Good morning
ohhh boy
I met some fantastic folks in
Missoula yesterday
the weather was spectacular!
The day was just amazing
as I was honored to meet with some of the most fantastic of the professional caregivers of Missoula and for as far away as 85+ miles they drove in from the reservation
to spend the day with me
all were just tickled to life
to have the second day of bright sunshine
in a state
where the sunshine is ever so valued
and celebrated!
At the end of the day
it was
time to hit the road
for a 200 + mile trip
Bozeman Montana
and the views were quite amazing.
Haven’t yet seen a cowboy or girl
on a horse
but oh boy did I see a lot of horses
many many cows
brown cows, bulls
The Rocky Mountains
those magical mountains with snow tops and glistening they were in the sun
looking as though they were just touching the clouds.
That brand spanking new Ford can some kinda move it on these highways where folks here will pass you at 80mph and make it feel as though you are standing still!
Arriving at Bozeman Montana
I was welcomed by a lovely young woman
at the Windgate
named Heidi
who was delightful.
then I met Montana’s finest:
seems there was a conference going on
involving the Highway Patrol, the K-9
and Sheriff Deptartment.
What a great group to get involved
seminars on
Compassion Fatigue!
Montana is a rugged state
a state that I believe only engages in
outdoor activites
you know
the ones like
HIKING straight up mountains
and switchbacks
and riding bikes
and hiking
and fishing
and hunting
and staying rather chilly
it seems
that indoor sports are for
it is still light here in Montana
after 9pm
which I cannot figure out for the life of me
along with the fact that right next door is
Go figure will ya…
Oh boy we had a grand time
together in Missoula we did ~
Thank you Missoula,
take best care of you in all that you do for others in your lifes’ work!
is 59 miles from the North entrance of
Yellowstone National Park
extends 3/4 of the way down into Wyoming
and no one here in Montana so far
can cite one single reason to visit!
At the hotel last night a bus load emptied out of folks and kids and more folks
who are participating in the Cosco parking lot today for the
Bozeman Special Olympics!
They were “pumped up” as they entered the building and of course as they paraded down the very hall where I was trying to sleep!
350 miles south from Bozeman is a well known gyser; that Wyoming encourages you to visit!
Bozeman won’t tell you why though…
Another mystery here.
There is much to know about fishing however , where to drop your hoook, whether to fly fish or spool fish \
but for me
I prefer to go to a restaurant and
order fish.
Under summer recreation there is not one mention of
Yellowstone National Park
but there is two pages of the outdoor things one can do…
So the way I figure it
there is much to do, if you come here
if you like to fish and hike and bike
you will be in “hog heaven”.
I speak to the group here
and will then travel to
Billings Montana
we’ll see what is
happening there,
I’m thinking
the Rockies will lead me there
there will probably be some snow on the tops of them
just like today
I am sure hoping to see some Elk
roaming around
on the miles and miles of land
since it is another 100 + miles after a day of speaking until the next stop!
Meanwhile out in CO
last night the temperature was low 30’s with chances of SNOW
c’mon now spring…
where are ya?
Get out there folks and show that smile today
maybe the warmth will travel out to the west and warm it up for those there!
Remember those random acts of kindness today
laugh just to hear yourself
to keep em wondering what you are up to!
I’ve lit the sage, offering prayers and thoughts for all who know who they are, wishing you all that you dare to dream and hope for.
Blessings on the wind my dears
Walk In Beauty

7 comments on “>BOZEMAN MONTANA

  1. >Sunday, Sunday, we had rain, wind, thunder, lightening and now, the sun has returned this day, thus SUN-DAY ! Hope all is well with Ms Doc Sherry out there in the travelling skies.I await the return of the daily blog and until then………….. I stay FIRM

  2. >Hello to all, today is the first day I could get on the blog. Better late than never. Wow I am tired I have traveled this last week with DR SES. What a beautiful time of the year for you. I am hoping you are getting a great reception each place you visit. I am sure they go away with a spring in their steps and a good feeling in their heart. So I hear that Cuz is hooking up with you next week. I hope she has a glorious time and I am sure she will with her favorite Cuz. Blessings to each of you. God bless our troops, our President and all of his staff. Blessings to all.

  3. >helloooooooo.hellooooooooooooo.that's the echo off the Rocky Mountains.. hehee.Sure hope all is well with you and all the people who are having the honor of meeting you.Kind of a randomly boring friday the 13th..a bit disapointed about that as I would prefer a bit of " excitement".. another gorgeous FL day, lots of hungry, dancing dolphins at Honeymoon Isle.. along with a pair of manatees.Absolutely a site of wonderment, graceful andawesome… just saying, I sure did need and appreciated every sunbeam that warmed my face and heart…Time to get ready to call it a night, working in the early a.m…. so, sweet dreams to all,Hugging my angels, ♥ , loving them dearlyand love the soft whisper of the voices,sign me… dozing off,A.

  4. >Well, it's Friday the 13th of May and I understand there is a problem with posting the day's blog and commenting, so here's a test comment on Wednesday's words.Heeeeeeellllllllllooooooooo out there !FIRM

  5. >Colorado, Montana, Whyoming and Idaho. Had to pull up a US map to get my bearings. Long time sice 4th grade geography for me. I was supprised to find that Montana is at the top of the US. Somehow I thought it was …. well, I don't know, somewhere else. Need to get one of those kids puzzles and put it together several times until I really know where these states are in relation to each other.As for why Montana does not mention Yellowstone. My guess is to keep the tourism in MO and not encourage anyone to go south and spend it in Wyoming.So what's up with cows and hoeses but no cowboys/cowgirls? hat? Driving pickup trucks???Safe travels, love the updates too. Picturs to follow?

  6. >Montana sounds like a lovely place to be on a fine and sunny Spring day. I wish for you a very happy day with many Blessings in store for you. It is wonderful how many lives you have touched and Blessed just in a few days. Thank you for your words and as Irene says, I also am on vacation as I read your words and experience the scenary. @ Irene, not sure what the problem is with posting but it does take me several clicks every day and can only select anonymous to save the comment. Every other category won't let me post. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Have a Terrific Thursday friends and I look forward to reading what will happen today in Montana. I loved the picture with the police car. Very nice! Warm hugs sent your way♥ Sandy

  7. >Doc ! Great 2 days of words. I tried and tried to leave comment yesterday, trouble with the final click. You are just so descriptive, funny, real and full of life. Your eyes see it through and through, then you put it into words. I love it ! Keep the scenery coming and the humor, too. Love love love when you travel, cause I go on vacation WITH you, like Flat Stanley……….. FIRM & flat today

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