>Loving Those Hats


Now couldn’t ya just eat him with a spoon
looking “fly” in his fedora!
There’s just somethin about a fedora that is fun
it’s bold, it’s jazzy, it’s after all
And that godson of mine is indeed
a young man of
“stylin and profilin” I tell ya!
We all wear hats of many types
most not bold enough to actually put the “real deal” of hats on our head, but make no mistake
we wear all sorts of hats on any given day!
We have our
“out in public” hat
“at home and relaxed” hat
“professional” hat
“fun” hat
“fix-it” hat
“woe it me” hat
“I am too cute for my clothes” hat
“WOW” hat
“super/man/woman” hat
Yep we all wear many hats during most given days, and some of us are bold enough
to wear the real deal!
Why look back at the Royal Wedding
if ya wanna remember some hats!
Go to a good ole’ fashioned gospel church
if ya wanna see some fantastic hats
you know
“Sunday finest hats”?
But then again
there are
just the
most remarkable
beautiful in hats
cos’ they can and want to!

This is “Happy”, my dear Mentor and friend Audrey Spicer’s daughter! I’ve known Happy since she was born, and she has grown into a beautiful woman with a natural “swagga” and beauty that makes ya wanna just slap her silly.
She is lookin fine just fine in her fedora, and when I saw her while speaking in DC, in the winter, I said to her, “Hap, you know Auntie would loook real fine in that fedora” as I took it off her head! And don’t you just know…
I left DC with that fedora!!! LOL
Love her I do, she is a dancer, a teacher, and a devoted daughter, with a smile that could light up the room. And oh how she misses that hat!

“Wearing a hat is like having a baby or a puppy; everyone stops to coo and talk about it.” (Louise Green)

Sometimes when you are soooo cool
you just can’t stand yourself
(nor can others!)
“Life is like a new hat. You don’t know if it suits you if you keep trying it on in front of your own mirror.” Shirley McLaine.


4 comments on “>Loving Those Hats

  1. >hellooooo.hats ?? mmmmm, never did like the feeling of wearing a hat, claustrophobic or something..but Oh do admire those who can and do wear hats well… but as you said, I do wear many of those proverbial hats.. mom. boss, friend, fixit lady, etc…Must say how handsome the godsons are, must be fighting off the babes for sure,,,I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow,plenty of rest and relaxation planned..some time to write in my journal, soon to bebook, some sun time too, if mother nature cooperates.. cannot believe it will be the first day of July… deep breath here, and taking baby steps, also doing a bit of " homework" of sorts… hugs back to all on the breeze.. be well. Love checking in here, reminds me of what needs to be real in my life.. just saying.tired now, off ot bed I go.. sign me,Hugging my angels, thankful for all that is.♥♥ A ~

  2. >And some wear headbands …roflmao. love the fedora…can picture you wearing it.hugs on the wind friend.eagleeyes

  3. >Great hats and great pictures – love to see those that can really where a hat and look good. I wear many hats but don't look good in real hats – or never found one I feel comfortable in. Just a short note today – have to get busy and get out of the house and lots to do. Wishing you Dr. SES much joy today if you are still in Kansas have a grand time. Prays for all those here and sending hugs and Blessings to all – Sandy♥

  4. >Now that is a boy with the SWAGGA, what a pose and what a hat. Good for the Godson. He knows how to strut his stuff. He is a peace keeper and he is a boy who knows who he is at 9yrs. old. He just happens to be one of my GREAT NEPHEWS, he is as close to me as if he was also my grandson. I treat him with great respect and he shows me great respect. They are funny creatures. Dont pass a Sonic with him in the car, it has to be a Orero Blast or go to Buckos and if he cant fix the nastiest drink starting with a 44oz. cup with frozen root beer and something frozen that is pink and then pepsi, pepsi diet, coke, coke diet, mountain dew, sierra mist, dr. pepper. He said good taste, ugh, it was horrible to me but he drank the whole thing. His other thing is to take me the wrong way to his house, I will drive and drive and then say this is not the right way, he laughs and says I know you should have turned the other way. He and his brother loves to play tricks on me. I love them unconditionally. I do not demand or expect them to be anything other than boys and enjoy their life as they live it. Enough Dr. SES where are you and what are you doing? See you soon. Blessings to you, our soldiers and their families. God Bless USA

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