>I had a talk with a Dreamer


Yellow Brick Road
It’s morning and I am ready to fly the friendly skies to Kansas!
Hoping to see Toto
or even Oz
even Auntie Em, known to say,
(“Feed those hogs before they worry themselves into anemia.” )
but for sure
I am going to meet and speak to a group
Hospice folks of
Crossroads Hospice there!
I was honored to talk to a dear friend yesterday; a dreamer indeed she is.
She was telling me about
“working the dream”
I reflected on a quote of Maya Angelou
who said once,
“Nothing works unless you do”.
My friend is a living testament to Maya’s profound quote
and she is an inspiration, she is funny, she is a warrior of gentle spirit;
as she now makes her home in Colorado with her son.
She has done much over the last few months and fought systems battles that would boggle the mind of many. And to be honest, many would have huddled in fetal position and just wondered what in the world to do.
But not her, she has persevered
with grace under fire
and incompetence that is beyond the pale.
she has continually worked her dreams
in ways that most cannot fathom
many could learn from.
Dreams are not really for the faint of heart
if you want to see them come true
not really!
Dreams are important
they are healthy
and oh they are wonderful.
But dreams that are really desired
are dreams in the making
often in those dreams are many a twist and a turn, journeys on lands that are unfamiliar
not always unlike the
Wizard of Oz!
I have told many readers that I will be calling upon you for help in finding a part for a Medicare all terrain scooter that would help my friend to get around in her new community out there.
I still plan to do that, as with the cheap replacement model that some useless worker decided it would be better to replace the custom fitted scooter with that does not allow her to get outside… we must rally some help.
We are the warriors to do this, but I just have to find a photo and mode/serial number
to enlist some help here. Stay tuned!
And I sometimes have to wonder
if those in the business of helping those with life challenges and disabilities were made to be limited in their abilities as part of their training
would they be more sensitive in their
It rather reminded me of the quote of the
Wizard of Oz and one that I love so much
I used in
Healing Heartaches.
Funny that as I get ready to travel to Kansas
I am again reminded of the quote
the resilience of the human spirit.
Perhaps it also helps that I am richly blessed
to know this special woman
who continually shows me
the joy of life through photographs
smiles through the storms
then read the comments and emails of so many here on this page!
I am truly blessed and I thank you.
HOME … there is truly no place like home,
click your heels three times
and embrace your dreams, work your dreams, your plan… You don’t have to have
RUBY SLIPPERS, after all the real original slippers were silver!
But whatever the shoe, it’s the wearer that really matters, and it’s the stylin of the click
that gets you home!
“A place where there isn’t any trouble. Do you suppose there is such a place, Toto? There must be. It’s not a place you can get to by a boat or a train. It’s far, far away. Behind the moon, beyond the rain. Dorothy
Ah, it’s goin to be a good day I’m thinkin!
So just as in the Wizard of Oz
just as in living your lives
and in times of love, of adventure, of loss; in times of  uncertainty, of great sadness
and healing heartaches
working the dream that is unique to you…
It may help if you remember this:
“How can I get there” asked Dorothy. “You must walk. It is a long journey, through country that is sometimes pleasant and sometimes dark and terrible. However,k I will use all the magic arts I know of to keep you from harm.” The Wizard of Oz
And so, I wish you all that you dare to dream,
the conviction to work it to fruition
the kindness to reach out to others
knowing that you may be blessed in ways
unimagined along the journey.
Did ya hear the news?
Patti Labelle was awarded the
too bad she hasn’t received the same distinction across the boards in the music industry. Nuff ssaid.
 Who better to be recognized as one of the greatest voices evah… than my Patti!
A fitting treat since we’ve talked of Oz…
I invite you to keep your hospice stories coming, the great, the good, the not so good and even if you have had a terrible experience… You can bet that those of the hospice world read it here, and ultimately a change is coming cos’ of warriors like you …. people don’t know what they don’t know!
So let’s be sure and let em know!
COB is safely at home after her surgery for Cancer on her leg… she is now having to keep the leg UP and to stay put… that should last about … well let’s just say we’ll see how long that lasts since she has already been out to lunch and such!
YOU just don’t keep COB down you know!!!
She appreciates all the thoughts and love from those here.
May you Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

4 comments on “>I had a talk with a Dreamer

  1. >Hi Dr. SES, you have just crushed me, Dorothy shoes silver, that cant be, I just saw them for 1 million times when the wicked old witch feet was sticking out under the building. Dorothy proudly wore those beautiful, sparkly red shoes. You are going to have to prove that to me. I will make them change the color in every movie they have made, except I love the red sparkly ones. I loved the above blog if you have to look for happiness elsewhere look into your heart. That is sound advice I think. Good luck in Kansas we all know you will knock their socks off. God Bless You and the USA.

  2. >Ahh – wonderful words today – thank you and Bless you for your continued uplifting and thought provoking words from your heart. Prayers for you as you spend time in Kansas. I know that all those who will hear you and meet you will surely be Blessed and filled. Be safe and I look forward to hearing about your time spent there. I love the Wizard Wisdom you share. Prayers for all who come here and for COB that she will be well and able to stay rested as long as she is healing. Thinking of Stu and Sandy and wondering how things are going in their home and all the work involved. Prayers still for them. I start a little vacation from work today but have some things to do around the house and finish up things at Moms house that need to be done now. Would much rather be going somewhere – need a vacation away somewhere – It has been over 4 years since being away on vacation. Some day I will do that. Be safe, well and Blessed this day my friends. Sandy♥

  3. >helloooo.gotta make this short and sweet as its offto work I go…safe and exciting trip for you..over the rainbow and the "Wizard of Oz"have always been my favorites so thanks for thereminders.. there is no place like home, and ifyou need to look for happiness elsewhere..look into your heart !!best to all ! ♥ ♥sign me, hugging my angels..always and forever .. A ~

  4. >Morning Cuz and all the Warriors~I hope you have or had a safe trip to the Land of Oz! Not sure what time you were to leave! Your blog was awesome as always and so very true. You have always told me in order to accomplish your dreams you have to work the plan, stay positive, focused and never give up because if you want it bad enough you can accomplish it!!I am going to take care of Auntie COB today! I think she did over do it yesterday so I am going to take her lunch and hang out w/her while she hopefully rests! But we all know how she is….nothing keeps her down for long! I pray when I grow up I will be just like her!! LOLI hope everyone has a beautiful blessed day and Cuz you "do your thang" in Kansas and be sure you to get your "swagga"on! Pop your collar cuz….you are the boom diggity!!Love & prayers to all~~AngiePS Matt will be home from Kuwait on Aug 14th!! Please continue to keep him and all the men and women serving our country in your prayers~

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