Say it ain’t so?
Oh how I miss my little girl!!!

Should of put duct tape on her back then Is what I’m thinkin today! Oh how cute is that …

Nana’s girl
playing a straw,
eating little tomatoes rather than chocolate
drinking the bestest ice water in the world
if made by the Nana~
Now hits
11 years old!
The greatest thing
if there is one
about her growing up is
she is a kid
of wonderment
great kindness
has tremendous passion~
she still knows the Nana makes the bestest ice water
in the world!!!
she is
She is a kid that is bright, funny, resilient
true to herself, with a mind of her own.
Much of who she is today at 11 is the result of great parenting by Joan
“the mama”
the everything that gives her balance and structure
reasons to awaken with a smile
attitude when needed to be all that is needed at all times, cos my girl is a warrior of gentle spirit.
if pushed
she has a look that could stop a hippopotamus at fifty yards.
You remember the look?
a smile
that melts my heart
the sun
back then
we are still smiling
as she grows
and loves and learns
let’s us know of all that she thinks.
the thought
for this day
cos’ all too quickly we realize we should have
used duct tape to their feet and their little bodies to keep them little
and short and small enough to carry on our hips
and tickle
and cuddle
and just
you know
hold and play with
like little bitty puppies and such.
she’s growing
developing a mind of her own
that is going to make us
have to lock her in a closet soon enough
recruit D’Vante to sit on the front steps
up there in Maryland just in case some
boy want to come around and ask for a date.
He should be a strong enough deterrent
for any such nonsense that any such boy might just have on his mind
when it comes to dating issues.
D’Vante is on board
when it comes to his “little sister Olivia”
plans to “step in”
at a moments notice
I’m thinkin that will be better than
sitting there with a shotgun!
today I’ll remember when she rode her first pony, and then wanted to take it home,
saw her first sunset
got hit with the first jellyfish
as a little one
realizing that
up in Maryland
she is out of school
cos’ it is a
National Olivia Day
she is probably dancing to Paramour
Just having the best day “evah”
with the bestest Mom of the world.
She will feel the love of the Nana
at a distance
I’ll say
Happy Birthday Baby
in a bit
but for now
I’ll blow some bubbles
look for Fred The Lizard
and remind him
It’s Olivia’s birthday!
One thing I know
kids are a lot like wet cement; whatever falls on them tends to stay there
unless u have some good grit to or heavy rain to wash it all clean.
the great news is
if you place your best intentions in and on your children, then let spirit and the Creator
fill in
they will do alright if they are willing to try
Olivia is a young one
“everyone should just do their best, leave others alone and accept them as they are, and not judge”.
From the words of babes,
my girl.
Into the light,
better wear your shades
Olivia is so bright and her light within
might just burn your eyes!~
Shine on baby
Nana and Mom are right here
Ice Water is waitin!
Wherever you are today
wish my girl a happy one
you can be sure
she is already in it and having it
running like a pony
feeling the wind in her hair
Blessings to all who gather here
on this most remarkable day.
Whatever they grow up to be, they are still our children, and the one most important of all the things we can give to them is unconditional love. Not a love that depends on anything at all except that they are our children.”
Rosaleen Dickson
Thoughts for all, on the suns rays
Walk IN Beauty
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

7 comments on “>HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVIA!!!

  1. >Oh no, sweet, beautiful Olivia. You were just a baby and now 11yrs. gone by. I cant believe it I think Nana is right and we need to get lots of duct tape for you. I know you are the bomb and those shoes, by goodness you look so beautiful. Your straw blowing in the wind. I can imagine what a day you will have, a beautiful day with all of your friends and great thoughts from Nana and all of the friends and family who are watching you grow. You are the bomb. I can remember some of those sweet days and the wonderful days to come. Hang in there beautiful one and keep going with a smile on your face and in your heart. Angels surround you and the love of Nana, Mom and all of us watching you grow. Love and hugs always to you on your special day. We love you

  2. >Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you Ms. Olivia.Now that you are 11, enjoy each and every day of your young precious life, going forward.I never met you, however, the Nana has spoken enough and I feel as though you are familiar.As for me today, another 8 hrs on the beach, in the water, kayak, snorkeling and enjoying.Prayers and blessing go out to everyone.June 7th, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how spectacular !FIRM

  3. >Happy Birthday Olivia, "the Doc's girl indeed" can see it in those eyes and the stance, a warrior i believe she is and what an outlook, we can learn much from the children if we just listen. thanks for sharing her with us doc and te thoughts and celebraton of this day. "But Fred the lizard?" did i miss something? what is in the ice water? LOL thanks doc and happy days for your girl…

  4. >helloooo.wow, what an awesome tribute to Olivia,well deserved and so eloquently spoken ithas brought tears…yep, unconditional love forever and always.our children are our most treasured gifts,there is so replacing the love between eachother.. " no distance" either,Have a GREAT BIRTHDAY… for ,as we know, andcannot control.. time passes way too quickly.Sign me, thoughtful and most grateful to alsoknow the laughter of my children..a always, hugging my angels ♥A.

  5. >Wow doc, that is one great and sweet granddaughter you have there having a birthday! too bAD you cant be there celebratig with her but I'm sure she feels the love while you are feeling the memories and the duct tape works for all I hear!Best of all things to all here. love this page..

  6. >Good to see you up and Writing hope this means you are starting to feel better!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVIA!!! Dance !! Have a wonderful day many blessings going out to the family!! Enjoy them while they are young and wise LOL! Love to all who come here ! Ganna be looking for my Dunkin Donuts!!!! Can't wait ! ROFLOL Love you Sissy!

  7. >Happy Birthday Sweet Olivia♥ and may this be the best birthday to celebrate you special day. Bless all those who come here today and may we all have a wonderful and peaceful day. Prayers still for you back and for Stewart and Sandy and hope things are looking better every day. Sandy♥

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