>Looking to the LIght > through soot


If ya think this looks awful
you should see the inside~
Good morning morning
oh my is the coffee splendid
and the morning looking beautiful
now that I am working to regain my senses
since returning home.
Sandy and Stuart are amazing they are
each time they walk in the door
I tell them they look like
tired chimney sweeps
and we laugh
we all talk about
soot being the blackest of the blacks
in look and in trying to clean…
It is truly amazing
but most amazing it the amount of resilience
the humor that our dear friends have found
during the last three days
or however many it has been since 11p
Saturday night.
I’ve lost track of the days
since returning home
I’m quite sure they have as well.
The investigation continues
we continue to be proud
of those who serve the community
that we live in.
The compassion and caring of the
Tarpon Springs PD and FD are remarkable
was the response time
both saving the house
saving grace of mind I am certain.
Sandy and Stuart appreciate all the many gestures
and thoughts here
including the offers to help from the many
good hearts and warriors here.
It is still unsafe inside their home
and at this point
they are still not sure what the needs
but they want you to know
they are ok
they thank you all.
Keep those well wishes and thoughts coming though,
they are warriors.
they are now at the point where
they just need to
absorb this
to do what they can
and to try as much as they can
to not talk so much to others
and not to have to be touched with the concern.
You know that feeling?
YOU are coping real good until you are touched by another
another expresses their concern for you
or has tears in their eyes on your behalf.
That then becomes too painful
as it mirrors pain
These have been most frightening times
days of great heartache
the sun is shining
I am reminded of

This picture was taken in Indian Country in Arizona…

Driving from one city to the next
or shall I say
“being driven”
once again I was blessed to have my very own driver
cuz Angie along for the Arizona tour!
She did a great job,
was willing to stop on a dime to take a picture
from 89mph to zero if I asked
if she saw something she wanted a photo of!
and I must tell you
she took more than 500 photos on the trip!
we were both just tickled to life
driving through the desert when
all of a sudden we passed at least a half dozen
high dollar boats being pulled by pick up trucks!
We both just looked at each other then at our surroundings…
NO water and no signs for water
but some great looking boats were being hauled somewhere out there in the desert!
Once again
it seems I am a magnet for those
protecting and serving
Arizona was no exception!
I was honored to meet
Mesa Police Department
then in
I had the opportunity to meet
Officer Moli
of the
Homeland Security
Border Patrol.
We chatted a while and then he gifted me a beautiful patch like the one on his sleeve
and said
“Doc thanks for serving at 9/11”
I was honored!
Right after I saw Angie just bucking for an introduction
which led to her getting her picture
with officer Moli! She was off the hook crazy for that one!
the rest that happened in Arizona stays in Arizona ~
Time together was great
cuz and I; she sat through two of my seminars
and even participated with those there,
then we were off to the next town, to the next group of wonderful people.
Many lessons are being learned being on the road so much…
More to come on that.
Yes, the recent days have been difficult
It is hard to see
“family of choice” being violated in such a personal and ugly way.
It is difficult in wrapping your head around how easily a home could be destroyed
how ugly the world can be.
It is more than frustrating knowing that there are those in offices of the electric company and that of city offices
that should and could extend empathy in being helpful during times of high stress
choose not to
that may just be the hardest pill to swallow
once you get the soot off your body and out of your lungs.
Now it is important to walk away for a bit
from the horrors of next door
for a respite
to do something with a clear cut
begining, middle and end.
Stuart mowed the yard; then fixed a beautiful old wood piece of furniture that magnificently was undamaged but the wheels on the bottom needed tightened.
Sandy found a beautiful bottle and was vigoursly cleaning it just to see it sparkle once again,
there was a begining
end result of beauty there.
Something not soot related
or pain filled.
Who would have ever dreamt I would want to mow the yard just to see the end result
was beautiful!
Yes as one reader and warrior here stated last night
Tarpon Springs has seen its share of tragedy over the last year.
DLB’s car broken into a few months ago;
the bombing of a local jewelry and gun shop around the corner
and most lovely man who owned the jewelry store;
a murder at the local publix by a disgruntled employee and a kind family man killed;
our Tampa Police and ST Petersburg Police murdered.
We have witnessed horrible things over the last year right here in our neighborhoods
by mean spirited or no spirited people
while losing so many
to prescription drug overdoses.
in this little but lovely community
where horrible things have happened to very good people.
Kindness costs nothing to an individual but can mean and do so much to the individual and their spirits and souls.
One thing that is so very important to know
during all of this.
Things are things
they can be replaced.
Home is where the soul resides
and where you find comfort.
It takes time to rebuild
to find safety
it is possible
with the love of each other
that of true friends
we can overcome and achieve happiness and safety
faith will move mountains
during the face of crisis
the smell that permeates your skin
and your head nose eyes and throat
you can still maintain your humor
your sense of self
still find light
if you look.
We’ll stand by our dear friends,
we’ll stand not broken
although bent at times
by conditions of which we have no control
we will all know
that the sun is bright
its rays are healing
that the light will penetrate darkness
humor will break the deafening quiet.
we also know there is a time to ask questions
and a time for small talk
a time
to just say
there comes a time when you are just talked out.
Oh Lawd
whatever am I to do?
I have not heard from Oprah
is the LAST SHOW.
what in the world are those millions and gazillions of folks goin to do that sit in front of the t.v. the last 25 years goin to do
with the limbic system starts to excrete those chemicals (cortisol)similar to grief/loss/
depression and angst
OH no what to do without Oprah?
And to think
Patti Labelle was on her show yesterday
to pay tribute to O
Me of all the people in the world
Missed it???
Now talk about sad, that is just as sad as sad can be…
Hoping for a re run of that one.
Oprah babe,
it’s still not to late to add
Healing Heartaches to your next best read
after all
you are taking a cruise after this before jumping into
you will need to read between times
of great joy
and excitement
wonderment with Gayle and STeadman
wont’ you???
I’ve lit the sage,
with thoughts of all who enter here
know you’ve had a walk through my mind.
Take best care of you
do something life affirming for you today
send some positive energy to those around you.
When you see a first responder
be sure and
thank them for their service!
We delivered a DLB famous chocolate cake
to the FD and PD tonight
with a note of thanks
to those
who lined the street here.
Take best care of YOU friends…
Walk In Beauty

3 comments on “>Looking to the LIght > through soot

  1. >hellooooo.happy to hear of a lighter day for alldefinitely can understand the need forNO TALK.. silence is sometimes soothing anda relief to the spirit. hmmmmm… silence is golden.. as was the sun today in the bluest of all blue skies. Time for bed now, day off heading my way and I need to rest up.. plan on visiting my place of peaceful paradise, play with a dolphin or two and having some girl talk with a angel or two…may you all have a happier day ~ ♥sign me, hugging my angels,A.

  2. >Thank you for your words this day. Still praying for Stuart and Sandy that they will be at peace through their work to get their home back in order. It will take time. Thank God for neighbors such as you all that care so much and give all you can. What a Blessing that is. Have a wonderful day this Wednesday. Sandy

  3. >This Wednesday in mid-May, finds me reading, absorbing your words, the story unfolding, your open heart, open door, taking in family of choice, helping, feeding, praying, extending gratitude to TS PD/FD. You are a blessing in this world, on this earth, always in the right place at the correct time. I am happy to call you friend, be a warrior strong enough to send sincere thoughts to neighbors, Sandy & Stuart. Coffee is GOOD this A.M.Will wait to hear more about the trip, and to see more pictures of landscape, scenery & antics. "FIRM" on this hump day…. lol

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