Spiders Web
over my pool~
Everything that touches one thread affects the greater web within the Universe.
Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together all things connect.”
Chief Seattle 1854
Happy Friday Friends,
I hope you have had a wonderful week.
I am watching with remarkable faith in spirit
our friends Sandy and Stew
show us resiliency at its finest.
The work next door continues with most of the furniture now in the dumpster and the dumpster gone.
The soot smell is diminishing or
we are just getting used to it
the great news is that the house
and windows are in there now
the doors are secured
soot is being removed
KILZ is being applied to the walls and the ceilings.
The greatest
news is
Sandy and Stewart are not
their spirits are great
they are not
“woe is me”
have they been
as they have moved from the initial shock of driving up as I did from being away on my speaking tour to a street closed by lights flashing and the smells and horror of their lovely home blackened
and violated in such a horrible way.
Not once have they
crawled into fetal position
taken to the
“why me or whatever will I do now without my recliner or our bed”.
I admire their resiliency,
they have taught me much
one thing is certain,
we’ve talked a lot about the importance
of not
“saving best”
but using all now.
Why in the world “save the good china”
such things
for “best”?
We’ve now laughed as
Stewart enjoys each meal
and rates it every night in what has become the
“DLB hour of praise of her meals”
(rather sickening) haha
but the man does know how to enjoy
a great meal and give “props” where “props”
are deserved!
He has told us repeatedly that he tells Sandy to not work so fast next door cos’ he is not wanting to leave here
since the meals are so soooo goood!
And on the other hand
just last night said,
“Here I sit, a man with three women in one house, now to think some would complain about losing almost everything to a fire… ME? I have NO complaints! Look at how I am living here, with three women, great food… I am doing great here!”
We do have great friends… and a horrible thing happened to them, to their sanctuary of their home.
they have not been lessened by it, they have not been stopped by this crime against them.
They have risen like the Phoenix from the ashes
the person(s) responsible
for this crime
will be caught, they will be… I do believe that.
But the lesson and the message for today
simply this:
When you look around
it is truly remarkable
resiliency of
the human spirit.
I am so very honored
to know and to love
Sandy and Stewart,
and to call them our friends.
We’ve walked many a mile in these three weeks
together; miles equal to years and years
together around this table
that time nor space will never separate
or take away.
is an unforgivable sin.
Remember friends,
take out that China you have been saving for best, throw it on the table, put your hamburgers on there and use it today or this weekend.
Use your best everyday
BE your best every minute of every day
We have this day
to do and to be
that Creator gifted us with
DREAM in living color
Speaking of
EE and CJ
out there in Colorado are working the dream
and it is coming together…
Here is the link to her blog
what a wonderful read. 
Enjoy it,
subscribe to it, it will come right to your email, comment on it, and tell her you too are a warrior here on this page of 
gentle warriors
FIRM has to remind us she is playing in the gulf everyday and snorkeling;
our beloved sing me A is hugging her angels while taking time to check in,
Joe is dancing on desks on a Monday
many who are anonymous
are loving us
Sandy in Michigan is being watched over by the hawk, her beloved husband
Chris is out there our breast CA Warrior
Tonya is in NC married now and happy as she can be; a two time CA survivor
Laura is still kicking MS butt and raising funds for the CURE here
the list goes on!!! 
I am soon (next week) going to be shouting out for some help here
for EE in Colorado with a “scooter” issue
who has an electric scooter with a broken arm that “medicare will not pay to fix”
and it needs fixing to make her able to
“zoom zoom zoom”
across her new home-town there.
I’m sure we have some folks here who can make this happen.
STay tuned,
but know this:
dreams do come true
along with realities
strength in times of adversity
being bent rather than broken in times of heartache
survivers walk with dignity
from the
ashes the Phoenix Rises…
Tody COB is off to
beautiful Smith Mountain Lake
for a hospice weekend
with the bereaved children
up in VA
as a volunteer and she is “ready” for her kids!
She will be the “bombdiggedity” once again you can be certain!
They expect about 50 kids
New River Valley Hospice
Bereavement CAMP FOR KIDS
will be a hit
with COB
running with the kids there I know!
Sissy TwoWolves has been in touch and let me know to have Dr Gallagher check on my feet as the source of my back troubles! She is right much more than the doctors are, so I will see him today and a massage this weekend for this back…
to see what sissy is up to and for readings! She is quite amazing! Love to you sissy and thanks for the phone call!!!
OK, so there you have it friends,
thanks for keeping Sandy and Stew in thought, they do so appreciate it, I have been sharing your comments with them.
Olivia had an “awesome birthday” and thanks all for the birthday wishes.
so then
Just lit the sage, the smell is filling the air
and thoughts are on the winds to all
with great gratitude and kindness along with prayers for all.
Walk In Beauty

5 comments on “>Remember

  1. >thanks for today, best to all today and everyday, and THANKJS for the reminds to us all, I'll use and be all, and to EE out there, let's all see how we can help… thanks doc and best to you and yours Stew and Sandy u are an inspriation to us all, think i'll have hotdogs on the good stuff if i can remember where it's stored!

  2. >OK so I get the picture, I have a waterford crystal vase which will as of today become an ice tea glass. Will drag out the treasures and stir it all up. Use everything because TODAY is the MOST special day and the only one we are sure of. STOMP! Lovin Life.

  3. >Isn't the Human spirit wonderful when you don't set on the pity pot! Such amazing things can happen, Bunny better make a bad meal once in a while so Stewart will let go of the feed bag LOL. Besides Sandy may get jelouse Hope shes a good cook too! LOL Glad to hear the work is comming along , yes I believe they will soon make an arrest as well. Hope your wearing the right shoes now Sissy and can't wait to hear what the Chiro has to say when he looks at your feet and legs put that pelvis back where its supposed to be! Prayers you will be right a srian here shortly! Loving obn you all here Blessings Talk at you later ! OXOX

  4. >Thank you for the Blessed words today. They are uplifting to me and so many who visit here. After speaking of my dear husband coming to me in the magnificant Hawk he visited me again last evening as I traveled along a nearby road. I saw him up in the tree and said, as always, "Hello Ed – Good to see you – I am well you know" What a tremendous Blessing it is when he visits. Always no doubt that it is him watching out for me and to just say hello and remind me of his love. We have a woodpecker nearby who visit quite often and I am just trying to figure him out. He is quite handsome. I am grateful to read how well it is going with Stewart and Sandy and how strong they are. Continued prayers for them. It may very well be a foot problem causing your back pain. I do hope you can find a reason and feel perfect again soon. Blessings to all my friends and warriors here and wishing each of you a very Happy Friday and a terrific weekend. I have to make a decision in the next few days as I am fostering 2 kittens from the shelter where I volunteer. I have two great applications for great adoptions and have to decide who to choose. They both want to adopt both kittens together and I am torn between them. We will do a Meet and Greet tomorrow and I will have to decide where they will go and who would be the most perfect home for these kitten babies. In the mean time I have gotten very attached to these babies but I can't keep them as I already have 3 adult cats and there are so many more kittens that need temporary homes. I will be sad letting them go but happy they will have a new, loving, forever happy family. So I pray that I make the best decision. Hugs to all – Sandy♥

  5. >Good morning, COB is here and raring to go. I got some bandages on the leg, but will remove them before I get to the Lake, dont want anyone to know there is anything wrong with this old(young) lady. That is the reason I am delaying my surgery. I have talked to many classmates that have broken hips, COPD and on oxygen. Heart problems, and the list goes on and on. Dont you think that is a good plan, keep your health to yourself until after the DHS class reunion. Then you can say WOW is me, it hurts. hahaha. Glad you are feeling better DR. and be sure to call that number here in VA. all of these plans to make you well. The Cardinal visits me everywhere I am, in the pine trees here and in LA. Love my birds, the blue birds are building and the Humming bird is humming. Blessings to all, gotta go. Fun, fun and the DR. says SUN SCREEN, SUN SCREEN. WHOLE LOT

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