>THE WEDDING (Royalty at its finest)


What a stunning Bride
who is Ready
To outshine her world
joining with her love Prince William
This is a day of
CELEBRATION and Hope and Promise
William and Kate
April 29, 2011
As the world is watching
even here in the US
folks are rising
before the sun
with kleenex in hand
and breath held!
Kate is a beautiful, stunning BRIDE!
William a class act to honor the fallen,
a handsome young man of class indeed.
What a proud dad Mr Middleton is
what a red carpet of royalty indeed!
Diana is dancing in the galaxies with such pride!
what a smile, she cannot keep from SMILING
What a celebration!
It Is amazing
it ISsplendid
I pray that security will be tight
and that they will have the moments they wish for!
we recall July 29, 1981
the last wedding that took the world by storm
Prince Charles and the enchanting Diana.
It will spectacular
but it will also be
a time of
painful loveliness
for William and Charles and Harry
the last time they were in the
 was for Diana’s funeral
and we all know
William would want nothing more
than his beloved Mother Diana
to be there
for his most special day of exchanging
vows with his lovely Kate.
All I can say is
best of all things to a most lovely couple
may you always be as happy as you appear
in your photographs!
Loved that hand fasting after the ring was placed
and their union was blessed,
did you notice
there was no
“Kissing the bride after it was over”
it remained
as they took their places
and the ceremony continued…
did you see
Sir Elton John in the audience?
WHO are all those people I wonder???
where are all those flowers I read about?
Guess I’ll have to keep watching
bet they are at the reception.
Wonder what gift Oprah and Ellen sent
the royal couple?
Isn’t the Abbey the most remarkable
and glorious building you have ever seen?
That smile of Kate… just said it all didn’t it?\
What a royal wedding indeed!
Now can we resume regular programming
on our local televisions please?
I mean I will need a nap in the middle of this day
after watching all of this live!
OK OK ok, who stayed up all night in anticipation of it?
C’mon I know some of you had to!
I do know of one person who decided to work from home just so she could wake up early to see it all live on television today!
Forget the snippets and the news, after all it was a
Prince William and Kate here!
And the folks on the street just hollering
and the proud papa of Kate
and the little kids all royaltied out
oh my goodness
the excitement mounts
as the winds
of Florida howls
in excitement of all~
What did YOU wear for the wedding???
After all we’ve been hearing about it for weeks now
watching the same clips on
Entertainment tonight
hearing about the
millions of dollars
spoof and look alikes and the amount of money
they make a day to impersonate the
all those folks across the pond!
We also know
Ellen Degeneres was NOT invited
that she is having a ball telling folks on her show
about that!
we have also seen that it appears
William and Kate wish they could have just eloped
celebrated their love of each other
without having the press in their every move
the wonderings of each step!
of course
we had to once again relive the pain
of the most treasured
Princess Diana
and see her children during her death
with such profound sadness
as if William isn’t already thinking about the loss of his Mother on this most magical day of his young life
as he weds the most beautiful woman in the world.
We had to once again be reminded of that tragedy.
What are people thinking?
The future King and Kate
barely time to breathe, at least hopefully they are having their own “media blackout” so that their specialness of the main event is not boggled by all that we are having to watch as we seem to get absorbed in following the main event of the Palace!
I am amazed by most of it,
but then again
I am more amazed at the ability to hit that remote button and change my channels, love that technology I do.

They are just as cute as they can be
they do appear to be very much in love!
Oh boy how I wish them enough to sustain
all that is yet to come
in the limelights
and the scrutiny
of the press and those that follow and snap pictures
and pressure for comments and statements
invitations to events
and speculate.
May their love give them all that they need
to live well, love much and laugh at all
they encounter along the journey
over there across the pond.
Wonder if Oprah got an invite?
Notice how everyone wants to be
a Brit this week or this month rather?
Maybe Simon Cowell got an invite?
I do find that a bit funny after all
Sharon Osborne was on TV
as an authority of Princess Diana
a couple of nights ago…
I bet ya me and my pal
Joey Graff would have gotten a first row seat
(if we wouldn’t have been too busy dancing on desks around our hometowns that is)
and then
we would have had a ball at that reception you can bet on it!
Love that Joey Graff I do, and sure did love his being back here to comment yesterday on this page of warriors I did I did!

Ok, so I am quite
glad I don’t have to pay for part of the security for this which will probably end up at about 45 million I’m thinkin!
Sorry for those there who do, but after all it is Royalty you are protecting you know!!!
the queen and Prince Charles and Kates’ parent’s are footing some huge chunks of change like maybe another 40 million or so for the kids too.
And then again,
there are the folks at the reception of 650 or more
that have to eat you know!
Those flowers, are maybe 100k or better I would surely think that to be a conservative number wouldn’t you?
I’m waiting for my delivery again today,
guess traffic kept the trucks off the roads here
yesterday with our celebration we were having
everyone going out to get
their royal outfits
for the wedding.
But this I did not know:
Kate will not use the word “obey” in her exchange of vows. She will instead promise to love, honor, comfort and keep the prince!
William won’t wear a wedding ring!
Kate will walk down the isle to the tune, “I was glad”.
Prince Harry is telling all his Facebook friends that the spoof we all watched on the Royal Wedding was the greatest thing seen on You Tube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kav0FEhtLug&feature=related
So then,
here we go the Royal Wedding
and I am so hoping it went without incident
and oh how I would have loved to smell all those flowers as I bet they were stunning
for quite the stunning couple.
The fire is burning brightly, here in the USA
with prayers of hope, faith and courage on the suns rays today for those suffering the devastation of the storms and those lives who were lost and those who are now trying to regain their balance,
we are holding YOU all UP in prayers and thoughts.
Many and heartfelt blessings to William and Kate,
long may the live and love!
Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

30 comments on “>THE WEDDING (Royalty at its finest)

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  24. >I did not wake up extra early but did get to see her start her walk down the aisle-Kate is beautiful–I wish them nothing but love and simplicity for the rest of their lives. Of course the simplicity will not be possible-but they can try for it for a while anyway.I did leave work early to watch the shuttle-but alas it was not to be..darn it–now I have to clean!!(so that I don't feel guilty about leaving early)oh heck with this–it too beautiful outside to stay stuck in the house with Mr. Clean–tomorrow is another day! I'm outta here-talk to ya soon. L&H

  25. >No, I did not stay up to watch the wedding, I do know several peole who did. I watched the re-runs today. What a lovely couple, I pray to God they will stay in love and William will not follow his DAD and Grandad foot steps. Harry is so charming. I think I saw my precious #1 niece in that dance, the one with the red jacket on. So funny and so beautiful. Lets pray for them and most of all pray for the Launch today. Am so glad that Gabby got to come see her husband off to the wild blue yonder. Thanks for the walk thru the wedding. Gotta go dance to that tune. Have a great weekend to all. Blessings

  26. >doc says Sir Brutus will be fine…he is fighting an infection possibly caused by a spider bite. Seems so simple eh?…and yes, I now call him "Sir Brutus"…since I am the king of this castle I decided to knight him..lol

  27. >Mind and heart bouncing all over the place today. Congrats and best wishes to William and Kate. It is really something to watch a young couple celebrate and begin their walk together as an entire globe celebrates with them. Why do I keep waiting for Harry to pull a prank or two? That guy seems to be quite the prankster, would love to share a pint or two with him.Thoughts and prayers with our neighbors in the southern states. I want to celebrate those that were spared but mourn those less fortunate. So many stories of despair and loss, but we forget to celebrate the fact that those still with us have the breath to take and start rebuilding. Just trying to stay positive here. We, as a country, should shut down and converge on that region and help. Just as all of England shut down to witness a wedding.Then there is my faithful friend Brutus. He has been fighting an infection of sorts this week. This morning I woke to see his face is all swollen, his eyes barely open and having to breathe through his mouth. Of course, I am fearing the worst, but hoping and praying Doc will have the wisdom and guidance for alleviating him of this misery. These are times when I truly wish he could speak MY language. Does Rosetta Stone sell dog language CD's? Anyways, we shall see what is in store yet this morning as we visit the good doc.Happy Friday to all as the countdown to Monday begins!

  28. >Love the simplicity of their genuine love for each other. A joy to witness. Happy Friday to all.

  29. >Beautiful ceremony indeed, blessings to the future King and Queen of England, that they may enjoy a more 'normal' life until that time (yeah, right…♥). Prayera for the shuttle crew, and for all those affected by the horrible tornadoes in the South land. Heart-break, and heart-felt joy hand-in-hand ☼

  30. >Sing it with me : "Fairy tales DO come true.."Watched the entire thing from 4 am, magical.Bless them both, along with both families.Charming, stunning, poised, glamerous, oh, my!I wait for the kiss, later on this morning.Then, NAP time, as Dr. SES stated.Rain will way to a great weekend here, so enjoyClearing skies for shuttle launch. TTFN FIRM

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