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>Well….? did ya Do it???


on the
Norwegian Sky
Cruise Ship
Good morning morning!
A special
Happy Birthday to my beloved cuz,
Angie this morning!
Happy Happy Birthday Cuzzie, here’s to all you
dare to dream!
Well, did you enjoy that extra hour of sleep?
Did ya
“fall back”
set all those many clocks you have hiding at home?
Amazing isn’t it how many of those darn things
we have;
most having different times anyway
now that I think about it.
Don’t forget those extra watches you have
laying around too!
and of course the car~
Thank goodness our computers and cell phones are so smart that they know automatically to “fall back”.
They do know that … don’t they?
Guess this makes it official,
we are now
‘the dark months’
Time to turn on those lights and feed the electric
companies a bit more since you are saving on
the air conditioning now.
Always good to leave a light on so that you do
come home to a dark home.
There is just something about returning to the dark
that seems to alter the mood and heart space.
As you ready yourself for the holidays
the blessings that surround you
it is good to also
remember to
rally support and to surround yourself
with comfort.
Leaving a radio on
a light
of warmth and welcome
is a great way of starting that comfort for many.
Starting to “think” or ponder
about how and what you want
the holidays to
and to let your needs/wants/desires
begin being known is also a good idea!
people don’t know what they don’t know!
Home is where ever you are
is where we find safety
stir the embers
for walking in the light always
The fire is burning brightly, the embers are hot
sage and cedar are being sent on the breezes this crisp morning to all for
HOPE in healing ways
strength for those who may need it
as we
enter the dark months
the days ahead
Walk in Beauty
Steak n Shake
“Busting those suds”
Washing out MS
Oldsmar FL
bring your car
get your grub on
Let’s raise some $$$
MS to get
Just figures:
 we were sweating at the last one;
might need sweatshirts for this one!
C’mon on out
PUt on your warpaint with Laura at
Remind her
You are with her in this fight!

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