>Just thinkin…


Saturday Morning
coffee and me
are just wondering


did my stuff strut off without me”

this morning?
Good morning readers
I hope you are planning a day of wonderful
happenings today!
As for the tribe here
we are sifting through soot
should I say
Sandy and Stuart are
stirring in soot
and making great progress!
I on the other hand
have somehow managed to
“blow out my back”
am with ice pack
and pain
like I have no recall of ever having before!
It will of course be great
once the pain goes away
for now
walking, standing, sitting
at times laying is a challenge
often requires loud moans
accompanied by a tear falling from my eyes.
My low back looks rather like I was hit with a baseball bat (and feels like it to) as the pain radiates to the front and then I have the joy of watching my thigh twitch all the way to the knee!
NOw aint’ that just a dirty rotten shame I have toask…
The little ones are loving it
as they get to spend time in bed with me
except of course
when the
“chimney sweeps” Sandy and Stuart come in
then they abandon me in a hot minute!
What Jeepers wouldn’t give to be in their home
to roll around in the soot, you can almost see the
“desire in his dark eyes”
as he settles for a postion in he laps of the soot masters
and a good lovin from the soot filled hands
while using his unspoken skills to beg t go back with them!
We were reminded of his love of ashes
as we recalled the last year when he snuck into the fireplace
and left those teeny weeny paw prints all over the house\
went from his beautiful white coat
to one
of grey
then looked ever so
and bashful
when we wondered out loud
Funny little guy he is.
The birds are singing their morning song today
the weatherman is calling for a bit of
liquid sunshine here.
Stuart is busy as he can be securing the house
so that no rain finds its way inside.
Yesterday was a productive day there
all windows were replaced
prices were captured for a new front door.
It is amazing the goin prices to replace the front doors
of our homes these days…
The first dumpster has left the driveway now
most of their possessions left with it
and the horrible smell of fire
soot gone.
Now a brand new and empty dumpster takes its place.
waiting for the results of that is perhaps the hardest part on them.
Things are things as they both have said
discovered we all keep too many things.
The greatest news is that
Stuart is a really bright and talented man
he a a couple of lifelong friends
will be able to do the majority of the labor
to re-build their home
what a great gift that is.
Not many are that fortunate.
Their son now home safely from Afghanistan serving our country
has said each day via phone call,
“Dad I can and will come, I can provide security to your home, I will do whatever is needed there, just say the word”.
Nothing quite like a Marine ready to jump into action!
Thank you Stuart Jr for your service
welcome home.
a big ole’ firetruck came up the street
and parked in front of the house!
We thought sure that they were here with an update
wanted to look some more,
the young man jumped out of that truck
carrying a
cake case
that once held the
world famous cake that DLB made for the guys!
He jumped out of that
announced to Sandy
‘that was the best cake we have ever eaten’
gave her back the carrier!
Now I call that appreciation
and delivering it back in style!
How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!” ~Maya Angelou
We thank you
Tarpon Springs
Fire and PD
just waiting for a “sootin opportunity I’m tinking”!!!
So then,
now that you are all in my heart today
wherever you are and whatever you are doing
Those who are serving, have served and your families,
I apprectiate you,
I honor you
I thank you all.
Have a great one today dear hearts
from all over the globe!
Walk In Beauty


4 comments on “>Just thinkin…

  1. >Sorry you're down, cuz that's just not like you! Hope things are okay for Sandy as Stuart as they sift through what once was, and especially that they get the monster who did this! I hope they can move quicky to get things back to normal in their lives. What a great son to come back to the staand guard! Thank God for all of our service men and women. Especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy our freedoms!

  2. >Runnin on empty but still runnin. Have plans for the weekend, cook outs, and swiming and R&R. Take care of you doc. Hope your back gets Back to normal. Rest and recover quickly.

  3. >helloooo.hope you feel better with the weekendto maybe, rest ! wishing all peace of heartand reflections of the happiest of memeories….Summertime has officially arrivedThanks for all the beauty here,May the angels sing in our hearts today ,hugging mine, sign me,A. ♥ ♥

  4. >Thank you for your words today- I am so sorry you have hurt your back and in pain. I am praying for you and hope you are better really soon. Maybe it is just necessary you get some rest as you have been extremely busy lately. Take care and looking to hear good news of healing soon. Prayers still for Stuart and Sandy. Sending warm hugs and Blessings to you and all who meet here. Have a safe and Happy Memorial weekend, remember to be thankful for our men and women past and present who fight to keep our America free♥ Sandy

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