A Day of Remembrance
A Day of
Coffee is good although it is too early to be up, it is still good. This back has me up in time for pain meds, ice and back down again.. Oh my, forgot what real pain was like and I’m not liking it on little bit.
But pain or no pain,
I am filled with deep gratiude
on this
Memorial Day
to all the men and women
who have served
so that we may be free
great nation
in our
in our homes.
Thank you all for your wll wishes here and the emails I have been receiving.
Your kindnesses’ for Stuart and Sandy
with me
touch me deeply.
I pray you will get outside today
and marvel at life’s beauty.
The day was originally known as
Decoration Day
back in the Civil war
as gravestones were decorated
with flowers
by mourners for those killed
the Civil War.
These days
it is a day of remembrance
for those killed/lost in service
includes those
MIA and POW’s
and is the last Monday of May
which seems to coincide
the first day of summer for most.
The holiday was first widely
observed in May 30, 1968
when 5,000 people helped decorate graves
with flags
Arlington National Cemetery
of 20,000
Union and Confederate Soldiers.
And it has grown from there.
A National Moment of Remembrance
takes place at 3pm
takes place
Arlington National Cemetery
today and each year
and the laying of the wreath will be held at 11am at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
along with a parade later today.
Over 250,000 Service Men, Women and thier children are buried at
Arlington National Cemetery today.
It is said that at least 30 military funerals are held there daily now.
The tomb is protected 24 hours a day
365 days a year.
Rolling Thunder has been in Washington DC with riders from across the country
paying respect to the fallen, the missing in Action and POW’s all weekend.
They too will lay a wreath at the Tomb
of the Unknown as they ride
across the Memorial Bridge to do so
sounding like thunder as they roll.
Parades are held across the country to honor those who have died serving our country and in towns flags will be flying
to remember and to say
“thank you for your service”
across our country.
The events will be many in
Nations’ Country
and across our vast lands of our country.
The Vietnam Wall will be filled with people around the clock
with people embracing, talking and stories being shared,
the WWII memorial will see many walk its beauty as well.
We remember
We thank those who are serving
along with their families.
We want you home safely
sooner rather than later.
Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you we have linked this sacred day
to the world of “shopping”
not sure quite how
we managed to do it
with our three day weekend.
So if you must get out there and shop today
be mindful of those around you,
those wearing ball caps
that say
“veteran” or dressed in uniform.
cross the street if you have to,
go out of your way
and extend your hand to say
On this
Memorial Day
We Remember Them
Walk In Beauty

5 comments on “>WE THANK YOU, WE HONOR YOU…

  1. >You can find my house by the POW MIA FLAG flying 24hrs a day at the top of my driveway. Prayers to bring our people home safely and soon! Prayers too for you Sissy what have you done to your back now ?? Will be sending some healing energy your wayAlways love your posts ! Sending love to all who visit here Blessings to you and yours!

  2. >helloooo.proud to be an American..you all have said it best.Best to everyone. Rolling into Tuesday.Take it easy on yourself Doc…sign me, hugging my angels,A. ♥

  3. >A very touching day to remember those who have served for our great country and still serving for us and our freedom. God watch over them and protect them and bring them home soon. Thank you for your words today. I do hope your back will be feeling better soon. My prayers continue for you, Sandy and Stuart. Hugs and Blessings to all who are here – God Bless your lives, your families and homes. Sandy♥

  4. >A perfect day to remember those who have served, and those that serve today. What a moving site to see the flags, row after row. Each representing a life given in service of our freedom. I am awed. Thank you doc for the history. Once again I appreciate the info.Get well, take care and rest rest rest.

  5. >American Flag flying, memories swirling, thank you being spoken. Proud daughter of a WW II veteran and POW, remembering the sacrifices.News last night showed Washington DC World WarII memorial visit by remaining 90+ yr old veterans. Very touching, very long overdue.Enjoy this day, but also reflect. StayingFIRM

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