>Lotta Sun Little Thoughts


Paul Hittos
Tiffanys Family Restaurant
Palm Harbor Fl (US 19)
I’m thinking Paul is joining many gearing up
Father’s Day around the weekend,
many are remembering Dad’s no longer with them
memories will sustain, linger,
perhaps new tradtions will be handed down
to the younger ones
as the week-end
celebrating Dad’s gets underway!
Saturday morning with lots of sun in the forecast
and you can bet the beach will be covered by tourists
with that
“red lobstah” look just having the best of times!
Hopefully they will have found their way as the locals do down the road to
Tiffanys for some of the fantastic food
the laughter and insight of
my friend Paul!
Now that is a man, hubby and proud Papa
who is all about the community
and is just an all around
fantastic man!
He is one of the brightest of the bright as well when it comes to community events
National politics.
Now that is one man
I would gladly vote for !!!
Paul for Prez
now that’s a vote I could get excited about!
To meet him and listen
you would too
he surely keeps it real
doesn’t just stand around…
I have to remember to go and visit him
just to laugh myself silly on his
thoughts of the Weiner…
so happy that has a resolve now.
I’m thinking,
since I keep hounding
Oprah for
Healing Heartaches,
I wonder if i can start my own campaign
for a seat in congress
Maybe just for a year, just long enough to draw that lifelong annual retirement and full benefits
that’s all I’m thinkin.
I would be honest, reliable as the day is long
no one would have to even think about me
tweeting inppropriately
other shameful activities that cause such disgrace to the American Flag
or those that are fighting for our freedoms as
I could be the
“voice for the real people”
“take a stand” rather than build consensus
then after a year
just resign with dignity
enjoy the benefit of the salary and health insurance
for life
while living life as I do now.
there ya go,
my thoughts for today
now what do we do?
Maybe a people’s poll
or a letter to the news press/media/Oprah/
someone like that?
they can just send me Weiners benefits and health insurance and
not risk me being
honorable and taking a stand
keeping it real!
the sage is lit, its smell is filling the air
with thoughts on the suns rays to all today
in kindness and compassion
Here I sit
just thinkin…
you have to go out on a limb, if you want the tastiest fruit… dont you?
enjoy each breath friends,
LAUGH OUT LOUD just to hear yourself!
Walk In Beauty

7 comments on “>Lotta Sun Little Thoughts

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  2. >hellooo.able bodied campaign manager available..just say the word and I'm ready to go..nothing is outside the realm of possiblities… just saying..what a great idea !!!hugging my angels..sign me ♥ A.

  3. >Hey, I love tha Paul, look at him full of laughter for all and a helping hand for those who need it. I can just taste that big omlet with everything but the kitchen sink in it. I cant wait, maybe soon I shall return. DRSES for congress, that would be a great thing. Maybe we could get something done instead of the weiner and the others doing what they do. If only they were working for the people who need it instead of taking and doing there thang. Blessings to the soldiers and their families on this day and forever. We thank you, we love you and have you wrapped around our hearts and prayers.

  4. >Great words and you have my vote also. Wishing everyone here a Super Blessed Saturday!Sandy♥

  5. >Sherry running for OFFICE of the ____________.You got my vote. Happy Saturday. Just got out of the 90 degree POOL, trying to do my work out, laps, etc. Way TOO hot to exert.Gearing up for the A.M. Trial, hooked for sureMy dad is in heaven but with me ALWAYS.I am my father's daughter. Love you Frank.He is # 1 and the " F " in FIRM

  6. >Well, if you decide to run, you have some loyal constituents here. Ethics and honesty in Congress? That would indeed be rare and refreshing. No sun in sight here today, but maybe we could squeeze out a few rain drops for the vegatation. Long overdue. I for one will be pleased with whatever comes because I am just that way.

  7. >Maybe I would follow politics more if you were in office! lolI have to work the weekend so you soak up some of the rays for me. Heard it was hot down there!You have a wonderful day and I love ya Cuz~~

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