>Monday NEWS


C’mon home men and women in Uniform
we sent you there
9 1/2 years ago to find
him, and find him YOU did.
Nope, he wasn’t in a cave, a mountain
but in a high stylin compound on the outskirts of town with his “youngest of brides” the property valued at over one million!
Osama Bin Laden
 along with his courier and brother and I guess his beautiful bride…
the emotions linked to waking to this news are
the remembering of that day on 9/11
the lives lost
the fear that gripped the world
on the day the world stood still
the days that followed
the many young men and women that quickly enlisted
to find this man Bin Laden
and all who grieved
all who died
all who stayed in “perceived threat mode” for so very long and weary from responding to the call
and playing it step by step
as we had never ever gone through anything like this before.
Yes it will take some time to process
all of this
the reality
the wondering
is he really really dead?
Can we celebrate
Are we dancing on desks on this Monday
now hoping and praying that his followers
get the message
just stop this whole terrorism thing.
I just cant go on now
but will
sit and refelct on the last 9 1/2 years for a bit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AW8puRqE4Sc&feature=related
Be careful US Forces and come home NOW 
We Appreciate YOU
We Appreciate YOUR Families
~ ` ~
and for your humor today
just imagine
yesterday was glorious out there
on Lake Tarpon
those Eagles just dazzled us
protected us
they did!
I managed my first
from the bow of the boat!
DOC still has it kids!
Wherever you are
whatever you are doing
do it with all you got!
Walk In BEauty

6 comments on “>Monday NEWS

  1. >It's been a great MONDAY, a great Monday indeed. Thank you Mr President for leading our troops, thank you to the VA based Navy Sealswe do NOT need to know who you are, or what you are up to… We know, YOU have done well, our lives safer, our ground more secure, and as doc says… justice travels slow, but you dealt a sure shot with precision… under leadership of the commander in chief.We will be ready if some want to reataliate, we are strong and of the USASTOMP fellow Americans with Pride.

  2. >S T O M P–nothing more to say than that except a prayer for those who have lost their lives because of the devil that they called Osama. Perfect surgical precision!

  3. >hellooooooo.I agree with Joe's well spoken comments..Too lttle too late, hopefully, this long overdue news will help heal some of the deep scars and bring a bit of peace of mind but I can't help but wonder if this will also cause great backlash and more retalliation against our country… perhaps this will lay the foundation to the beginning of a more peaceful world… so many precious human lives have been sacrificed in what I perceive as a futile effort. Our troops deserve the highest respect and gratitude for all they do.. I am proud to be an American , and will do whatever I can to promoote peace in my little corner of the world.STOMP…. STOMP… if there were ever a more appropriate time than now.. reflect and remember,Let us celebrate this new beginning.. sign me, with gratitude,hugging my angels ♥ ♥A.

  4. >Im dancin' this morning for sure:I am dancing and celebrating the fact that the snakes head has been severed.BUT, this dance also includes tears. Tears of joy AND sorrow. Is there a word the defines both emotions felt at the very same moment?Joy in that this evil coward has finally met his fate. Sorrow for those lives lost on that fateful day 9 1/2 years ago, and more sorrow for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice to get us where we are today and those left grieving.Many many emotions today for sure, but one that stands out is PROUD!I, for one, am PROUD of all of those that worked tirelessly and gave their all so that I would be FREE to print these words and experience this feeling…whatever the word may be.

  5. >U S A, U S A, USA, USA !!!! OBL – Dead:Announced in the 9th inning of Phillie's game, SCORE 1-1, what a coincidence, huh ?Burial at sea……… see ya, OBLIrene M will never forget….

  6. >Finally! Now do we get to bring our men and women home? I long ago thoughtthat we should have bomb Afganistan out of existance. Make it a pig farm, or a lake. Tha would have saved us millions of dollars, thousands of American lives and REALLYmade a statement. The bigger problem is when politics and religion are entertwined. Take heed folks, we are doing it right here in our own country. Used to bethe fringe left that were the loudest….Now it's the religious rght and there power to drive legislation. I for one would like to hear us raise our vices now. Before we become a country modeled after the mid east. Always at wore, lead by dictators, having no voice in the laws that govern us.I too will never forget 9/11.

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