>Ready?>SEt?>>>Color On The Day!


New Week
New Possibilities
A new week to STOMP, to laugh out loud
or at self while finding ways to enjoy the day
expand on the color
in the world.
The thought of the day
is that of
the many and beautiful colors that surround our world.
I am continually amazed
by the colors
we are blessed
to see and absorb into our day
if we but look around us.
The just make you feel better
as you move about your day
take them in
incorportating them into your day, your words
your attitude toward your movements in your life.
Just like music
color will sway you, move you
light your days and nights
in ways unimagined
if you allow it.
Sometimes taking you by complete surprise
changing the texture and color of
your day!
I am reminded of a person on the
LIly the Black Bear page
on time who was angry about
something there
and made a comment
that with DRSES
you never knew what “she was saying in messages anyway, cos’ she talked in codes”
So, just want to make sure you are with me!
hoping the colors of life
surround you
that you find ways to incorporate color
into every step you make
that you dance in living color
to the beat of mother earths’ drum
while singing your own song.
The sun is shining here
Hibiscus are giving me thousands of reasons
to smile
and to be filled with color
I walk next door
to see the
lightness begin to take away the soot
and the work in progress there.
get out there (even if only in your mind)
see the color in your world!
Wherever you are
Whatever you are doing
Wisdom does not show itself so much in precept as in life – in firmness of mind and a mastery of appetite. It teaches us to do as well as to talk; and to make our words and actions all of a color.”
Lucius Annaeus Seneca
 Walk In Beauty Friends


4 comments on “>Ready?>SEt?>>>Color On The Day!

  1. >Today I am looking for my Angels. They must be around her somewhere. News I did not want to hear today came this evening. I had a big meltdown. I ask when will it stop, there is a reason for all seasons and things that is happening in our life. I am going with the saying wake up and think of at least two things you want to do each day. I will wake up in the morning and say that I am "looking for my angel"that day. To me, that means looking for someone that I will be able to help in a positive way. FIND positive in evry situation. LIVE in the positive. Surround yourself with positive people, places, and thoughts. Thanks to Dr. Ses for all your wisdom.

  2. >Just another Monday? I thinkith not…for on this day 6/6/44…the only colors being shown were the greys and blacks of exploding ordinance and the red of bloodshed on the beaches of Normandy..as long as I walk this earth and take breath I will always be grateful of those that made the ultimate sacrifice. Unfortunately, even my words as I pen them could never describe how grateful I truly am and how blessed I feel to have the freedom to pen them. For those you reading, please if only for a moment, reflect on that day. Doc…thank you so much for being here and always encouraging, your smile shines through your words.Joe

  3. >Happy Monday to all. Irene on vacation, really, not just in my mind.Blessings to all writing and on this page.Will stay connected. FIRM with sunburn

  4. >hellooooo.and what a colorful day it is. I love the ideas of today's blog, encoded or not..the spectrum of color as we see in the rainbows show us energy in it's purest form.. the hues of color affect us so much more than we may be aware. When the sky is that true blue hue, or when the grey sky looms .. I know my mood sways.. I much prefer muted hues of blues, purples and greens, I find they soothe and calm and give me the "feel good" feeling..On the flip side, some people prefer the clarity of the black and white.." that's what makes the world go round " , our differences and acceptance .I stopped by here earlier and nobody was home.. so happy that I revisited to find another day's words of wisdom. Always uplifting and full of thoughtfulness…Wishing to all a "dance on your desk " kind ofMonday !! Hopefully the week ahead will be kind to all and healing as well. Stu and Sandy are surely great examples of perserverance and hope.. and they seem to see the rainbow on a daily basis.My best to everyone, I'm off to work.. hmmm.. what to wear ?? somethiing colorful for sure!Thanks for all you are and all you do Doc..hugging my angels, and thinking ofYOU !sign me ♥ ♥ A.

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