>Montana Morning


Good Morning
Missoula Montana
Coffee is strong
oh what a view from
My room here
Sentinal Mountain here
the Creek Fork River
while the Mountain behind me
The RattleSnake Mountain!
What a combination of beauty
up UP here in Montana
where I find I am running into walls
and people since landing!
Guess I’m just not yet used to being
so far above sea level yet!
My sweet friend
known as EE in Colorado
says I need to drink a lot of water
to get myself adjusted
to the change in altitude
oh boy have I been taking her
sage advise!
As we touched down in
Denver I was rather amazed as I listened to the screams of a child that sounded much like the
“weeeee” of a stuck pig
for about 100 miles of airspace
while looking out of the window
and wondering where the color went
and how anything could look so very
It indeed looked to me like a brown quilt
with no stuffing
and a wide stitch in places
to separate the squares
and at times circles!
As the landing drew near I think I spotted a few sparse trees and maybe a home or 4
and then again
it could have been something else,
I did not see a hill
or many “things”
until taking off again
when I did see signs for rental car lots!
Other than that
I didn’t see anything other than
flat land that was brown!
NOw then,
I am to be back there in a few
so I certainly hope to report that there is more
to find my hotel at least!
is rugged, it is beginning to green up
was 56 degrees and found people just delighted for spring and wearing shorts and shades!
The hotel is sitting on prime real estate with views that are indeed breathtaking!
The restaurant has an outdoor dining area
where you can look over that rushing river
and I was told that often
Eagles are seen fishing in that river for trout and put on quite a show for people.
I thank all our warriors of gentle spirit for your lovely thoughts of yesterday, all the love that reminds me of the wind that carries me on many a day.
I am ready to start this day, with an attitude of great gratitude
and hope that you will as well.
Today I am honored to meet with professional caregivers
speaking here in Missoula
and as I move into this morning
I will embrace it like a child
embracing the string on the end of a kite!
Looking up and running like the wind
with the thrill of what is getting ready to be
and to be all that I am
working through the
“Each morning the day lies like a fresh shirt on our bed; this incomparably fine, incomparably tightly woven tissue of pure prediction fits us perfectly. The happiness of the next twenty-four hours depends on our ability, on waking, to pick it up.” Walter Benjamin
Mr Benjamin really says a lot with this quote, and I’m thinking that we should perhaps take this thought and embrace it!
The fresh shirt is there,
put it on friends,
“pop your collar”
look and feel fresh
get out there best you can
and give these 24 hours your very best!
I’ve just lit the sage, and sent the message on the wind, you are all in my heart and on my mind… With healing thoughts, laughter on the wind… and hope for you to be all that you are, cos’ we both know
“there’s a WINNER IN YOU”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-DIv18KEr4
Walk in Beauty

5 comments on “>Montana Morning

  1. >hellooooo.Montana will be blessed to have the opportunityto meet you.. have fun and be safe,it is beautiful country there,, and I am sure you will see many eagles.sign me, hugging my angels, A. ♥

  2. >Missoula? Doc, where in Montana is this mountianous Missoula? Don't even know if I am really sure exactly where Montana is in the great schemeof things. An amazing country. shore to shore, with flat quilt lans, beaches, mountian ranges…… oh yea, deserts too.Thanks for keeping us posted on your travels.Look forward to hearing wha tomorrow brings.

  3. >Montana will be gifted by your presence and words; I HOPE the eagles come by to dip a wing in salute♥

  4. >I enjoyed reading your words this morning as I start my day at work. I will keep in mind this day that I have hours to do the very best I can and to lift someone's spirit that may be down. I love the mountains and the river your describe and would love to see it in person one day. What a lovely site to behold and to watch the majasty of the eagles as they soar in the air and hunt for food. A glorious site indeed. Have a wonderful day and I pray that those that will be under your presentation will be lifted up for life by your words. God Bless you and God Bless all those here today who join in the reading of words and celebration of life this fine Wednesday. Warm hugs sent your way ♥ Sandy

  5. >Good Morning Dr. SES in Montana. Those mountains look great and the river, made you have a feeling of great emotions getting ready for a beautiful day. Helping people and giving them the tools to work with if they only use them. I have a feeling of greatness today, great that I woke up and will face the rainy, dreary day with great happiness. I am ready to conquer the world. Thank you for your blessings and thank you for Patti Labelle. We are who we are and where we want to be. We can share our love and kindness if we want to have happiness in our lives. Thank you, wishing you the very best. Blessings to all, our service men and their families, our President and all who truly need and want our blessings. God Bless USA

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