>Flightly Friday


“breadfast” on the lanai!

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” Maya Angelou

Happy Friday from the “wild kingdom” of the lanai! Coffee is good this morning as is me in my happy place!
Just amazed at the spirits that surrounded me this week I am,
as I sat here working and preparing to hit it once again in the friendly skies
meeting new people around our fine Nation,
just when I gave the itty bitty yellow bird a name,
and right after getting somewhat used to little
I do believe
the open door lured it out yesterday afternoon!
But while here,
it was quite amazing the other friends
that came by
wanting to figure out how to
And seems they liked the idea
of it as well!
A daily visitor of mine is:

Sitting right on the sprinkler head
across the lanai
and was talking to little
Speedy about how to gain
This lovely Red Bird comes each day
and talks to me!
Red Bird often comes as a messenger for those from spirit land.
It just doesn’t get much better than this
NOW really, what a view from where I sit!
How the Red Bird Got His Color
Retold by Barbara Shining Woman Warren
A Cherokee Legend for You on a Friday Morning
Cherokee Words:

wolf wa-ya

raccoon gv-li

bird tsi-s-qua

brown u-wo-di-ge

red gi-ga-ge

red bird to-tsu-wa

And so it was that,

Gv-li loved to tease wa-ya. One day gv-li teased wa-ya so much that wa-ya became very angry. Wa-ya began to chase gv-li through the woods. Gv-li, being the clever animal that he is, kept ahead of wa-ya.
Gv-li came to a river. Instead of jumping in the river, he quickly climbed a tall tree and peered over a branch to see what wa-ya would do next.

When wa-ya came to the river, he saw the reflection of gv-li in the water. Thinking that it was gv-li, wa-ya jumped in and tried to catch him. Wa-ya continued to search for gv-li for such a long time that he became so tired he nearly drowned. Finally, tired and exhausted, wa-ya climbed up the river bank and fell fast asleep. After a while, gv-li quietly climbed down the tree and slipped over to the sleeping wa-ya. While wa-ya slept, gv-li began to plaster the eyes of wa-ya with mud. Then when he had finished, gv-li ran off through the woods laughing to himself thinking of the clever trick he had played.
Later, wa-ya woke up. He began to whine, “Oh, someone please help me. I can’t see. I can’t open my eyes.” But no one came to help him.

At long last, u-wo-di-ge tsi-s-qua heard the cries of wa-ya. He flew over to wa-ya and landed on his shoulder. He said, “What’s the matter Brother Wolf? Can I help you?” wa-ya cried, “I can’t open my eyes. Oh, please help me to see again.” U-wo-di-ge tsi-s-qua said, “I’m just a little brown bird but I will help you if I can.” Wa-ya said, ” u-wo-di-ge tsi-s-qua, if you can help me to see again, I will take you to a magic rock that oozes red paint. We will paint your feathers gi-ga-ge.”

U-wo-di-ge tsi-s-qua began pecking away at the dried mud on the eyes of wa-ya. Soon wa-ya could open his eyes again. True to his promise wa-ya said, “Thank you, my brother; now jump up onto my shoulder.” Away they ran through the woods to the rock that oozed red paint.

When they came to the rock, wa-ya reached up and plucked a twig from a tree branch. He chewed the end of the twig until it was soft and pliable like the end of a paint brush. Then he dipped the end of the twig into the red paint and began to paint the feathers of u-wo-di-ge tsi-s-qua.

When all of his feathers were gi-ga-ge, tsi-s-qua flew off to show his family and friends how beautiful he was. That is why, from that day to this, you can see to-tsu-wa flying around the woods in Cherokee country, and in many areas today!

And for that I give great thanks, and so it is!! Wado!

Of course I was delighted while Speedy was here to look up without my camera and view
a beautiful blue heron walking along the screen cage gazing in staring at me
that is UNTIL little Gypsy noticed it by the door.
She then made a fast swoop herself bark on
to let it know in not uncertain terms
the bread and bird-fast was closed!
It took flight in a hot minute and was so pretty in the doing!
Then of course our regular resident here
that Olivia calls
did not want to be “outdone” so he had to make an appearance for the camera!

Fred looking quite splendid for the camera don’t you think?
What is it?
Am I host to the wild this week or what?
Thoughts on the wings of all those that fly, and in the skies and spirits in the clouds today
for all who need some thoughts and energy
along the way…
The fire is burning, its embers are hot, the sage is filling the air… with healing thoughts and prayers for all.
Have yourself a fantastic Friday Friends
Walk In Beauty
fly with your minds eye
keeping yourself open to the beauty that surrounds you.
OPRAH, babe, we’re running out of time here…
I am waiting for you to tell em…
Healing Heartaches on your night stand
your next best read… Now how hard is that
LMBO here
Maybe I should just put Chi-Town on my list?

5 comments on “>Flightly Friday

  1. >hellooooo.and I suppose I should also wish y'all a goodnite.. running late all day, still have stuffto do but…whatever stuff will just have to wait, I had totake a moment to say what a enlightening story ofthe red bird, speedy and fred. Thanks for wrapping upmy hectic day in such happy thoughts.Another week behind us and another lazyweekend to come.. time sure does fly by when you're having fun.Best to all and a Happy Mother's Day full of love ~hugging all of my angels, sign me,A. ♥ ( p.s…. exciting adventures for you Doc, we will be waiting for some great updates !)

  2. >Beautiful story there Sissy , Glad to see all the winged ones comming to visit before you Take Flight! Many Blessings for a safe Journey!Hello Fred feeling a little left out LOL yes your a star as well! but better hide less one of those Eagles decides to make a meal of you!Have a safe trip Sissy will be sending prayers Love to all who visit here !

  3. >Thanks for sharing the story of the red bird. I will certainly make an attempt to share with my daughter when she gets home from school today. She likes to watch the cardinals in the backyard while she eats her after-school snack, and has asked many a time how their feathers get sooo red. They are THE most beautiful bird on the planet…IMHO. I do find it interesting that its the Male that looks so stunning while the female is just…well…blah.Fred is looking dapper and also appears to be posing. My guess is, he is just thankful to Gypsy for frightening the heron off or else he becomes the big birds breakfast.Enjoy your Friday everyone!…Monday is only 2 days and a wake up away.

  4. >Well, Speedy finally decided to fly off and enjoy the sunshine and blue skys. I loved the story of red bird and I love red birds. I don't see them often in my area but I do enjoy them when I do. Fred indeed was dressed for the occasion of picture taking. Great pictures. It is interesting the spirit visits. Have a wonderful day and a grand weekend. Thank you again for your uplifting words. Sandy

  5. >Fab Friday, wonder who all those animal spirits are, coming to visit you. Sorry Sir Speedy flew the coop. Love-love-love the cardinal story. I DO learn something new every day on this page. Coffee is really goodGoing to get moving and try to outshine the big ball in the sky ! Have a GREAT Friday, allMelted EyeScream, here

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