>Releasing Graphic PIctures of Bin Laden… Should they?


Do you remember
the graphic displays of horror
that we witnessed
over and over

Can you imagine; being confronted by an AK-47 each time you entered the Pentagon (the rez) at midnight although you knew most of the military that were there to check you in; and went through the gates of security that were changed hourly for increased security so ver close to our Nations Capital.

Do you remember those who gave their lives to detour that plane to Shanksville PA so that it would not hit our White House and the calls of the people on that plane saying “good-bye to their loved ones”.

More than 330 firefighters in New York went into those twin towers to render help
never came out.
People jumped from the windows
we witnessed it.
Folks suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
a result of the plotting and scheming
one of the most evil men in the world.
We saw it graphically
we smelled death
We were there
many of us were first responders
many continue to suffer physical, emotional
spiritually today.
Do we want to see the photos of this?
Can we take the graphics?
We have probably seen worse than this
on R Rated movies
We watched President Kennedy get shot
on National Television
Jackie Kennedy’s blood stained dress.
We Witnessed Reagan’s life be threatened
Brady take a bullet that left him
on television.
President Obama
we are a strong people
The fall of the Twin Towers
The hole in the Pentagon
who was
responsible for the deaths
of more than
3,000 people
on a beautiful day in September of 2001.
Will we offend someone?
Well we sure as hell were offended in 2001
along with hurt, afraid, and dismayed
no one seemed to care other than our
fellow Americans.
We are a proud Nation
a Nation of people who need closure
but also need to be mindful.
Will there be attempts at slander
at some lunatic
wanting revenge?
Our colors
do Not Run
This land belongs to our Ancestors


So then,
Show the pictures
let’s move on.
With pride
of our country, our President and into our days and months.
We did NOT ask for this trouble
Bin Laden wanted to destroy us and our freedoms
and our people.
WE will not be destroyed
not then
not NOW.
So if terrorists want to threaten
want to come on our lands
Let them know
we will NOT tolerate
as our President has proven
their Al Qaeda leader now
swims with the fishies
Nuff said
and guess pigs do fly!

And for the record
was a great warrior
for the Native Americans
truly should NOT
have been a code name
for a terrorist.
Proud Native American’s let us remember

Geronimo’s Grave

Have the best day ever, if you are flying today
take a little piggy with you and give the US Marshalls a day off.
Swine-Lines your newest way to Fly the Friendly Sky
Wherever you are
drop on by
me and my little yellow bird will be on the lanai
seems the supper of bread made it wanna stay!
Oh Crap!
The fire is burning brightly, its embers are hot, sage is filling the air, with thoughts on the suns’ rays for all the warriors of gentle spirit who enter here, who pray here, who stand together here, in good times, bad times
laughing out loud times as well.
Walk in Beauty
Healing Heartaches (one beat at a time)

12 comments on “>Releasing Graphic PIctures of Bin Laden… Should they?

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  2. >We need to call this yellow friend…ODRAMABIRD…think about it folks..G'nite

  3. >Let that yellow bird go back home. Who do you think you are the bird keeper? Let him/her run free, its Mommie is probably crying herself to sleep. Are you collecting animals? Squirrels running over the lanai, birds, snakes on the float in the pool. What is going on with you and all of those 4 legged? Maybe the bird will be eaten by the 4 legged ones and the squirrel will live in the tree or the pool. You are so special to have all of that fun KER-PLUNK.

  4. >OMG you guys are too funny for words. sharks dying because they ate him? More like crabs! he was a bottom dweller and so are the crabs–he belongs there right with the crabs and any other little sea spiders there are! as for seeing the pic-don't care either way-we saw Sadam Hussain hanging didn't we? whats the difference? This one has a hole in his head – so what? he really didn't need it anymore! Enough about him–we need to take care of our people here. Bring them home…that's more important than anything!HOw about a name that's really original for the little yellow one-Twetty PieThat's my thought for the day–talk to ya soon L&H

  5. >Proud to be American is right. If you want to see pictures of the evil one go on the internet and check it out. There is gruesome pictures of him probably fixed by some idiot that thinks he will make a bundle selling his picture. I dont care one way or the other if they release the picture. Lets get off Osama and support Obama and help him the best we can do. Enough publicity of Ben. I hope by now the sharks have eaten every bite of him, they probably died after eating him. Blessings God Bless the USA

  6. >hellooooo.I , for one , do not care to see any photos of a dead Bin Laden. My imagination can serve me just as well, and there is not a doubt in mymind as to the validity of his death. Don't need gruesome details… just saying, would much rather see pics of of beautiful nature, smiling faces and butterflies or rainbows.Surely do think we have had some great ideas expressed here, and it is a pleasure and honor to be a part of it… thanks again for all you do for us here DRSES… wickedcool to have a safe and fun forum…sign me, proud to be American,as always, hugging my angels, ♥ ♥ A.

  7. >Thank you for your words today – I agree with you wholeheartedly. I think that cute little yellow bird has found himself a very comfy place and plans to stay a while. Have a Blessed day.Sandy

  8. >Thanks for the days thoghts doc… I WANT the photo released. I agree with joe, bring our men and women home. BUT we need to be mindful and alert now. ?AND yes he is DEAD… Thank God under this administration he is DEAD the most feared leader of terrorism is dead. Show the picture Mr President and let us move on and the naysayers be still.Code Names shoul dnever be released nor shoud they disrespect our first americans either.Thanks for the pircs today and thanks for giving us this page. So how;s the wild sanctuary of Doc land goin over there? STOMP

  9. >I will say this one more time:OSAMA BEN LADEN IS DEAD. I am sure the sharks died with him he was such a piece of ###@@@***, you get my drift.Bring our troops home, find them a job or keep them in training. We know there are not many jobs out there so go ahead and bring them home. Lets get to the issues, what? the price of gas going to $5. Get with the program now and get our jobs back. I am not sure the pictures would do any good to anyone, however I would look at them, the reminder of 9-11 is still fresh in our minds, all I need to do is look on my wall and see the picture of the Eagle that has hung there since 9-11. IT SAYS WE WILL NEVER FORGET. It is now time to praise our President Obama and the Seals and all who took part in that operation. Thank You to all who was responsible for the deed that was done. GOD BLESS USA

  10. >Bin Laden is D-E-A-D!Now,unfortunately, the skeptics have monopolized the airwaves with frivolous claims of cover-up and deceit by the current administration. Many a politician has stood before a camera crew to take some sort of credit for their role in this and to give obligatory credit to the team that actually did the deed. I watched the WH press conference in its entirety the past 2 days. The press wants every little detail of the operation and challenge every answer given. I say ENOUGH ALREADY! Bin Laden is DEAD! The deed is done. I don't want photos, I don't care about the operational details. Why was the code name, which is supposed to be just that, CODE (secret) even given out? These details are UNIMPORTANT..Justice has been served ..PERIOD!Please understand- I am NOT trying to minimize this achievement, BUT, there are a ton of other issues that need to be addressed in a HURRY and we have now wasted 4 more days on this.NOW- Pull our troops from that hell hole and bring them home to DEFEND US here on our own soil.This way we can refocus on the pressing issues HERE!These thoughts run through my mind as I watch a BEAUTIFUL Cardinal dance on my Buckeye tree. This guy is the brightest Red, I really wish I had my camera handy. I am certain the folks here would enjoy seeing this beauty. I really hope he knows better than to mess with that tree. I am sure the buds of what will become Buckeye nuts look appealing, but they are deadly. Maybe Ill set some bread crumbs out for this fellow and his mate, she has just appeared up on the fence.Happy Thursday to ALL!

  11. >Happy Sink – oh – de- Miracle Whip !You said it, Sherry, we can take it, show us.One of these days, I just might stop by, coffee cup in hand. Let's name the little yellow bird, any ideas ? That's all I have for today, gonna outshine the sun again, today.Peace out……… Always, FIRM

  12. >Right there with ya doc!I too think the American public deserves to see him dead. I don't doubt that they killed him and I am not one who usually seeks gruesome photo ops, but in this case, HELL YES. The images of 011 are burned into our memories. We WILL NEVER forget. Sorry if it offends people that hate us, conspire against usand kill our troops.We have earned the right to see the results of his demise. Plus te government HAS lied to us many times so tey have earned the questions people are asking, and the doubt that mnycling to. Seeing a photo is just that. One more photo of death and distruction, but this time at our hands. God forbid that we should offend a freakin Muslim…..As for your little bird. He/she may stay forever with the Bed and Breakfast you provide.I would. Joe, love you idea for the pig plane. What fun it was to read ysterday's blog and everyones comments. Be well.

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