>Great News Is Just Great News


Our Eagle
that watches over us
on Lake Tarpon
when out there on the boat
Sunday was no exception
It’s a great day to share it with you here
our National Treasure
The Home of the Free
of the Brave!
How bout’ that Shot of that most majestic Eagle?
Well to take us away from all the words
since the death of the most evil man in recent history
the most recent jokes of Bin Laden
the many deep sea divers out there
trying to gather bones
for Ebay
New Sushi Restaurants that are soon to open
and such as that.
To get away from those who
are trying to convince us that this was not
an Obama led mission
but the mission and skill of our Forces
seems they
that our President of the United States
in fact also the
Commander and Chief
who issues the order.
Let’s move away from the fact
that the code name
for this
I don’t particularly like that one little bit!
But just for the moment
to escape the fact
that now
“Pakistan criticizes the US”?
Are you kidding Me?
Pakistan is mourning
also saying we did this without informing them
although deep down we believe that they knew
all along that he was there living large in the
million dollar mansion
as did some of the residents there.
We will not even mention
that they feel a bit slighted
upset, angry, and all that silliness
that the most evil and hated man
who tried to cripple
the United States of America
with his terrorist attacks
was killed
by our Navy Seals
in a sweeping move
without the loss of civilian lives.
We of course won’t even
talk about the fact
that in a hot minute
our President could stop further
aide in dollars to Pakistan if they want to persist with such nonsense
(I of course think that a swell idea)
just bring our men and women home now.
I am just tickled that many readers here also think
my idea of PIgs at airports and on planes
is a sterling idea!
After all you know terrorists think when they carry out these acts they will be rewarded at death
with 70 virgins or something like that
or maybe it is 1 70 year old virgin
they will not get where they are hoping to go at all
if a pig/pork is involved
PIgs on planes is a safety measure
is what I’m thinking here.
After all no terrorist will take a plane down with a pig on board.
Instead we’ll have a bit of humor for the day:
we’ll explore the real benefits of
having the lanai professionally cleaned
by a real honest to goodness person
who comes and uses those
professional things
that hoses and zips and zaps
the dirt and mildew from the
massive bird cage that stands over the lanai
and protects the pool.
Wow was that an impressive thing to behold!
Of course to prepare for such a feat
one has to empty all the beautiful and quite heavy potted plants of hibiscus and such lovely things into the side yard, along with the gas grill, chairs and misc. things
so that the deck is free
which of course then makes you wonder why in the world you have such things as then you notice
how very large and expansive your area is!
there are no falling leaves to sweep!
So after your back feels as though it will break in to
the magic man comes and spends the day
pressure washing and doing his thing
replacing a few screens that over zealous puppies
can’t help but snag their paws in when those blasted squirrels come to bark at them and taunt and tease
otherwise make them crazier than they already are!
But at some point he leaves
letting you know
it is best to let everything
“dry” before placing those very heavy pots back inside!!!
That roughly translates to
you’re on your own kiddo to do this most heavy task
yet once again
after writing him a check and being in awe
of how dirty it was before he began.

This is the squirrel that loves Gypsy and Jeepers
comes around daily
hanging upside down
on the screen of the lanai.
Now imagine
if they don’t rush outside barking like mad, almost sliding into the pool fast enough
this little squirrel begins
while hanging upside down
until he gets their attention!
then oh boy it’s on… they come running at race neck speed from inside (often running into the sliding glass window at first) bouncing off it, shaking their little 4 pound selves back to consciousness
then with mindful purpose
they charge at the screen
(hence the little holes that had to be replaced).
The squirrel then delighted
turns upside right
and gallops over the top of the lanai, down the sides and around the pool
with the little ones hot on its trail.
This can last for 30 minutes or so and often resembles
coming at times very close to a
“ker-plunk” in the pool.
So then
yesterday, in my absolute joy of being an American
I put on Ray Charles singing
America The Beautiful
and several other great songs
on full blast here on the lanai
and decided to act as though I am 23
and move all those pots and “stuff”
back into the Lanai
being ever so mindful
of the cleanliness
and hosing down every track I made.
Pots are very heavy u know?
And with each one, I would hear the barks of disgust from the inside of the house, where the little ones were
the sweet music I had on the speakers
would reflect on the last 9 1/2 years
of the uncertainty since
and our pursuit
of Bin Laden.
Then I just allowed my mind to go blank
I needed the respite from the world
the events
the commentaries of the news
the demands of photographs of his death
the commentaries of our President
and all that went with it.
I enjoyed the sun and the sweat
of the labor
the beauty that I was creating
right here
in my own little world.
I was choosing to enjoy each movement
each sound of the birds
each graceful dance of the butterflies
that came to greet me
and show me their dance
knowing that it was the spirit
of someone
I had known
each with their own message
from the other side.
it was only then I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye
in the big palm in the corner of the lanai.
A little flash of yellow
it moved!
Oh my what have we here
Right from the palm to the screen it went!
It’s little chirp
and me
“How in the world did you find your way to me?” I asked and then immediately thought,
and how in the world am I going to get you out of here!
It was so wee, and just as content as it could be to hang in the screen and in the palm.
Any and all efforts at talking it into leaving were met with resistance.
With both doors wide open and talking to this little one
I went on about my business
cos’ at this point I knew once I stopped the body
would remind me I am not 23
so I just kept working and soaking up the sun
while my little friend watched from a distance.
At some point in the early evening the phone rang
with DLB letting me know she was in need of a ride
on Alderman Road
as the ole “warning get car service” light came on right before the car stopped running…
So, I left the doors open to the outdoors and
took off to rescue
and returned
only to find my little friend
right where I left her/him!
with that we both attempted to help the little one out the door.
I with the pool skimmer
DLB with a towel.
Sooo close
I was sooo close to having that little itty bitty bird in my hand
to the top of the lanai and across the pool to the other side near the other door!
mE with my skimmer, DLB with her towel
we both get to the other side
she is telling me to raise my skimmer to the air
and to move back
I am steadfast looking up at the little bird
step by step
Little Bird Score One
Humans Score Zero
with exception of DLB howling
me soaking wet
Game over thanks for playing
Little bird wins
and flies to palm fronds.
Doors now locked
PIece of bread delivered to Palm tree with water.
Little bird has accommodations for the night
I am soaked
DLB is hysterical,
as is EE in Colorado
who has heard of the antics in Florida. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaGUr6wzyT8
as this was going on with doors open,
I had a visitor of the crazy squirrel who stopped just shy of the door opening,
a beautiful RED cardinal in the bush right outside the door opening
a bountiful blue jay and its babe
in the back yard fussing and trying to get the babe to fly. I sure do NOT want a jay in my lanai, mean birds they are.
Now then
that is quite enough of the winged excitement for one day
oh yes
I heard the screech of that Eagle
I believe to be living behind me
which I am sure was raucous laughter
in knowing that
Bin Laden is DEAD.
Now if that’s not enough to get your day started with a laugh and a grin I just don’t know what is, but please don’t make too much noise
my company the little bird is still sleepin
and my body is screaming from the work and the “ker-plunk” of yesterday.
the coffee is great
and the day holds tremendous promise
of being fun – filled
we once again get the opportunity
to create our most
remarkable day.
God bless the USA
our troops
their families
our President and first family
Wherever you are and whatever you are doing
I sure hope you are flying your Flag
for the world to see it.  I pray we will stand in Unity as Americans now, united in one vision, one heart with our President as together we are a strong nation, and that is the force that is needed now more than ever for the world to see.
Walk In Beauty,
I’ll be hitting the air on the 10Th for Montana, then Denver, then Phoenix
so while home I am soaking up the sun, and playing with little birds and butterflies!


9 comments on “>Great News Is Just Great News

  1. >oh my what a day you had-Like Irene, i just knew you were going to go kerplunk! By the way, I think the eagle wasn't laughing at the fact that OBL is dead but at the fact that you, in your attempt to "rescue" a bird managed to soak yourself! Not sure if the birdie will leave for a while but I do hope it stays around long enough for you to enjoy.On to the matter of squirrels, I find that having a water gun around sure helps. Got me one of those super soakers -and every time they would get on the screen, I would blast them-it didn't hurt them just made them go away (wet and mad). as for pigs on an airline–why didn't homeland security think of that? cheapest way to protect the planes–don't you think? talk to ya soon L&H

  2. >hellooooooo.I am exhausted already after enjoyingthis day's read and all the comments..what a great place this is to be !! I canonly imagine how much fun DLB had at your expenseSherry. hehe… Please do rest up well before youhead off to all your upcoming destinations.Thanks for providing us our laugh for the day.Not much to add , just a wish for all to have a happy and safe day, I , for one , will be on thelookout for squirrels, little yellow birds and thedancing butterflies…hugging my angels, loving life today , ♥ ♥ ☻ .. sign me,A.

  3. >What a terrific story in today's blog, I actually hung on every word and JUST KNEW that a ker plunk in the pool was coming. We all sure took the PIG thing to the limit, didn't we ? The squirrel is antagonizing the 4 leggeds and YOU, Dr. SES. I like the yellow bird house guest for the night, dinner served!You made my day start with a chuckle & smile.Hump Day for sure. What do you call a PIG on a beach ? 'BACON (bakin') IN THE SUN ' FirmEyeScream

  4. >please excuse me for posting twice…not sure if this is acceptable or not but.@Cindy, thats a great idea! I would however be concerned with the stench in an airport with all the little piggies.I am wondering if they make one big airline and call it SWINE Airline. Paint the fuselage of the plane as a pig body and the little corkscrew tail on the tail end…OMG…THAT my friends, would be the true definition of ."When Pigs Fly"

  5. >Ha, Ha, what an exciting life you live. Oink, Oink, so much about the most evil man in the world. 23 kids, 9 wifes, riding around in a big SUV and no one knew who he was, glad there is DNA. Where is the Donald with all of the smart ass remarks, eating pig?? I am sure he has thrown his campaign posters away because the only person who would vote for him is his plastic kids. Way to go Mr. President Obama, you did what you were supposed to do and did it with calm and grace. Your team of Seals and White House staff did a great job. It is a great day to be in the USA. Way to go President Obama. Blessings to all

  6. >I am hoping my laughter is not loud enough to wake anybody up down there…My tummy hurts from laughing…No Doc, I am not laughing with you, I am laughing AT you..lol. It is amazing how a bit of laughter in the morning can set the tone for the day. My boys, who were up getting ready for school, heard me laughing and that seemed to have perked them up a bit as well. So, by extension Doc, there are 2 boys off to school with smiles on their faces this morning because of your story. THANKS!!..we needed that.

  7. >Oh, I just had an idea. Instead of all the expense & commotion of the airport security system they now have, get some pigs in each airport. Make everyone hold & cuddle a baby pig before they can board! Would that work, ya think?

  8. >HaHa, great story today, Sherry! Hope you recover quickly from all your exertions!

  9. >From little birds, and pigs, and terriorists, to Nascar pups and an unexpected swim. You do know how to weave a story that reads well.Perhaps you should contact the Dept of Defense.Rest your weary bones Doc. Today could be a great day to do nothing.

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