Sunday ~ Leap and The Net Will Appear !

The First Step is Rough ~
Happy Spring

Great Expectations, Great Disappointments.

No Expectations, No Disappointments.

But how sad and self limiting to face this destiny….. To expect so little that we can never realize any disappointment in our lives. I would rather fall flat on my face and weep and cry from the sheer height from which I fell. Feel the pain, moan and groan occasionally, than crawl along, close to the ground, never soaring to any height just to prevent the fall.

My strongest belief is LEAP and the NET will Appear!

Take some chances.

OK so yes, we may fall and we may fall from great heights, but, it’s just a fall.

We can bounce back. We are resilient!

We are strong.
We can choose to be strong, we can choose to TAKE A STAND, TO BELIEVE IN OURSELF, TO BELIEVE IN OUR WORTH, TO INVEST IN SELF ~

even when we momentarily find ourselves flat on our face.

Remember when you were a kid and fell off your bike a thousand times before you could race up the street a million miles an hour?

Same thing.
Fall down gumby, you will get back up.
Go ahead and fall, pick yourself up, eventually you will get it right.
They even have band aids now with great smiley faces, funny characters and everything! Have a supply on hand, just in case you need them for your “boo boos”~

How else do we really live? Really feel the life energy we each have. IT IS AWESOME, THIS THING CALLED LIFE! SAY “YES”, “YES” “YES”!
We only know the joy of the ride, the freedom of the sky if we have experienced the ride.

I am not encouraging reckless abandon all the time.
But I fully support some wild moments. Taking some chances.

After all, we have this moment to live life to the fullest.

Not to always follow the safe and sure path that is predictable.

Sometimes we should LEAD, Not Follow. Sometimes we should step out there. Turn on the dazzle, sparkle, just because we can.

Often we find ourselves surrounded by joyless souls. They have the capacity to suck the joy out of life if we let them.

I say: Why would we want to give up our personal power to these bleak, sad, angry souls.

 Better that we consider surrounding ourselves with lighter spirits.
Be the light others need to see, and create for ourselves our own excitement, our own happy place.

By leading with our own light, we choose our own path. Straight up the hill, UN-winded, sprinting the last hundred yards to the very edge of the cliff, with great expectations, a joyous CELEBRATION! Leave the grouchy, hateful dark souls at the base of the mountain. Jump on a cloud, take the ride across the rainbow, and laugh all the way down.

OK so maybe it’s REAL risky to think that a real cloud will provide a soft landing from the top of the mountain, but you get my drift here, right?

Live with GUSTO. Take some reasonable chances. Look for MAGIC in your life. Create a good life. You deserve it. Laugh, love, sing, dance.

And no, not in your mind.

Get out there today and CELEBRATE YOU!

And… there you have it! My thoughts for this Sunday after a Saturday spent at the Citrus Festival; a day in the SUN, with my beloved friend, my MOM, aka COB! Sitting in the sun and visiting with Irene, aka IRM for the day; being entertained as she drove herself (and us crazy) trying to figure out what COB stands for, quizzing, begging for answers, for clues ~ ~ ~ Laura and Mitch came and ole’ Irene really turned up the heat when she discovered that Mitch is the one who named COB COB!!! Ah, but he wasn’t telling either ~

The folks of the Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce were there in their glory, doing their thing, and doing a darn good job of it at that! Tomorrow they will be there again, with Connie Davis competing in a “dance contest” and Ms Connie DOES NOT like to lose… So… if you are in Palm Harbor around 4pm be sure to root for Connie as she razzles with dazzle on the dance floor of the competition!


Chris up there in NY, our arms are around you as always, keeping you in our thoughts around the globe, you have the warpaint on and an army of angels beside you ~ Hurry home~ YOU ARE IN THE ARMS OF THE ANGELS FRIEND ~

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, know that :

the fire is being kept and the embers are burning brightly for each of you with prayers on the winds and healing on the smoke ~

Walk In Beauty,


Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life


NOW:  S   T    R   E       T     C     H     and

b   r          e       a             t         h           e


14 comments on “Sunday ~ Leap and The Net Will Appear !

  1. I did not “suggest” anyone leave anyone anywhere…

    read it again in totality to get the full of the thoughts, not just a line that can be taken literally in a “negative ” way rather than thoughts of uplifting messages and intentions ~ if you like, if you dare to leap, and at times one must leave others behind, at the base of a mountain if they choose to be still to stay in their place of oneness of darkness of stillness or of fear.

  2. Yes, thank you for explaining. Some of us may be a little stupid and not catch on as quickly as others. Not every person referred to this blog personally knows or ever met the author, so excuse us if we seem stupid, ignorant, or dumb. Thanks!!!! I get it NOW!!!!!!!
    Nice of you to Help!

  3. To anonymous, yes, pitch a tent or whatever.
    The rest of us “get it”. Leaving the grouchy souls behind is because they are dead weight. Are your's really legitimate questions you have? Let me make it real simple. You thrive best when you suround yourself with light people. People capable of joy, and laughter, and willing to celebrate life. Often when people are grieving they cannot do these things. OK. But people, not grieving, people who are “joyless souls”, those that complain all the time and are always fault finding. Remember we are not talking about grief every moment of every day. These dark souls should prompt a smart person to leave them behind whenever possible. Set your hair on fire and boogy far away from them. They add NO QUALITY to your life. Now do you “get it?'

  4. I'm learning part of the joy in every moment is simply enjoying the cup of coffee in front of me, just drinking the coffee mindfully, without reading the newpaper or blogs. And when I do read, I will just read.

  5. So – we do not always have to be bold, we can just pitch a tent and listen to nature's music, the birds, the rain, the owl, the wild turkeys. There is a time to listen and a time to speak.

  6. Life should be lived in each & every moment we should discover the joy that is right in front of us. Whether this joy is a bold action or enjoying the beauty of nature doesn't true matter. Reach for the joy & discover it in every moment.



  7. As kind, compassionate, loving and caring people, why do you suggest that we “leave the grouchy hateful dark souls at the base of the mountain.” You lost me there, perhaps I do not understand. Are we supposed to be selfish and always put ourselves first? It delights me to see a “grouchy hateful dark soul” smile because I was there for them.

  8. Leaping is fun, leaping back from my near death experience & leaping in the rain.
    Boots help, especially red ones to help us walk the right road!

  9. I do have RED BOOTS! NO kidding!! And I have big feet too! Yipee to all those happy feet splashing around celebrating today. I am CELEBRATING EACH OF YOU!
    “Spooshing” never heard that one but I love it! Love the rain and am especially enjoying the thunder. Lots of big energy in that.

    Just check out the Target circular in your local paper!
    “Those boots were made for walking…”
    and jumping, splashing, spooshing, and dancing!
    Have fun!

  11. Red Boots, Red Boots, that is the prize of the day. Everyone needs Red Boots to walk or to dance in the rain. Some people even wear red boots in the swimming pool when it is raining or not. Wouldnt that be fun? How about the memories of Red Boots growing up? I didnt have Red Boots, we had what you called galous and you wore your socks and shoes under the boots. I dont know how we can wear shoes under after a certain age, our feet are too big. Anyway go buy you some boots, I dont care what color they are. Blessings

  12. I am extremely gateful for the glorious drops of rains, the everchanging clouds, and the birds “yacking.”
    Birds are intelligent, they know they have been provided with their clothes ( feathers) and that food will continue to be provided by Mother Earth. They even take a leap and leave the nest. And “birds of a feather flock together.” Enjoy the rain….
    Thank you for the rain, the clouds, and the birds!

  13. Woke up to rain, clouds & birds yacking, too!
    What a difference from the stellar day spent at the Citrus Festival with Dr. SES,
    C O B = ” count on blessings “
    That's my guess for today.
    Digesting the plans for the rest of Sunday.
    Hope all is well over your way, readers
    EyeScream !

  14. Had a plan for sunshine today. Cannot believe I woke up to rain. What's up with that? A gazillion little birds chirping, and it's raining. This is the universe telling me I got up too early. Back to bed. I cannot believe that I alone cannot make the sunshine! And to think, all those little birds have no umbrellas. How do they dry their wings enough to fly during the rain. They are amazing!
    We are AMAZING! Guess I could look up the forcast and see what the rest of the day olds, but I think ZI'll just let my self be suprised.
    Anybody for a puddle jump? I remember one time in Elementary school we stomped in EVERY puddle on the way home form the school bus. There were about eight kids in our house at that time. Long walk home and we hit EVERY pocket of water we could find. The deeper the better. Had a hell of a good time. Came in muddy, soaked, wet shoes, and my Mom went ballistic! Everybody got a spanking. I think because we thoughtlessly ruined our school shoes. Still remember how much fun we had. Don't remember if we wore wet shoes to school the next day. Fun memory. PS, David the 6 year old hatched the plan. Gotta love that kid! I can still see him loking up at my MOm with a totally quizacal expression. Can almost quote him asking “Waht's wrong with rain puddles?”
    Guess the economics of sixteen soggy wet shoes alluded him.
    Everybody have a GREAT day wet or dry!

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