Look closely
A Hummingbird Moth!
Here we are again at the end of a week!
Wow how time flies, seems we were just talking about the cold of winter
and now it’s almost the
official first day of summer!
COB is getting ready to
razzle her high school classmates once
at her
up there
Dublin Virginia!
They will gather again and catch up with each other on the news and events
each see who is looking good, feeling good
still “kickin it”
after “a few years” of graduating
High School
back in the day!
If I were to think hard, I bet I could still sing the High School song from there
since my uncles were the football players
at the same school!!!
Yep think I could as it now starts to play in my head!
Hope they have a marvelous time
with all their catching up and remembering
next weekend!
“To Dublin High our Alma mater forever”
She and Kamryn are spending time together
I hear that Kamryn is now
Healing Heartaches!
My little Godson
is reading
his Godmother’s book!!!
I could just fall out of my chair.
So things are just spiffy I tell ya.
Time, years, distance, people
sometimes even for the good
change is the only constant we know.
Change sometimes comes so quickly
that we need to settle our minds
our feelings by being still.
A great helper to settling our mind
is the little hummingbird!
We get so enthralled in the watching of something so very small that we seem to just quiet our minds,
stare in wonder at this remarkable little winged one. 
Here’s a wonderful
Mayan Legend of
for your
Tzunuum, the hummingbird, was created by the Great Spirit as a tiny, delicate bird with extraordinary flying ability. She was the only bird in the kingdom who could fly backwards and who could hover in one spot for several seconds. She could “buzz” u in a moment, going up and down and side to side…
The hummingbird was very plain. Her feathers had no bright colors, yet she didn’t mind. Tzunuum took pride in her flying skill and was happy with her life despite her looks.

When it came time to be married, Tzunuum found that she had neither a wedding gown nor a necklace. She was so disappointed and sad that some of her best friends decided to create a wedding dress and jewelry as a surprise.

Ya, the vermilion-crowned flycatcher wore a gay crimson ring of feathers around his throat in those days. He decided to use it as his gift. So he tucked a few red plumes in his crown and gave the rest to the hummingbird for her necklace.
Uchilchil, the bluebird, generously donated several blue feathers for her gown. The vain motmot, not to be outdone, offered more turquoise blue and emerald green. The cardinal, likewise, gave some red ones.

Then, Yuyum, the oriole, who was an excellent tailor as well as an engineer, sewed up all the plumage into an exquisite wedding gown for the little hummingbird.
Ah-leum, the spider, crept up with a fragile web woven of shiny gossamer threads for her veil. She helped Mrs. Yuyum weave intricate designs into the dress. Canac, the honeybee, heard about the wedding and told all his friends who knew and liked the hummingbird. They brought much honey and nectar for the reception and hundreds of blossoms that were Tzunuum’s favorites.

Then the Azar tree dropped a carpet of petals over the ground where the ceremony would take place. She offered to let Tzunuum and her groom spend their honeymoon in her branches. Pakal, the orange tree, put out sweet-smelling blossoms, as did Nicte, the plumeria vine. Haaz (the banana bush), Op the custard apple tree) and Pichi and Put (the guava and papaya bushes) made certain that their fruits were ripe so the wedding guests would find delicious refreshments.
And, finally, a large band of butterflies in all colors arrived to dance and flutter gaily around the hummingbird’s wedding site.
When the wedding day arrived, Tzunuum was so surprised, happy and grateful that she could barely twitter her vows.

 The Great Spirit so admired her humble, honest soul that he sent word down with his messenger, Cozumel, the swallow, that the hummingbird could wear her wedding gown for the rest of her life.
And, to this day, she has.

So there you go,
with beauty and grace
weighing less than a dime
shows us its beauty

The sage is filling the air,
HOPE is on its way to all who look up
and look within
May you have a wonderful weekend
with the lightness
of the Hummingbird
and the grace of those that will wrap you in what you need for color and celebration.

Walk In Beauty


6 comments on “>HUMMINGBIRD legend

  1. >LOL, a little hint for you if you have humming birds, do not wear red and sit on your porch. They will zip right in and sit for a spell I had 3 thing weekend visiting me and I do know exactly who they were. Zipping around and knocking each other off the feeder. I had filled it up on Wed. and Fri. it was gone. They are a sight to behold I can sit and watch them all day. Love the bright red(male) and the shiny green. Your heart sings with them running each other off the feeder, it is a fun way to get rid of any thoughts but the good ones. Try just sitting there and dont forget the red shirt. Have a blessed day.

  2. >I hope everyone had a fantastic Friday and all is well. I got here late tonight and glad that I did. Thank you for the special words and pictures and the story of the hummingbird. The hummingbird moth brought back such bright memories for me. One day after my husband had died I was out on my porch really feeling down about life. My flowers were lovely, the day was warm and bright and all of a sudden I saw this little critter in my flowers hovering over each one and landing so lightly on them. I could not stop watching it and did not know what it was. I first thought it was a hummingbird but realized it was not. That little critter lifted my heart that day and brought such life and joy I knew surely it was sent from God for a special purpose – I now wonder who it might have been to come and tell me that life will be better and to cheer up. I engraved that critter in my mind and after it left I came in the house and drew a picture of it and I called it my gentle flower fairy spirit from God. I began searching the internet and soon found it was indeed a hummingbird moth. I remember the beauty of the colors and how it hovered over my flowers and stayed so long and lifted my spirit that day. That was over 10 years ago and I never forgot that moment. Wishing each of you many Blessings and Happiness for your weekend. Love Sandy♥

  3. >Once again, a wonderful story and beautiful pictures to go with it. Made my day! Lots of things in nature to get absorbed in and step away from the work a day stuff. Add a bit of music and I'm right there with you.Best to all.

  4. >helloooo.thanks for a great story .. have the pleasure of seeing hummingbirds quite frequently and each time I am amazed..delicate and strong.Joe, I will say almost surely your Dad is hanging out with you and the boys for the Father's day weekend.. isn't it the best to know when we arebeing given signs?.. we are blessed… May you have a great day and weekend ahead.. plenty of rest, solitude and reflecting for me .. and having the music in my heart ..life feels great today.. STOMPhugging my angels, sign me ♥ ♥A.

  5. >Good Friday ALL!! Thanks for the story of the Hummingbird Doc. I am just in the house fresh from watching a little fella feed from my hummingbird feeder. So amazing how fast they move and drink the nectar at the same time. One has to listen very close to even hear the wind beneath the wings…almost a buzz but not quite. I love watching them. Also, wanted to share I do have a Cardinal family that enjoys my Buckeye tree…hard to believe my Buckeye (her name is Abby) has come so far from just a little branch I put in the ground 6 years ago. She will bear fruit this year, albeit, poisonous, useless nuts..but she is producing nonetheless. LOL…whoda thunk it? A Buckeye tree growing in the Hoosier state and attracting the attention of a Cardinal family..The Cardinal is also the state bird of Indiana and Ohio as well…not sure if you knew that…after reading many of your posts regarding the Cardinal I am wondering if that just might be Dad checking in…I do know he is always close as I always always feel his presence for sure and it is HIS smile that broadcasts through all 3 of my little ones. He had a very contagious smile for sure. Fathers Day weekend is upon us and he will be in our hearts and minds for sure this weekend. Love, Hugs and Blessings to all of you.Joe

  6. >HUMMINGBIRD STORY, O M G ! what a fantastic load of information for my head this Friday.Thank you, Dr. SES for the words and reasons.The last hummingbird I saw in person was at my sister Angel's in Hershey PA. They are a creature of wonder and unique in being.Weekend upon us, blessings and smiles to all.I am melted ICESCREAM, trying to stay FIRM

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