>MOnday off to PHoenix!


Bear Tooth Mountain
Billings Montana
in the West
Well after three days of Montana
Missoula to Bozeman to Billings
having an outstanding driver
who drove over 350 miles between these places
I have now seen more of Montana
and never dreamed there was so much
sky, land, ranches, and
that let you know
at exits!
Which basically meant
if you exited there
you were headed to a ranch
someone’s land
I assume you should plan to have business there!
Over 300 miles and not once did I see a
cowboy or cowgirl
oh my did I see cows, black/brown
and in all sizes
including babes!
Angus Cows
but not once did I see anyone tending to them
not once did I see someone mending a fence
or bailing hay
or just hanging out!
Did I mention
the mountains and the Buttes?
trains that went on for miles along rushing rivers?
Truly amazing it was
land and more land
there was the lone
prairie dog
that I did see
oh my stay tuned
for the
pictures of
we met!
sure did!
And then the last night
and let me share with you that
night has a different meaning in Montana
as in
it does not really get dark there
until late… really really late at night.
As in about 10pm?
yep not kidding about that either.
in Billings a man attended my speaking event
walked into the room wearing
My faith was restored and I was just tickled to life
to see him!
By the end of the day I had an invitation to come to his ranch and ride a horse the next day
I was headed to Denver so had to pass on the invite!!!
here’s where we just about lost our minds…
As we looked out the 20th floor window of a most remarkable restaurant and one of the best meals I can remember ever eating…
to the south we saw the
Bear Tooth Mountain in the South
then that sunset!
And to our dismay…
We looked at each other
at the same time looked again at
the sun brightly shining
preparing to set over the mountain
realizing it was
setting in the west!
we were about to fall out of our chairs!
I quickly grabbed my phone
I have an app for that
and a compass
my companion ole’ DLB, my BFF
waved down the manager
asked what direction that ole’ sun
was in
as I handed her the compass.
YEP, he said, that is the North you are seeing
and actually it is the North East
But it will get dark tonight about 10 or 1030pm
with that we both just stared at each other
as he said
“so you are not from Montana I take it?”
Some things are just not right we decided.
Needless to say the last night of Montana was an education indeed!
I also met a wonderful couple both in their 80’s on my last night in Montana
he was wearing
We had a lovely chat; they told me they owned a ranch in the state;
and then she said
“it’s a little one, but it’s ours”.
They were staying there at the Crowne Plaza
as she had grown up with a group of “gals” she said and they called each other the
“dizzy dozen”
and one of them had died recently.
Her dear friends’ husband had decided to throw a party on the 22nd floor of the hotel the next day, so they were there for that celebration of her life rather than a funeral.
She and her husband (Sam) told me of their lives as they wanted to know of
Healing Heartaches!
I asked about their ranch, and
Sam said
he had ranched all of his life
I said to them
“so tell me how small is your little piece of heaven in Montana cowboy”
and he said, “oh honey u tell her”,
with that his darling little wife said,
“oh it is 4,000 acres”!
I almost spit my drink all over me!
I said!!!
I asked if she had seen all 4,000 acres
and she said
“well sure I have our home sits right in the middle of them”!
here i sat with real ranchers finally
and Sam invited me to come on out to the ranch, but I had to decline the invite as I was leaving for Denver!!!
His sons were doin branding of the herd while they were celebrating the life of one of the
dizzy dozen and he said it would be good for them to see what real work is! LOL
DLB off to Florida
me off to Denver I have lost my chauffeur and so long to Montana… and those lovely folks.
Hello Denver
brrr, it’s chilly here, and hello
Embassy Suites how I do love the
Embassy Suites and how kind they are
all across the country!
Rental car, check in, breakfast and a day trip through
to see a very special and treasured friends
EE and son CJ
Walsenburg CO
My sweet friend says to me just look for my mountains and you’ll be about 18 miles from us!

Of course what she did not tell me is that I would see these incredible mountains from many angles and many  many miles before even being close to thost 18 miles…
“The bosom of Mother Earth”
they are called.
I was in a gray little SUV that took those roads like a champ where folks did 80+mph without blinking.
With the music playing and my GPS going I was headed on my way and taking in all the sights I could see…
Excitement filled my heart that I was spending the day with dear friends
in the wild west of Walsenburg CO
before heading to Phoenix
to be speaking next
with my cuz Angie on her first big vacation meeting me there and to be my next
Oh boy am I having the best of all worlds!
 Blessed I am
by all
and those I have been so honored to meet along this tour.
Door to door, from Denver to my dear friends home… 2.25 hours record time!
Did not get lost, did not falter, did not fail!!!
EE and ME
just tickled to life we were
we could not get the dog Jack
to take picture of
the three of us no matter how many doggie treats we promised him!
Lazy dog he is…
Oh what a special and grand day we had, we laughed and laughed and shared our day as if we had just seen each other the day before,
we went out to greater downtown
(the deputy was even eating at the restaurant)
for a great dinner
to celebrate our being together
to celebrate life
to celebrate
EE and CJ
new home
to celebrate
EE’s upcoming birthday!
We returned to their wonderful new
we talked and laughed some more
the part we all hate the most when time draws to an end.
We hugged our so longs
until the next time.

It is a glorious privilege to live, to know, to act, to listen, to behold, to love. To look up at the blue summer sky; to see the sun sink slowly beyond the line of the horizon; to watch the worlds come twinkling into view, first one by one, and the myriads that no person can count, and lo! the universe is white with them; and you and I are here.” Marco Morrow
that little SUV
brought me back safely to the
rental car place
the gentleman came for me
and back to the
Embassy Suites I came!
What a day.
headed to the airport
Phoenix AZ
will meet up with Angie
Alamo rental
then we hit it hard for the next four days
speaking and then to the next place
for more of the same
and meeting some of AZ finest
I am certain!
So friends
what’s new with you?
This weekend was the
I hear that folks were not in the most generous of moods in the buying
as they tried to dicker
over items priced at a quarter!
Then Laura Mitch and Dorothy
felt the winds change
and heard the
Thunder Gods warnings
and before you knew it
the storms let their presence be known
not before
more than $150.00
was raised
even though folks were not as generous
and wanted to bargain over those goodies
priced as low as low could be!
Then across US 19
at the Fairway  Pizza
Susan and Greg Korabek
were holding the
First Annual
Landon Korabek Memorial JamFest
remembering their son
who died one year ago suddenly
and raising monies
as well for youngsters hoping to get scholarships and helping with the Ruth Eckerd Hall there
I so hope that theirs was a grand success
I’m betting that Landon
was playing on some drums from the other side
and that was
Thunder Gods
that brought about the
LIghtning Beings
the tears of the Creators blessings fell
that some will call the rains that fell
on Saturday in Florida
along with here in the west Saturday night!
Did I mention
driving back to Denver I ended up driving through rain that turned to snow?
wassup with that?
I wish you enough and
HOPE you are taking best care of you…
Did you miss me a couple of days here?
Google seemed to have issues and would not allow me to post…
Well now I will find out if you are reading I guess
If you miss me!
Fired the sage for you and for thoughts for all that we hold sacred and send our energy for on Sundays here, today and always…

I hear we are launching
Endeavor TODAY
and that Gabby Gifford is right there
in Florida where Mark Kelly is taking both their wedding rings up in space with HIM!
How awesome is that?


Walk In Beauty,
“keep walkin Dr Showalter”
whole lot
hey Oprah, I still waiting on ye!

5 comments on “>MOnday off to PHoenix!

  1. >Sure am missing you Sissy especially whenyou are so close yet far away , too bad you didnn't have the time to scoot over to SD from Montana, So what time does your sun set in Fl LOL? Yup 4,000 acres is a relativily small ranch out in the midwest if you can imagine that. Gatta get you here to the Black Hills Colorado's just a stones throw away! And yup it snowed up here at Crazy Horse on Thursday! not alot though, Still waiting to see the trees budding they are rather shy right now. Safe Jouneys my darling girl keep spreading that Love , Prayers on the winds for you Arm and Arm Stomp! Love to all !

  2. >We had a great turnout for the Landon Korabek OneLove Memorial JamFest. As an earlier writer wrote, the place was rockin. I'm thrilled and so grateful that we raised almost $8,000. Thanks to Sherry for promoting the event and thank you to everyone that came out to Fairway Pizza. We will definitely be making this an annual benefit. OneLove to all. Susan K.

  3. >It was so good to see your words today. I surely missed you and held you up in prayers as you travel to such great and beautiful places. I am happy you are having such a great experience and meeting so many people and sharing with those you meet. I look forward to hearing about this next piece of your journey and hope it is very good. It is good you have met so many new friends and also able to share time with family. Have a Blessed day, be safe and well and my prayers continue for you this day.Sandy

  4. >Good Morning Monday ! I for one, missed you so much, I was putting comments on the last Wednesday's blog……….. oh, my !Today's words sure caught us up on your adventures, whereabouts & lovely company.Cows, cowboys, cars, cousins, SNOW ! Love that you are sharing yourself & Healing Heartaches.I wish you the BEST in the upcoming days and safe travel home to FLA. I tried to find the MS yard sale, but did not, HOWEVER, I did find Fairway Pizza. OMG, what a turnout and the volume of the crown & music, sent me away with the fillings in my teeth shaking, lol.Love to all, coffee is really good & FIRM.

  5. >We sure did miss you! Glad to read the blog this morning and so glad that you are experiencing such a beautiful part of the country. So how is it the sun does not set in the west? I have never heard of such a thing. I an astonished. Enjoy the next leg of your journey and stay safe. By land and air, by land and air, any seas involved? You sure do get around. Beautiful photos too.

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