A Magnolia Tree
A Wreath of Flowers
A Memorial Stone
One year ago today
17 years old
son of
Susan and Greg Korabek
Died unexpectedly
A child gone too soon
One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”  Bob Marley
Good morning friends
coffee is in hand, morning is here
the sage bowl is going
as my thoughts are surrounding the Korabeks’
as they awake on this 7Th day of May
knowing that this day
will feel like it was just yesterday
when they found their precious boy
in bed, no longer alive.
OH, how they have been dreading this day
this week has been hell along the journey of grief
for a Mom and Dad
~ ` ~
They should be celebrating the week-end
of Mothers’ Day together
hearing of the grand adventures
of Landon and his pals
at Palm Harbor University High School
after attending the Prom
of the last week or so
while also hearing of their older sons’
latest happenings in the upper part of the state.
they will be trying to grasp for air
at times, and trying to find their balance
together… while wrapping their thoughts around the fact that it is the first year
anniversary of their son’s death
at 17 years of age.
Where did this first year go so quickly?
and the amazing feeling as though you are standing in the middle of someone else’s nightmare while going through the motions of day to day life. A year of shock and numbness.
Landon was at times like this teenage Eaglet…
leaving the nest at times; flying with friends, and having adventures. His judgment was not always the best, he was of course like all of us were at one time: INVINSIBLE… he was a teenager, basically a loving and creative kid… 
He is so very missed by his parents, his friends and neighbors and relations.
He was a talented guitarist, a funny kid and one with promise.
His parents were looking over him much as the Eagle looks over their Eaglets
but also encouraging the young ones to fly.
With guidance, protection, supervision and a good foundation; the Korabeks watched their children grow
were proud parents.
They were grateful and were involved in their boys lives and that of the neighborhood.
They watched over and were involved parents.
Just as the Eagle watches over theirs
then one day sees the little ones take flight
but calls them in when danger approaches.
teenagers are under pressure from peers and these days are not like the last generation and the one before that.
But make no mistake
these parents were involved
this young man had the guidance
and the love
and his death is a tragedy
another child
gone too soon
and today
I am here to share this story
to remind all who gather here.
Just as this beautiful 
Hibiscus of mine
gives me a glorious flower a day
It is UP TO ME
to get out here and see it
take it in
appreciate it
Just as that gorgeous flower blooms for one day
so then
If you are blessed to have or know someone that you say you love, that you do love…
Right here right now
show that love!
Make the phone call NOW
IF you have a beef, an argument going with someone or many someones
to let it go, if it matters and you want to save it.
Release it, set yourself free once and for all!
For when it is all over
Will it have really mattered?
What are you doing to take best care of you
and those around you
to spread that Universal energy
One Love
to our children
For those in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida
on May 14Th at
Fairway Pizza
on Alt 19
in Palm Harbor
11am til 4pm
Susan and Greg Korabek
will be remembering Landon
the First Annual
Landon Korabek Memorial JamFest
With Live Music, silent auctions, great time, great food, raffles and more.
The pizza at Fairway is fantastic
and they are donating a percentage to the jamfest as well!
Proceeds to benefit Marcia P. Hoffman Institute at Ruth Eckerd Hall and N.O.P.E. Task Force. Spread the word and tell your friends, come on out on the 14th and be a part of something positive… Find out how you can join in here.
I will be in Denver, so warriors please try to stop by, introduce yourselves to Susan and Greg and tell em I sent you,
I appreciate you standing in with and for me!
We have this day
to love those that are here, to honor the memories of those that have gone before us and to remember…
Don’t Blink,
Don’t sweat the small stuff
Do, enjoy each breath, each and every precious moment that we are blessed to enjoy through the good the bad and the complicated.
BUT, please don’t get your feet stuck, or carry the meaness of things that really do not matter…
Just saying there is much happening
many who seem to not understand
the importance of letting go
of the small stuff
I have been on a facebook page now for over a year as a fan of a page. I have watched people hold grudges, take their views, hurt feelings and pissed off feelings and make mountains out of mole hills. I’ve watched supposedly intelligent people bad mouth and critisize others for poor etiquette and use foul language and wish horrific things on people for the most ridiculous of reasons.
And then after all of that, I have read the words of the same people praying and carrying on, while still holding onto such ugly and dark feelings that it boggles my mind.
I wonder how that energy could possibly do a body any good whatsoever
and when the end of the day is done
what difference does it really make anyways?
I’ve been on other pages, pages that folks suffer horrendous pain of loss and life issues, and there is kindness and compassion alive there; there is hope in healing ways. With misunderstandings there are communications and there is resolution… there seems to be no need to harbor ill will. Perhaps it is because people know of the harshness of death, and finality of life and the reality of uncertainty…
Every day is a gift.
Time is precious
I do know
that through all my years
I do believe that the world is round.
I have also seen the best and worst of families lose trust, lose friendships, lose faith and love
over the most ridiculous of reasons and hurts created over things that go deeper than a 10″ blade into the vital organs
when it is all said and done
it could have been buried in the yard and forgotten if it were not for inflated egos
and poor self esteems and the continual need to stir in scat til’ it smells really foul.
when the last curtain call happens
who will care?
IF you have children this is your moment
to love them, to give them your best
to provide the love that will sustain and pray the Creator spare their lives
and that they make bright and safe decisions
that will keep them from harms way.
These are scary times for kids
and to raise kids.
It is not a generation of a bottle of
Boones’ Farm
or a six pack of Beer.
We are losing kids to pharmaceutical drugs that they are getting from your medicine cabinet, from the schools and from their peers.
They are being told and believe the “high” will be great; and after all it won’t hut you cos’ it is a “medication”!
Make no mistake, good kids are dying on these medication drugs and they are easy to get.
These are not your on t.v. drug addicts; they are decent kids, regular kids… just out to have fun.
Do NOT blnk my friends;
this life is short.
We must grab each second with our children,
with our friends, familiy
for today
Here is the thought
If someone has touched your life in a good
write them a note,
send a text,
make a phone call,
send em some flowers
and let others know you love or care for them.
you are mad?
Scratch your hind-end and get glad
you like it in the dark space you are occupying
and if that is the case,
well you probably are not reading the write blog/thoughts anyways.
if you don’t like how something is
if you cannot change it
got an attitude/an argument going that is affecting others in a bad way? Especially one that involves kids?
and by the way
shame on your for involving children
and affecting their lives
in any way that is less than positive
and loving.
Remembering “
Landon Korabek”
Susan, Greg and their son Kyle today…
I have my arms around you all
blessings on the suns’ rays
Also this candle is for those who have lost loved ones today, those that were lost in the floods of the mid-west, the tornadoes of the Southeast…
And for the survivors
of all.

Embrace the life you are blessed to have
and let the little things go.
You are your greatest resource
and the greatest gifts are yours to give.

The fire is burning, , its embers are hot, the sage is filling the air today…
With prayers on the winds
Walk In Beauty

7 comments on “>HUG YOUR KIDS, FRIENDS, FAMILY, Bury Hatchets, Do it NOW

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  2. >hellooooo.what powerful messages you have given us today . WADU.My toughts will be focused on Landon'd Mom and Dad today. Sadly, I know the pain of their loss all too well. A year flies by when your soul is wrapped in the cover of grief. The days are good and bad and mostly just foggy.The comprehension of the reality may be justbeginning to take root… such an exhausting road to travel, grief, healing, we all try to find words to comfort, but the bottom line is that losinga child SUCKS. One never knows such sadness in anyother situation. It has 3 yrs , 10 mnths, for our family, still struggling in many ways, yet have managed to move forward in many ways as well.Peace of heart to all who realize this pain !What a beautiful weekend for us.. Happy Mom's dayto all.. hold on to your happiest moments in time and live today as it may be your last…as Doc says.. don't blink…wiser words have not been spoken.Wishing everyone a fun and safe weekend,Thank you all for being here… sign me,hugging my angels, with appreciation for each breath I take.♥Jaren's Mom, A.

  3. >A very powerful and heart felt message. Life is just too short to hold those harsh feelings. I pray those that may read and have those feelings can let them go and love again. Today is the anniversary of my husband's sudden death, Wednesday was the anniversary of my 50 year old brother's death and My precious Mom died just 8 weeks ago so my heart is full and heavy today and my prayers for Landon's family and those who have also suffered a recent loss or going through an anniversary of a loss. Being close to our Lord is a help to keep us going. Bless you Dr. SES and thank you for the comforting words. Blessing and hugs for those who are having a tough time this day. Sandy

  4. >powerful blog today-my prayers to all those who have lost a loved one. Especially the Mothers out there. I saw my own Mother & Father suffer from a broken heart when they lost two to cancer. It is a very rough road to travel. They were also the type of people who saw the beauty in life. I learned a lot from my Mom and I thank her every day. She may not be here on earth, but she certainly is with me. Between DRSES and my Mom, I have found how to look at the beauty and enjoy it for what it is. Every day really is a gift.I will try very hard to be at the Fairway Pizza for Landon's family and will tell them that Sherry sent me. I'm sure it will bring a special smile to their face to know that even while she away she reaches out..Talk to ya soon L&H

  5. >Saturday, Saturday, I added the date of Saturday May 14th on my calendar, to attend Fairway Pizza in honor of the young man, Landon, gone too soon, what a shame & loss.I can hold onto the memories of my MOM, hold her ashes and remember the years together.I have buried hatchets & made peace with those important to me. Looking forward to a GREAT weekend. Happy times to all, sincerely, Irene

  6. >Good Morning America and God Bless Dr. SES and the USA. I remember not so long ago our family losing a precious young man. He had so much to offer but somehow either lost his way or was lost by his family. Our hearts still ache for him. He would have been such a good example for 2 young boys who is now making us proud. With all the family disfunctions I am trying my best to make sure they are happy and will someday make me proud. I am proud now of just having them in my life. I dont want to lose them. My heart goes out for the young men and their families that was lost. I know there is an ache in their hearts everyday. I know it is Mothers day time and my heart still aches for my Mother. She was a precious wise lady. When you lose your Mother, Father, Husband, Son or Best Friend the ache stays with you. Thru out the years it is not so painful but it is still with you forever. Blessings to all and we must make each day count. Every day is a gift. Blessings to all. Hug your Mother, children and all who surround you.

  7. >WOW! Special prayers for Landon's family. For all that we do today, be mindful. Touch one person in a special way. Honor those you love, friends and family…. Take a few minutes out of this day to reflect on the mark you can make. Loved the message, and the music. Skydiving anyone? Embrace benevolence, there is o promise of tomorrow, so DO NOT waste today. Much love to you doc. I thank you every day for the work you do, the wisdom you share and the love you give.Best to all.

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