>Middle of The Week


More of the Sooot
you can’t get good people down
not really
and we’ve decided
that Sandy gets Stuart to put in her some fine
granite counters in the rebuild
I’m thinking
we should all just go on a
I’m thinkin there will be none of that
the first dumpster is almost filled here
Stuart is ready for that one to be picked up
and to fill the next
to be delivered!
He says the electrician was dumpster diving trying to save the WII
which was melted
Number 1 almost filled, ready for pick up….
Still thinkin a drive to Miami and a cruise sounds like a sterling plan and needed respite for Sandy and Stuart! I’ll Drive…
So then
American Idol
has crowned
a 17 year old
as their Idol
and what a voice that young man has
as he was just tickled to life
to the point of hardly being able to sing
the song written just for him
“I love you this much”
He is just as cute as he can be
and sure to have a contract by the time you
read this.
millions will not know what to do with
themselves during that magical
Oprah hour
as they now must adjust to a life
during daytime t.v.
but I hear that
Dr Oz
will take her spot
but not the hearts of those that love her!
Oh my the trials and tribulations
Empty Oprah Syndrome sets in
for the millions of fans
tonight we can always watch
:So you think you can dance:
see young people move their bodies
in ways unimagined
with grand hopes and aspirations
across the stage
with fluidity of movement
that we all just wish
that we could achieve once
in our lifetime!
Indeed life is a grand adventure
reminding you of a
rollercoaster at times
if you look closely
you will really realize
that there is no need to sweat the small stuff
after all it is all small stuff when you think about it.
Stuart says
we all have
“too much stuff” especially paper
most paper does not burn
He says he’s been wanting to remodel
been wanting to get rid of a lot of stuff
this is a great opportunity to do what he’s been putting off
now he just has to do it!
How’s that for an attitude of
He and Sandy are doing all the work
with the help  a few friends
each morning they rise with a plan for the day
which is often changed by mid-day
they are working the plan
and within the first hour
look a bit like
chimney sweeps
gone wrong!
Keeping hydrated
Keeping the faith
Continuing to laugh
are key ingredients
along with
great meals
seem to be working out
we must not forget the four-leggeds
with their steady supply of
at the end of the day.
Life is either
Tony Robbins
May your day be as wonderful as you are,
OWN it
make it yours with your distinct footprints
have the best day ever
The fire is burning brightly
the embers are hot
with sage filling the air
thoughts of hope in healing ways to all today
all days
Walk In Beauty
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life


4 comments on “>Middle of The Week

  1. >Day late posting comment, I was on a "cruise " N O T…………..Diggin' in the dirt, aching but FIRM

  2. >Oh how I wish I could be like that doggie, just lay back forget the stress and let it all hang out. A cruise, not on your life with the tornadoes all around us. No way. I would love to just hug Scottie to death, what a wonderful young man. I did like Lauren but Scotty tugged on my heart strings. I would like to go into a stupor right now but duty calls me and I think I will just have a chocolate milk shake. Music, yes, maybe no. Blessings to you DRSES, Sandy and Stu, DLB you are the bomb. A. I am right now going to hug my Angels. Sign off for now.

  3. >helloooo.happy to see the attitudes are on, and some awesome thinking here.. a cruise doessound delightful , however, I will be cruisingon my purple noodle, at my fav place and reflecting on many things.. or might just letmy mind go blank and take it all in,keeping it positive is the key, for sure.I, for one, will live without Oprah, she missed the boat, dropped a notch on my list, after failing to see " Healing Heartaches" on her list ! (heehee)… I don't do much t.v. anyway,only when I need to go into a stupor.I much prefer books and music. OK…see you all later, wishing peace and smiles for all, sign me,hugging my angels, ♥ ♥A.

  4. >Good Morning and Happy Thursday to you and friends who come here today. Prayers still for Stuart and Sandy. A lot of work to do and will take some time but with support and help it will all be done and life can get back to normalcy. Thank you for your words today. Yes, a cruise would be very nice. Never been on one myself but would like to go some day. Your four legged pup is very cute. Sending hugs to each of you this day. Have a Terrific Thursdayandy ♥

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