>Happy Week


Sweet Pigs
On The Main Drag
Ah but the coffee is great this morning
I remember that yesterday got away with me
not putting my daily
thoughts out and best
of wishes to all here
I am sure
you all know
that my best of thoughts
are always
with you!
Did you see that awesome moon last night?
Oh my was it a beauty!!!
I am honored to add
Jay M. Hanson
 to our special prayer bowl
and I would ask all our warriors here
to send some healing energy to him
he prepares for open heart surgery…
Jennifer, we will surround your dad with light and energy for strength
here along with strength for you and yours.
So then
let’s all remember Jay M Hanson
we move through this week
with an attitude of great gratitude
along with that of strength in healing ways.
I’m sure you danced on the desks
ran in the sand
hopefully are having the best week
as the summer heat has found its way
to me
and probably to you
wherever you are!
I hear it’s heating up in Colorado, South Dakota, and even Wisconsin has had 100 degree temps!
I was just thinking this morning
of those
Red Rocks of
and oh what a great time
was had in Phoenix, Mesa, Sedona, and Tucson.
Thought of my trip to Sedona
this morning
just tickled me
when I saw them there
so of course
I just had to share them with those here!
If you get the opportunity
to visit
you will be amazed at its beauty
the sacredness there
of course
the shopping will just make you crazy
along with the
food that is yummy!
The sights, sounds, and the energy
is unlike anywhere
if you are open to receive the gifts
of the Ancestors
you will walk with beauty
and treasures that will follow you home.
Along with awesome photos
the PIGS!!!
And the
Red Rocks
will stay with you long after you leave
their wonder and majesty
as the sun hits them
and if you are fortunate and touch them
you will feel the energy they hold.
Quite remarkable
how those Red Rocks
and their formations are there
and folks have wandered on paths and trails
by foot, by horse and the Ancestors can be felt, their energy ever present.
Now you can take hot air balloon rides, helicopter rides or even wild jeep rides
up and into places untouched by human hands. It is a great place to sit still,
a place to let go,
to let and or get
restore the balance
   “If we look at the path, we do not see the sky. We are earth people on a spiritual journey to the stars Our quest, our earth walk is to look within, to know who we are, to see that we are connected to all things, that there is no separation, only in the mind.” Native American Quote
I love this quote, it is one that I think of often, and now in remembering being in Sedona, I wonder if it was said by an Elder from there perhaps.
It certainly could be used by all of us in our daily walks through life, if we apply it to our lives, not only in the talking,
in the living!
We are all connected,
all a part of the Greater Universal Energy
and in working together to make each persons’ journey brighter, lighter, easier
our journey is richer, is blessed
is brighter
if we look within
and then look up.
By giving we receive
by listening we hear
by speaking with our truth
we allow others to know truth
to honor belief in the greater good.
By walking together
we have somone nearby should we stumble,
we are never alone
There is no distance.
Walk In Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches,
Stories of Loss and LIfe
Have you ordered Healing Heartaches for a friend yet?
Maybe I should send another one to Oprah or Ellen; could it be that theirs was “lost in the mail”?
Blessings to all who gather here
know that you are in my thoughts.

6 comments on “>Happy Week

  1. >Me, here, it's Wednesday, I missed the Tues writing and comments. Too busy on the beach, running in the sand again ( just for the day )Waiting for Wed. blog…….. to comment further, Blessings to all that read, Irene

  2. >Could not get on the comment section of the blog this AM. Whoa is me…. all is well now, funy how independant computers can be. Hope all are well, surviving the heat and looking forward to a wonderful week. Have been to the land of redrocks myself and also found it to be a very spiritual experience. I know you will enjoy it when you go in July.

  3. >hellooo.have been to see the red rocks many yearsago and they are gorgeous..just stopping by for a quick hello and to drop off bunches of wishes for happiness and healing to all… hope you have a great day !sign me, hugging my angels…♥ ♥ A.

  4. >Excited about visiting Sedona in July. Regardless of the heat, we are anxious to feel and absorb the beauty and healing qualities. 1♥ Susan

  5. >Good morning I am so blessed each day. This morning the nephew and I are going to play Bingo. We had a great evening yesterday pulling weeds, cleaning gutters, cleaning porches etc.. A great time was had with this special one of mine. Blessings go out to the Hanson family, Sandy and Stewart. Blessings to Dr. SES and our troops and their families. Have a great day. Blessings

  6. >Thank you for the wonderful and uplifting words today. I love the pigs in the picture from Sedona. Would love to see these sweet pigs some day. I have seen the red rocks of Arizona and they are so awesome and breathtaking. The spiritual feeling that comes out from that area is amazing. My prayers today and over the next days for Jay Hanson, his daughter Jennifer and his family as he undergoes heart surgery. Prayers still continue for Stewart and Sandy as they continue daily to complete their home after the tragic fire. God Bless all those who pass by here today and Bless you Dr. Sherry and everyone have a Terrific Tuesday ☺ Sandy♥

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