>BAck HOME to great sadness and shock


HOME from the west
to a street lit up like you cannot imagine
the street blocked off
here in Florida
dear friends and neighbors
on fire.
Speaking across the country on compassion fatigue
returning home
seeing your street lit up with firetrucks, police cars
seeing your friends
who just arrived home from a two week vacation
looking devastated
standing with the fire chief
can stun the senses in ways unimagined.
for them
our hearts are aching
My shadow
I just realized as I shot this picture
in the dark standing in the driveway
while trying to wrap my head around
what had just happened here.
One thing I can say
are without a doubt
along with their
fine “sniffer dog” that I for the life of me
cannot remember the name of.
DLB had to call Sandy
to tell her
“Sandy your home is on fire”
what a call that was to make
to a friend
right before leaving to come and get me at the airport
only to find out the police would not let her bring the car out of the garage
saying it was NOT safe!
She had to wait
as she saw the street line up with about
150 spectactors across the street
who knows where they all came from
they came
and then she heard the word
as she ran to them to let them know she had the keys to the house
but they said
“there is not time for keys”
when we returned at 10p
the street was still closed
Sandy and Stuart had just arrived
from hearing the news as they were already on the way home
both looking stunned
The responders were here and in the house until 3am
as DLB fixed all coffee and served them in the street
some police officers remembered me and the boys taking them those famous chocolate cupcakes to the station.
Now they received frozen baked goods as they sat at their vehicles and had coffee each taking their turn goin into the smoke filled and soot covered
HOME of our friends
ARson is suspected
we shake our heads wondering how could this be
in our little neighborhood
to such good people
we are still walking like deer in the headlights.
At least they have a home
with us,
right next door
so they can come and go and be relaxed
they know they are welcomed
to do what they need or want to do.
They are our friends
our family here
I still shake my head
the images are too dark too real
the pain is palpable
of willful destruction
and intent
of harm to the spirit and to the kindness
of our friends.
I again
cannot say enough about those
that serve our community
who protect
they were kind, compassionate, empathetic
the response time
was the only thing that saved the home.
IN some of the most dark of times
when returning from the soot filled
house/home next door
we have laughed
we have dug deep to find
that is real and genuine.
That is what makes for survivors.
Stuart says
he told Sandy
that they will take even more time in the
just so they can enjoy the meals prepared
he sees no need to rush
cos’ after all he is eating real well here!
Now planning a
“soot wall” gathering on Saturday
where each friend gets to claim their own wall
and scrub
for the opportunity of a burger and a beer
and to claim their own wall!
Now there you go
when is the last time
you had your very own “soot wall” to clean
I ask ya?
I’m thinkin I would be better at cookin the burgers myself.
But the real kick in the pants
is the morning after
when Yvonne next door
looked out and found a man with his two sons from the neighborhood
he had stopped in front of the house
with caution tape surrounding it
allowed his kids to
Yvonne was there in a hot second
asking him what was “he thinking”
and to get those kids out of that house
then yelled at him
“That is someone’s home”
I have to wonder about people these last couple of days…
Perhaps they are just to stupid to be let outside alone…
Give a thought or a prayer for Sandy and Stuart
let me know
I hope you are well
and sorry you haven’t heard words of inspiration
since getting home
it’s been rather
hectic and heart bending here.
I wish you enough today
I wish you whatever it takes
to extend kindness to all you see.
The sage is lit with thoughts on the wind to all who enter here
Walk In Beauty
“thank you Arizona for your hospitality”


8 comments on “>BAck HOME to great sadness and shock

  1. >I am happy you are home safe and your home and all that lives therein is safe as well. I know you had a wondeful time on your journey out west and touched many hearts and lives. I am so sorry for your neighbors Stuart and Sandy and the tragedy they returned to. My heart and prayers go out to them. What a wonderful and loving neighbor you and DLB are to care so much. It is horrible to think that there are people in this world that would purposely destroy others dreams and property. I hope they are found and pay for the horrible deads they have done. Take care and have a Blessed day all those whose life is touched by your words this day. Sandy♥

  2. >Welcome back Sherry!So sad you had to come back to your wonderful neighbor's house on fire…all strange things have been happening in Tarpon Springs for the last year or so….What is this world coming too….I hope you had some enjoyment in your trip!xoxo

  3. >hellooo . I can only imagine how tough it is foryour friends. Years ago my sister lost her home to a fire, I made the call to her, as she was away on vacation as well… such traumatic horror and shock to the whole being… I am relieved that everyone is safe, thankful no injuries.. please let me know if I can help in any way, don't mind scrubbing walls . just say the word…surely will be sending positive ♥… possibly thepolice will find the sickos who started this andjustice will be served hard and furiously..It is at times like this we realize how much weappreciate our friends and neighbors.I'm sure DLB is fixing up some of her famous meals, you are both wonderful hearts.On a lighter note, glad you made it back safely and will be looking forward to hearing about youradventures…until then, take care of you, your friends are in great hands… really would be willing to helpif I could…hugging my angels and wishing everyone to be well and safe..sign me, appreciating life…A.

  4. >Sorry to hear about this tragedy. Please let us know if we can help with donations. 1♥ Susan K.

  5. >I am so glad you and everything you love is safe. Arson– OMG! Thats scary!

  6. >Oh, how my heart aches and the tears are flowing for your wonderful family by choice and the greatest neighbors. It is a horror beyong belief. We are not safe anywhere. I agree with the above what has happened to our world? What kind of sicko would do this to some wonderful innocent people and to think they were returning from a much deserved vacation to come into the horror of their house burning. Sorry Dr. that you also had to come back to this scene. I am sure you were exhaused from your trip. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I hope they find the monsters and give them what they deserve. Thanks for the wonderful firemen, and the men and women in blue. Dont forget to always shake their hands and tell them they do a great job. Blessings to all.

  7. >I am oh-so-sad to read this terrible news about the neighbor's home being set afire.Unimaginable circumstances and then add yourreturn trip to such a horror ! I do believe the world and people in it have gone absolutely bonkers. Prayers are just not enough. We ache for some good news. Welcome home, dear friend. You were missed. Irene

  8. >Unholy Smoke!!!! What kind of person burns another's home. What is wrong with people? This is crazy. Is there any possibility of some other planet we could move to? This one just gets worse and worse. Praying Space Aliens are on the way. Either they can snatch me, or grab up all these sickos and beam them to that big black hole they all talk aobut.I am not happy to hear this news.Glad your back doc. We missed you.

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