>Just Call Out my Name, I’ll hear it on the winds


The View As I was going
in the Elevator
The Embassy Suites Hilton
Another quick week is off and running this week
still finds me down
with this back of mine.
I’m counting the blessings though
working not to be discouraged
I drag myself from the bed long enough
to sit outside and enjoy this 90 degree sun
that should be coming up to greet me in a couple of hours.
Sandy and Stuart tell me of the updates
next door as they still look like
chimney sweeps with each break
I will rise to meet them
for my updates
but now unable to have lunch prepared
as the pain is just out of hand.
The windows have been repaired/installed
One dumpster filled and another is being filled.
Progress is being made
as Stuart’s lifelong friend Ted is here each day.
I think today is the
“crawl on the roof day”
I am rather glad I won’t be up to be witness to that
with the phone in hand just in case I have to start a call with 9 1.  And knowing how much Stuart loves heights and roofs and such.
`I can also let you all know
of the vast cleanser collection we own
although we all know that to buy enough
Mr Eraser for an entire house much less ceiling
one would have to win the lottery!
Out there in South Dakota Sissy TwoWolves tells me that it snowed and rained like you wouldn’t believe last week.
I reminded her that
spring is quite beautiful as flowers are blooming and
TODAY I’m sending thoughts of sun on the rays to all those out there where the cold weather is still hanging out.
But I’m Thinking sissy is not believing it until she has more than 20 minutes of sun out there!
Sending sun to ya sissy, hope you enjoy it.
Oh yes, the fire next door investigation continues
I also will tell you again
Tarpon Springs Fire/Police
and I believe in my heart that they will not stop
until the perpetrator(s)  caught and brought to
file://swift/ justice.////
Go get em Tarpon PD!
Watching Sandy and Stuart go through this is like watching the Grief Wheel of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
the vicarious trauma is surreal.
It is as though we are all standing in someone else’s nightmare, just waiting to wake up
waiting to know who could be so heartless and mean, walking over children’s toys to burn a home.
Bad things happen to VERY GOOD PEOPLE
Laura and Mitch came yesterday and brought dinner here; Mitch can cooks chicken wings unlike any other, but that was the appetizer.
Then he made scrumptious blu-cheeze burgers to delight the senses and the tummies of all.
I stayed with the wings though~ nothin Like a
Mitch Wing to get your grin on.
brought it and prepared it! (enough for an army)
What friends/family of choice surround us during times that you need them the most.
Sandy and Stuart were touched beyond measure.
And we were just tickled to pieces.
Thanks family.
“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” –John F. Kennedy
So then
what are the plans for this day for you?
Dancing through the day,
singing your order at the fast food drive through?
Or just putting your head to the wall with all that is going on in the world?
Perhaps it is time to
with gratitude of all that is yours
OWN your day
with all that YOU are and all the any gifts you have to give to you and to those that are deserving of them.
Maybe, just maybe it is time
to re-evaluate relationships
do some housecleaning
be sure that those relationships
are the ones that you know are the ones
you choose
be certain
that they are the ones you could call at 230am
and they would answer
be cheerful
once knowing that you just needed to talk
pour a cup of coffee and listen.
Sending thoughts to all on the winds today,
take best care of YOU
those you love.
June 01
sure hope D’Vante passes all those grades; he CAN DO IT! 
(his summer fun is depending on it),
Kamryn and Olivia bring on those A’s babies.
School is almost out in VA and MD!
The sun is getting ready to do it again,
I just know it is getting ready to shine here.
I’ll watch with coffee from my bed today
and enjoy every minute of it.
Walk In Beauty
give a thought to Sandy, Stuart next door;
to EE & CJ in Colorado as they continue to put their new home to order.
To COB as she visits with the Cancer Doc in NC today
Let us hope there’s nothin but GREAT NEWS there.
To cuz Angie as she has returned to work, our boyz and now 5 classes this summer in her college program!
To DLB as she runs the roads holding up her staff
(Stuart says he’s goin to chain her to the kitchen cos’ her cookin is off the hook)
and to all our warriors out there


5 comments on “>Just Call Out my Name, I’ll hear it on the winds

  1. >Hey, Sherry. I'm holding you close and hoping/praying your back heals quickly. Having been laid low with back pain myself too often I know how hard it is to be patient, but do be gentle with yourself. I admire Sandy & Stuart's energy as they clean the soot – with magic erasers, of all things, and have them in my thoughts/prayers also.And I miss you,Jean

  2. >OMG IT RAINED FOR A FEW MINUTES TODAY! How special is that? Just when it is as dry as can be with no rain in sight and 5 wild fires burning, a downfall! Life is good. Lets' STOMP for some more tomorrow. FL needs these afternoon thunderstorms. Love the sunshine, but need the rain. Looking for a rainbow doc. Any improvement on the back? Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. >It is always uplifting to come here and read your words and be encouraged for another day and a new month ahead that we can make it a good one. I hoped your back would be better but perhaps rest is what your body needs. Prayers for Sandy and Stuart and those mentioned facing tests, procedures and trials. May each be Blessed and uplifted and be well and strong. Have a wonderful day. Sandy♥

  4. >Turn that page, it's JUNE ! Hey, doc, I know a terrific chiro in Palm Harbor, Dr. G……Can you get in the pool ? Thanks for the update on the progress next door. Good things will come out of this event, hopefully.Wishing the best outcome for COB, my friend Rose Brick of NJ, and all that are faced with doctor / diagnosing cancer or not. Making it count, today & always, FIRM

  5. >Lots going on in Tarpon doc. Most important, get your back straightened out. Good thoughts to Sandy and Stewart as they struggle to put their home back together. What a horrible thing to have your home burn. Let's hope the Tarpon PD get to the bottom of it.To everyone else, we'll take your advice and make this a good day.

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