>Should be sleeping but OHHH NO


Most of the world is sleeping
except me and the frogs
that are out here in the darkest of night
as my mind reminds me of
this Ferris wheel just goin
round and round and
I talked to COB last night
who arrived safely
Smith Mountain Lake In VA
at the
New River Valley HOSPICE
camp for the Kids
Annual Bereavement Camp
for the weekend.
She had called to say she was witnessing the most remarkable
“double rainbow” that was stretching
across the entire lake there,
and just wanted to share it.
I immediately got the visual
and boy was it powerful
The Spirits were
really sending messengers and messages
for all those kids
from their parents/grandparents,
loved ones
that they are grieving.
What a fantastic and loving way
to let those kids know
they are being watched over
first thing of their time together this weekend
at a special camp
held by
The New River Valley Hospice
oh how proud I am that Mom is there
to point it out to those kids
and to tell them
“there is NO DISTANCE”
those they loved will always be there with them.
I was just thrilled for them all
along with those that are there for them
to have such a great blessing of the
double rainbow on their first day.
COB and one of her
imaginary friends
she met in Vancouver!
You can bet she will tell these kids some wild stories as well over the week-end as well;
they will play, run and be wild
release heartaches, tension and just be kids
along with processing their grief
along with playing with wild abandon with none other than COB.
COB is a trooper, a woman of great strength, character and fun.
She has once again gotten some rotten news on the “other leg” and again a Cancer diagnosis
on the exact same location as the last leg.
She will be having surgery on the 27th
that the doc wanted to do yesterday as he did not want to wait…
ohhh no
COB was dedicated to Hospice and to those kids camp, and let the doc know
it must Wait
til after camp…
it must wait one more week
cos’ she has to get dolled up
for her
Dublin High School Reunion
so that no one knows that
she has to have anything done
that may take her from the dance floor and looking “hot” with all her classmates!

So of course
D’Vante, COB, Kamryn
will be coming to Florida
10 days after,
she will get those stitches out 8 days after the surgery so that she can board the plane
COB has Cancer surgery once again.
The furry one is probably an old class mate
that she will dance with at the Class Reunion
you may recognize him from
The Lion King
and the other two babes
are me and cuz Angie!
my Mom is a grand woman
a tough woman
and one of great spirit and heart.
She will probably have stayed up all night
playing with the kids in the camp
and by now
be snoring them all awake
or waiting for them to fall asleep
then scaring them awake all over again!

Yep that’s my Mom, all decked out as a rock star
… you just never know what she’ll do next. That was after the last Cancer surgery on the right leg… Now the way I figure it; this one is on the left shin, exact same place.
So we’ve figured it out, when she gets here, we’ll just wrap the leg with saran wrap from the ankle to the thigh; sit her on the lanai backwards at the edge of the pool and slide her onto the raft, into the pool backwards…. then

We’ll tie the foot to a pot like an anchor to keep it from getting wet and she can just lay in the pool rather like a beached whale and we can serve her cocktails from there!

Sounds like a grand plan to me! Any suggestions readers??? All suggestions will be placed in a hat, and pulled out for consideration on the 8th Of July when she arrives for serious thoughts.

ONe thing to be certain of when it comes to this tribe of mine here and there… and to my relations, we do find ways to soar…

COB is like an Eagle when she flies my friend; and this week end she is soaring with true hospice spirit, for those kids there at Smith Mountain Lake, and they kicked off their weekend with a spectacular gift from Creator and all those who have crossed to the other side as a message for those left here….
A double rainbow to let them know they are never alone…

We are never alone, not really ever…

There is no distance!

So then,

When you wake up this morning, I have already been here, and I wish you the best day ever.

Please keep COB in your thoughts in the days ahead, thank you for all the thoughts ongoing for Sandy, Stew, EE and CJ in Colorado and all our gentle warriors here and everywhere…

You are the best, the finest, and I hope you are
pulling out your
best and using it well today and all days….
while being your best, giving your best to you and to others….

Smith Mountain Lake
known as one of Virginia’s most beautiful lakes
now couldn’t we just get lost in musings out there?
Bet they have a magical and healing weekend!
So then,
whatever you are up to this weekend dear ones,
I wish you enough.
Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

5 comments on “>Should be sleeping but OHHH NO

  1. >hellooooooo.first I must say that I was also awake in the weehours.. seems to be my normal pattern these days.Love the silence and solitude, the only noise which I can hear seems to be crickets and tree frogs.. and they are very loud once they catch your attention.. Loved the visuals here today too. Rainbows work for me, something amoung those spirits they all have in common, they seem to appear at the best times, to lighten the load offour minds.. sorry to hear about your Mom, COB, as we know her.. the determination and the spunk she possesses will help her thru with flying colors ,it's difficult to face issues of adversity with our health and I'm sure we all agree that ATTITUDE and support make a great difference.. awesome COB has so much energy to have sooo much fun with all the children, tuckers me out just thinking of all of her antics. I will certainly put my angel's power to work for her, and keep all of your family in my heart..hope you are feeling much better with your achy back.. seems you are much like COB when it comes to strentgh and resilience…Happy to hear salty dog " firm" has returned from the gulf vacation, hopefully not too toasted, love to check in here daily if I can, lifts me up and makes me smile.. Thanks to all of you !!wishing all a peaceful and awesome Sunday..as usual, sign me,hugging my angels… STOMP ~ A.

  2. >Happy Saturday to everyone. FIRM is back home, caught up on Dr. SES blogs from last few days, COB, you trooper, a wonderful Hospice weekend for the children. Sherry's back issue, sure hope you and Dr. G. are taking careHey Stu & Sandy, good job getting things back to liveable & staying positive. Too much info to comment on, just glad to be home, safe and " good" TIRED, woe is me……. N O T Firm, to be continued tomorrow. buh-bye !

  3. >Such a beautiful message and lovely pictures of life for a Saturday morning. My prayers are with your Mom for her time at the camp and the future surgery and then her time spent with family in July. How wonderful it will be for the children at Hospice camp. They will be uplifted. Prayers also for you and Stewart and Sandy as they continue their work on their home. Blessings for this fine Saturday to all who come here. Have a wonderful day. Sandy♥

  4. >Thank you for the wonderful thoughts and visuals in the AM. I especially like your commnets on rainbows. I also believe that rainbows are a sign from loved ones. My rainbows are from my Grandmother and I believe they are sent to me to hold me for a little while. They seem to appear when I need them the most. My family lived near Smith Mountain and I can remember when the lake was first made. I just know those rainbows are hugs of joy for the children and families gathered there. Thanks for making my day better!

  5. >What a wonderful Blog to wake up to doc! Fabulous pictures too. Sorry to hear about the replay on the shin cancer. COB is indeed a trooper. She will do GREAT! We will all surround her with a healing white light. We are a powerfl bunch here with some great connections. We're on it doc! Enjoy the weekend!

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