>Where’ve YOU Been?


Sweet Hummer
out in
Good rainy (again) morning
here at home,
where ya been …
I’ve missed yall!
Miami was sunny hot and filled with folks
all over the world
there to gather for the
Association of Death Education and Counseling
And gather they did; some of the famous and scholarly and students and those
from places all around
to attend the many and varied sessions held through the three days!
The scholarly, the papers presented on studies of end of life issues; they were there…
the discussions and meetings of those scholars
from near and far;
and the evening of Latin music where all let their hair down and danced the evening away was quite fun
as I sat with my convener of my session; a delightful young woman named Kim and her friend Carrie who is working on her dissertation
both lovely and quite fun!
I enjoyed them immensely.
Kim introduced me to her locket she wears around her neck that held a photo of her beloved 6 year old
CODY who had died and she told me of each evening when she takes her locket off and lays it on her dresser
only to awaken with the locket sprung open!
We talked and her eyes widened as I told her
I think “Cody is playing with you, as he lets you know [there is NO distance and he is doing just fine]…”
Why, anybody can have a brain. That’s a very mediocre commodity. Every pusillanimous creature that crawls on the Earth or slinks through slimy seas has a brain. Back where I come from, we have universities, seats of great learning, where men go to become great thinkers. And when they come out, they think deep thoughts and with no more brains than you have. But they have one thing you haven’t got: a diploma.” Wizard of Oz The hotel was lovely

oh wow was that room “hot” even after attempts of having them come and “fix” the a/c
I was still “hot”!
But a grand time was held before speaking and after
seeing old friends
and meeting new folks in the field of academia
along with those in the field of care.
It was ever so good
to get in the car
and drive through
Alligator Alley on the way home, HOME
now to get ready to leave in the morning
to meet folks at
at their Retreat
Harrahs Casino there
to provide the keynote address for their gathering.
COB has that CA surgery on her leg yesterday,
now home with her leg UP in the air, she will recover until time for the stitches to be taken out and get the green light to fly here with the Godsons for a vacation.
She is glad it is over and prays all will be done and she will enjoy wellness now.
I thank you for the responses of the last blog
and now hope we can add to those thoughts with more stories,
they are stories to share
ones to enhance care and stories to allow those in hospice to learn from
ones to allow them to enhance their care of those they are honored to serve.
Here’s how I see it
we can only be at our best
in our service to others
by stepping out and stepping forward
with straight eyes and clean hands.
You can be sure that I will share your stories
when I speak across the Nation
If you want to share your loved ones names with me, I will honor them, keeping them alive
by saying their names
by letting those I speak with know the stories
and the names.
There is no greater way
to learn;
no greater gift than putting a name to the story to make it real; the good and the not so good
as the stories that make it real.
So for today;
Walk with beauty of all that there is;
remember that each time you say the name of your loved one and bring them in the conversation; you give others permission to talk about them, to keep them alive through their memory in conversation in a healthy way, to honor that their life was much larger then that moment of the death.
May you have a lovely day today,
knowing you are thought of, knowing you are a warrior of gentle spirit.
Walk In Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches,

4 comments on “>Where’ve YOU Been?

  1. >p.s. again, surely must have been overly excited to be here… toooo many typos..heehee.. you know, sometimes my fingers just can't keep up with all the feelings that pour from my heart… ♥ sign me, A.

  2. >hellooooooooo…this was an awesome ending ti a lobg and grueling gay.. I am so very glad to read your words and have missed my daily blog fix for sure. I am happy to hear all went well for you in Miami.. was getting a bit worried that perhaps you opted to park and walk to your hotel, and were wandering Miami and not coming home.. I am sure all the folks who had the pleasure of meeting you enjoyed and appreciated all you had to share.. I know I appreciate all that you are and all that you do.. certainly, if there were one person who could represent the true meaning of caring and compassion, it would be you.. DRSES.. and from the bottom of my heart, I will attest to your words today as being the truest words ever spoken. Keeping alive the love and memory of the precious people we have lost in our lives is vital to our own survival.. my Jaren, yes, it os more than okay to speak her name… It is vital and most necessary for any chance to find hope in healing.. the silence is deafening and a constant, painful reminder of our loss, and although we realize that people just don't know what to say sometimes.. it means soooo much to hear her name spoken by those who also loved her and shared her life.. Thank you for reminding all of us who gather here about the value of listening and speaking with our hearts.I hope that as a friend to others, I am always selfless in my ways of being there wheen I am needed… just saying.. wadu.Welcome home, it,s nice to hear your voice again and feel your smile through your words..To COB, Godspeed in healing, your warrior self will be up and running again in no time. It is almost impossible to hold a warrior down, as we have dicovered, especially with the support of such great folks as we have in our circle here… " and in the next place"..Hope y"all are doing fine.. thinking and missing hearing from you…sorry for the ramble, just couldn't help myself.. thanks for listening..be well. sign me,hugging my angels, ♥ ♥ most grateful 😉 A.p.s.angel love and power to Baby Ryan, his family..Sandy and Stuart.. and Sandy ( above commenter)I hope you find some peace in your heart and I am sorry you had such a sad experience with Hospice..you have found a safe and healing place here .. thanks to our DRSES ♥

  3. >I meant to mention my prayers for COB and hope that your leg will be feeling better soon and that the disease is completely gone forever. You will be up running around soon and enjoying time with family and friends. Take it easy though while you are healing. Dr. Sherri, it would sure be nice to see one day that you are heading to the SE Michigan/Detroit area. I would love to meet you and hear you speak. Would be a wonderful Blessing. Love and Hugs friends – Sandy♥

  4. >It is so good to see and read your words. I am happy you had such a good time in Miami at the conference. I know that those there who heard your words and met you were touched and Blessed. Now as you go on to Kansas, have a safe and happy time and know that those there will also be touched and Blessed by your presence and words. My prayers are with. Also prayers for Stewart & Sandy – hope their home is coming along, & for the baby boy & family – I hope he is better. About my Hospice Jouney with my precious and dear Mom – Mary – Just to let you know that since Mom died on March 13, 2011, neither my sister or I have heard from anyone from Hospice since that Chaplain who was on vacation contacted us to tell us how sorry she was after the funeral. I did send an e-mail back to her and it was only after I poured out my heart to her with my feelings she replyed back but nothing since. I know Hospice is focused on the patient during their time of need but I guess I assumed that they were also there for support for the family after the loss of the patient. Perhaps, I assumed too much and that is not how it is supposed to be. From reading from a few others it seems that Hospices are different in some areas than others. I did note on this particular Hospice web site that they spoke of family support for up to a year after the death of the patient. Hmm, looks like someone forgot to read the manual or tell the workers. It is very hurtful that they were so loving and caring to Mom with their visit and they were somewhat supportive and open to me and my Sis while Mom was alive and we were grateful but after that it was all over. I guess we were really nothing to them. Makes us wonder if what they did and said was really sincere or was it just a job to do and go home and forgret about it. Have a Terrific Tuesday friends – Sandy♥

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