>Leaving on A Jet Plane


Through the
The Smiles
Keep looking
you’ll find
If you remember
Sure is dark right before dawn,
the babies know
“something is up”
they do not like it one little bit
you can tell
by the way
they are circling
almost as if having their very own
“pow wow”
of sorts.
Yep they know,
they saw those suitcases
beside the door last night
and they got special treats when they woke
Never a good sign in dog world!
It’s about time
for Michelle to arrive
She is quite awesome and always a few
minutes early
with the trunk open
my door open
waiting for me!
is the owner of
She is top of the line
and never disappoints me
always here when I need her
and a real welcome sight
when I drag myself
home !
Off to United
to fly the friendly skies
Montana via Denver
this morning!
Will be among those magical mountains
and meet some new folks
out there
where I hear it is in the fifties weather wise
and then
back to Denver
catching up with my cousin
who is meeting me for the next tour
Now have a special and most wonderful
while I am up there in the clouds today
remember to look around
look up and look down
for you will never know
what wonders you will see
unless you look and look
to see!

Try something new, after all it’s Tuesday!

Maybe ride a pony
lay in bed and eat
I don’t know
be creative
write a poem
a letter to a friend
go outside
and feel the dirt in your hands.
if you are able
try to get out and see the world around you
perhaps a drive to somewhere you haven’t been
a road or a street
you have yet to venture down
just so you can say that you did it!
We can only be limited by our
so jump out there and
it’s good for you
and keeps you and others wondering
what you are up to!
Laugh out loud
it’s good for the soul
it’s great for the Universal energy that feeds
all of us.
Listening to the news, or the traffic stations?
Is that the best you can do today?
U already know that traffic will be backed up
especially if you have to travel in it
and are not moving right?
So instead
why not put in a CD or your favorite music station
and get your “groove on” with some sounds that make you dance or bob your head a bit!
Get your “swagga on”
dance to the music!
Make your day what you want it to be,
color on your canvas
So my friends,
look to the rainbow,
follow your dreams, whatever they are
work your dreams
to reality
in the many and varied forms they may take
for as long as you dream
as long as the rainbow will be
it may land on your shoulder often
but only visible
if you take the time to notice! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuQ5cYT19-A
The fire is burning, and sage is offered
to all who enter here, blessings on the winds
Walk In Beauty,

5 comments on “>Leaving on A Jet Plane

  1. >Flying the friendly skys again doc. Montana, Denver, Pheonix…. sounds like lotta travel. Take time to enjoy the experience as those you touch will ejoy too their experience. Be safe. Be well.

  2. >Prayers go out for all of those who care for you in your travels Doc. From the limo driver, to the pilots and ground crew, to the folks who prepare your meals and make your stay comfortable in the hotels. To those who have the privilege of meeting and listening to you, may their minds be open and spirits lifted. (I'm a bit jealous actually..lol)I am certain, as you can see, we will all be anxiously awaiting your safe return and reading about your adventures.I gave my "four-leggeds" extra treats this morning as I was thinking of yours who are going to miss you while you are away. Imagine how HAPPY they will be to see you again.On another note: Hey COB- My 9 year old daughter says blue and purple go perfectly fine together…"It depends on the shade Dad" she says. I learned something new today.Hope you all have a wonderful dayJoe

  3. >All I can say this morning is WOW, Pattie jolted me out of my trance. The sound was turned up on the computer as loud as it could go. I am ready to move this morning. Looking up and down and making a dreary day filled with rainbows. I will miss you and will look up for you to wave as you go over SW Va.. Be sure and look down. I am on my way to play Bingo at the home. I have on my blue and white long fish Fl. dress and I also have purple finger nails, I can hear Ang. saying now, no, no, do not wear purple finger nails with a blue dress. hahaha. I feel like singing like Patti this morning. Thanks for the wakeup call from her. Blessings to you and DLB this morning and all mornings. Knock their socks off with your wisdom and give them something to think about as you do all you travel with you wherever you go. We will all be with you. God bless you and God bless our President and the service people who keep us safe. Blessings. COB

  4. >Have a safe and wonerful trip and thank you again for your words as they bring much encouragement to many. May all those that hear you speak and meet you face-to-face be Blessed. I am encouraged to plan something new and a trip somewhere would be wonderful so need to start working on that soon. The rainbow was lovely. It was very stormy here in SE Michigan this morning and on my way to work and the lightening across the sky was magnificant. It amazes me every time I see it. Sending you warm hugs and Blessings. Have wonderfull day – Sandy

  5. >Funny you should say Look Up ! I am up and looking at the EAST sky this morning before sunrise to see the 4 planets lining up. So Bright ! Last night, I looked up to see the International Space Station pass overhead for 5 minutes. Best trip to Dr. SES over the next days ahead, tell them the life stories, talk em up, shake em up doc. The 4 leggeds will be right there when you return, greeting you with all their love. I'll wait, too: see ya, IRM

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