>HOw Was It? Ready To Dance In Color Today?


As Joey Says:
“Time To Dance on The Desks”
Are you Ready for It?
Coffee is on!
The weekend is over
and I hope yours was filled with good times
it’s time to start a new week
are you ready for it?
How was the week-end?

This beauty was drying its wings and ready to take up the sweet flight and that tree above! The excitement of seeing its first flight was just making me giddy!

Did you find ways to soar this weekend as well.
With the headlines, the news, the latest
things trending on Yahoo and other sites on the vast Internet
you can easily have your wings clipped
if you get bogged down in the readings.
I couldn’t help but notice this morning
that there is just not a lot of those
things to make you get a
pep in your step
if you know what I mean!
Not a lot of that
feel good
in those messages
or encouragement
or make ya wanna dance on desks
or jump in the car
and go wave at strangers
wishing them a great day!
for today
the rest is up to you.
Get out there and make some magic
Here’s ya a quote to start your day
or end your day for those who get up and out
before having a chance to read here first!
I once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: no good in a bed, but fine up against a wall.” Eleanor Roosevelt
Now, you gotta admit, that is quite a quote to start off this week!
So then,
there ya go…
short and to the point
Have a great day friends,
be the best you would hope from others
outshine the sun
blessings to all who enter here.
We’re gearing up for a
over at Laura’s house!
Last night we were pricing all the loot here
and I gotta tell ya, we got some great stuff
while I am in Denver
there will be a
yard sale in Palm Harbor
with all the proceeds goin’ to
Laura’s dear friend Lori out in IL
just did a yard sale
raking in over $600 +
for MS
and is sending Laura a check
heaven knows the garage is full with loot
to put in the
MS yard sale
May 14 starting at o700
MS run for the hills…
The fire is burning its embers are hot, with thoughts and prayers to all who know who they are!
Walk In Beauty


6 comments on “>HOw Was It? Ready To Dance In Color Today?

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  2. >helloooo.dance for sure, all day and kept my voice so quiet that at least ten times I was asked, are you ok ?and I just smiled and nodded and went about my business…silence was the music playing in my head and the rythm of my heart.. felt happy for the most part,, thinking of how truly blessed I am to be a Mom… I also have totally enjoyed thegreat company here,, so thanks to all. You are the best. Also wishing great adventures to drsesas she heads away to parts unknown.. safe and successful trip, friend. We will all be thinking of you. ♥ Have a blast..sign me, happy to be, hugging my angels,A.

  3. >GREAT MONDAY MORNING everyone!I have found yet ANOTHER addiction, that is, this blog!…This past weekends posts were deep and provoked many a heart string to get yanked and pulled for sure. If you didn't get a knot in your throat or shed a tear you are not one of us, the folks who look for aliens would like to speak with you regarding the planet from which you are visiting.While we are continually reminded of struggles and loss, we must remember that we are allowed to celebrate and be joyful as well. I, for one, celebrate Mondays! and here we are…MONDAY!…I have my music playing and I am dancing. I truly hope you all are dancing with me.

  4. >Great Morning to all. On vacation this week and long overdue. Firsttime I have taken off an entire week in 4 years. What's up with that?Very excited for what the week holds. Ramped up here and ready to go. Now, what to pack….Will take the laptop so I can keep up with our cherised blog. Hope everyone has a really wonderful week.

  5. >happy thoughts on the wind dear friend. What a great message to start the day. Sometimes we can wear out sorrows on our coats like badges of honor, never realizing that the real badge comes when we know our loved ones are safe…happy and only a hand away from us….just the distance of a piece of paper between our two palms. LIfe doesn't end…it just changes. Woke up with smile on face and a little order in my corner of the world this morning. Cleanest place is my bathroom right now with all the carpet being pulled up, etc in the house…thought about just camping out in there in the garden tub…LOLHope you have a great day…wonderful travels..and hope dreams come true for you.and now I smell coffee…to go with this great message I shall read again.Hugs on the wind friendEE

  6. >Whew…… made it to Monday, thanks for the shout-out's in comments from yesterday.Support = strength / strength = uplifting happiness, was a good day after all.Today, new day, hope all is well your way.Bike ride thru Hammock Park, butterfly garden, saw a wedding in the chapel, birds / wild life and the company of 2 great neighbors. Life IS good. Best wishes to all on this first day of a new week. Dr. SES, safe travels later on.I love you, this page, readers, commenters.I am FIRM on that one………….

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