Kelly TwoWolves
Just beautiful
my sissy with those Mustangs
Some mornings are best shared with a cup of coffee
a bit of wonderful information.
So this morning
let me share beautiful
The WindCross Conservancy
for Spanish Mustangs.

Beautiful they are
running and feeling the wind in their faces.
I often liken Olivia to a wild pony as she runs
and feels the wind.

Two Wolves and Jay Red Hawk
with another of the Mustangs
out there in South Dakota.
They will be making a calendar
to honor these remarkable horses
and the photographer took over 3500 pictures
that day!
I sure wouldn’t want to be the one who makes the selections
of the ones to use!
But the one above and sissy talking to those horses
is my favorites to be certain;
such beauty, the Mustang.
Windcross Conservancy’s mission is to preserve and protect the endangered Spanish Mustang. Founded in 2008 we are a South Dakota 501c3. Join us in celebrating America’s Heritage Horses. The first Mustang.
Those Mustangs are sure being loved and honored by some wonderful folks
out there
in Buffalo Gap, South Dakota
that much is evident by those posing with them in the photographs!

TwoWolves with her gentle hands and lovely heart, once more with the magnificent Mustangs…  Just fills your heart doesn’t it and brings on a smile that fills the sky?
I once heard someone say that :

 “to ride a horse is to ride the sky”
I can see how that would be true
when riding the Mustang
with the feeling of the wind in your hair
and the sounds of the horse beneath you
as you traveled the earth
and were able to allow the power of the horse
to take you through the lands out there.
No traffic, no honking of the horns
only nature and beauty to surround you
and fill your soul.
Beauty and respect of all things
to fill you up.
So in thinking
Sissy TwoWolves and the
Windcross Convervancy this morning
the reality that some things and people stay the same
irregardless of situations
and things that happen in their lives
they still count on the wind to touch their faces
remembering the sound of the laughter
the goodness of those that love them
no matter the sun or thunder beings
or flashes of lightning
or soot of fire.
We still listen for the familiar sound of hooves
in the dirt,
the smells that comfort
laughter that delights
and soothes our souls while moving through our
Somehow it softens even the toughest blows
or the hardest of moments or hours
cos’ we dig a bit deeper
to give ourselves permission
to grab hold
of that moment that provides some respite
another that holds us as a cherished
Mustang from days of old
a great meal when our tummy is empty
a great laugh
even at ourselves.
We jump up
even in our minds’ eyes
imagine the wind caressing our faces and blowing through our hair
as we ride on
with amazing grace
through the storms of life
and the days of summer
and just when you think
you have to dig a little deeper to find a gem
one is staring back at you in
the mirror!
You are your best treasure.
Treat you kindly
and always,
then reach out, reach even further
as it is in the service of others
that we find our lives so richly blessed
Wherever you are today
I wish you enough.
“A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence”. ~Pam Brown

Walk In Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Life and Loss


5 comments on “>Beauty

  1. >What beautiful words and such stunning pictures. The mustangs are so beautiful and with Sissy they are so amazing! I love to think what it would be like to ride upon a horse. Never did do that and probably wont now but a very awesome thoughts. Blessings to all who come here and prayers still for those mentioned and for Sandy & Stewart. Sending hugs and good thoughts – Sandy♥

  2. >Beautiul photos, and lovely images in your words. Grateful for a good life and all that nature offers us daily. Would rather see the ponies than scratch their butts though. Appreciate the tidbit of info from K2W out on the prarie.

  3. >Wow thanks Sissy, It was a real fun day with the kids and Jay everyone in Regailia, had to take it all in felt as natural as the wind for sure to be on the prairie in Buckskins with the horses wishin there was no sign of modern day living ahhh to remember when……..Miss Lucia Roda Founder of Windcross does a fabulose job with these animals, they are what we laughing referre to as Pocket Ponies cause the are so spoiled, but beware standing in the midst of them you are more likely to have 2 or 3 horses Butts facing you as they will back up on you so you can scratch their rearends , Kinda disconseting at first till you realise there is no getting away from butt scratching at this preserve LOL. Thanks for posting for them Here donations are welcome, They are doing a fundraising raffel here for a beautiful hand made quilt I think its 6 tickets for 5.00 but not sure find them on FB and ask! Love to all wishing the wind in your hair and your hopes and dreams to come true!! LOve Ya !

  4. >I am grateful for myself as well as the dear doctor's daily reminders and information.Today, June 15th is the FULL Strawberry MOON:This name was universal to every Algonquin tribeHowever, in Europe they call it the ROSE moon.sign me: Irene ROSE , daughter ofROSE, lover of roses, their fragrances & beauty

  5. >What beautiful pictures to start my day!!! It is true that when we look for things of beauty in our lives, we often overlook ourselves. We are our own best treasure for sure! Here's hoping we all take a moment today to be grateful for ourselves!BBLizzy

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