear who is now a Mom!
P.S…. a small update at 0-dark-thirty… one last check on the website finds Lily working to keep the babies warm, and all is well in the den. The coyote was heard howling the howl of acknowlegment that the birth had occurred through the lands during the night… And then I checked the fan pages, and made a comment that I would be posting yet another blog featuring Lily… and quoting Rick Cannon! Well not too much time passed before two comments were made by women who were not pleased with me at all… they remarked that I was making a “plug for my blog” and felt it was well I won’t say what they thought it was, let’s just leave it at they did not think I should have used Lily’s site let other’s know of the upcoming blog “autrocious” I believe the word was and neither would be reading my blogs in “my lifetime” was their words… My heart sunk… in a brief moment I realized that what was done with excitement and enthusiasm was misconstrued by these women and made into something different… once again bear spirit had been altered into ugliness by human hands/judgment! The moral of this p.s.?  I’m sure there is one! haha… Lily would understand, I understand and those reading this will understand… as for the two women who tried to use words of dishonor and “assumptions”, shame on them…

Mimosa’s over the week-end with brunch in celebration of Lily the North American Black Bear who never has to be bothered with human pettiness nor conflict ! ! !

Walk In Beauty
author of Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss & Life
order your autographed copies at:

3 comments on “LILY HAD HER CUB(S) JANUARY 22, 2010 GET THE CHAMPAGNE!!!

  1. Linda , Linda, Linda…. Your responses are always strange. What's up with that? Go out and make friends. Do volunteer work. Get up to speed. No reason to lead such a dismal deprived life unless you choose it for yourself.

  2. Ohhhhh LInda… “you're killin me!!!! NOT knowing Simon or my hero Patti Labelle!!!! Where have you been my deprived one??? you must experience Patti Labelle!!!! Find her on YOU tube, rent her concerts… turn up the volume and let her music fill your soul…. oh my you pain me today knowing you have missed so much!!!! But isn't finding all of this now just a wonderful gift?hahahaha
    Have a blessed day kiddo!!! 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing Lily and her Fan Page.
    My definition of “watching paint dry” is not knowing the Lily, American Idol, or even Patti LaBelle existed. Can barely wait to learn the cub's name…

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