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>I was with CROSSROADS HOSPICE IN North Kansas City


No wonder I didn’t get to see
OZ .,..
I was so confused
I didn’t know where I was!
I was right there nearby Kansas,
going to Kansas
ending up
Kansas City
for a hospice called
that has headquarters
based in Oklahoma
with nine locations
5 states
founded by three fellows with last name of
and here
I end up
Harrah’s Casino!
Whoever heard of such???
Yep confused I was,
these farmers all
“southern accents”
and here I am in
Oh my where is the Wizard?
As I entered a most beautiful ballroom decorated so lovely
with a man on stage
dressed in black
Am I really in Vegas?
~ ~ ~
Then it started happened…
I began to feel as though
I was in
as hospice folks began to arrive, the laughter filling the air
they ALL
I mean they were a sea of green;
from the founders
Perry, Clayton and George Farmer
to the Executives of all the other
who had flown in from all their other locations from all the other states
Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Atlanta, St Louis
right here
to join with the 9Th retreat
Kansas City
supporting their motto:
“Expect more from us… We Do”

I stood back and watched as the room began to fill. My eyes trying to adjust to the “green” that was absorbing the lights and the white of table cloths of linen and the silver; as I listened to the greetings and the laughter that was building.
The back of the man you see closest in the photo is that of “Clayton Farmer” one of the owners
and the man standing in the center
is Perry Farmer, who began the company working as “home health aide” planting the seeds from the ground UP… getting his hands dirty if you will, and nurturing, caring; seeing and doing firsthand. Giving to others and knowing the needs of those facing the most difficult times of their lives.
And oh how he has laugh to fill the room,
a true hospice heart.
I watched, I felt the energy, I was getting “amped up” with spirit that would fuel me to give them all I had for their keynote
with great hopes of
“re-fueling and reminding them” of the
Hospice Pioneers so that they may add their own colors to the foundations laid in the world of hospice
allowing their colors to add to the vibrant history
as they touch and go about their work
while taking best care of themselves along the path
at the
I had the best of times with these Farmers; Perry, Clayton and George
 once I took the stage, they are remarkable men
they have a most beautiful staff
who are dedicated
most of whom have true hospice spirit.
they all touched my heart deeply.
I kidded them about doing the research for my time with them as I had searched the Internet in vain for photographs with no luck,
so had determined either they were really ugly men
they were in the witness protection program!
Funny thing is:
they are some handsome Farmers
Behind their “hospice hearts” I just know stands a strong woman
who shaped and molded and gave them their wings to fly.
I was just thrilled to see a couple of familiar faces since the last time I spoke in Kansas
Comfort Keepers with my friend
Stephen Bright’s company out there!
What a joy I had to see a young woman
named Johnnie who has now joined
Crossroads and stood proudly in
her green shirt saying she has joined this hospice family June 1!
it seems Kansas City is really providing old time hospice care to patients and families through their care by some extraordinary people.
The day was for them, those who do the work
for them to “re-fuel” their passion.
“Lead by example” 
 Dip into life with all you have!
And they did, that is Perry Farmer and Kansas City Executive Director Janet Hessenflow, having a dance right there in front of the whole
Now it just doesn’t get any better than that.
It was met with hoopin and hollering and grand applause as they twirled and danced and the
“great dip”
Talk about “trust”,
what a great demonstration right there for all to witness!
when the dance was done, Janet made her way to the table near the stage, Perry to the back of the room with his Farmer Family and the Executives from across the country… the Crossroads staff and the energy for the day
was set!
I of course had no idea what a hard act Perry Farmer and that dance were goin to be to follow until then!!!!
Perry Farmer took the stage
and began handing out
awards for service and
I could see the “green eyes of envy” from those executives of other states…
But oh what pride Janet Hessenflow had for her staff
for the
best care provided for patients and families of their community
“true hospice”
what a “hoot” that Perry Farmer
a man who cares with such passion that I found a tear flowed from my heart to my eye
just like in the ole’ days.
then when I took the stage
and looked out to that
emerald city of green, I just was filled with awe
at the 300 or so that were there
that were filled with pride to wear that green
of their branding and desire and commitment
to care.
I tell ya,
I haven’t been this impressed with hospice in a very long time!
Crossroads and thank you for the invitation!
Of course,
there was a small glitch from the United States Postal Service and my books, but at least one box arrived
heaven only knows where the other box ended up, but those who wanted to buy those books, I hope will use their bookmarks and buy them online! Can u say: “I am not happy with USPS”
It was a most remarkable time in
Kansas City!
So then
I ended my time as their speaker
to a standing ovation
to grand hollers from CROSSROADS
Then I hear the music
it was
music of the Indian chant of the
but for a moment I thought it was that of callin me back to them!!! LMBO
Only to realize in a hot minute something great was ready to happen as I left to sign books
and wouldn’t ya know…

The Home of the Kansas City Chiefs ~
 and wouldn’t ya just know it, one of them took the stage
 when I finished up, and went out for the book signing and some “bombdiggedity hugs from Crossroads”

He was one handsome young man too, Eddie Kennison
 I was told that he even gave me “props” for the inspiration of the day!
Now I am going to be “mud” with my Godsons that I did not get a signed football for them,
and he left as I was signing books, thanking me
and I looked up and said
“thank you darling, take care”!
ohhhh woe is me!
I’m hoping against hope that Janet can hook me up with that cos’ after all, I do have to worry about my
“street cred” with Kamryn and D’Vante!

This is
after a full day of a retreat
a hospice heart revealed!
Thank you for the laughter, the hospitality
the love!
You are filled with all that hospice and
her pioneers began with that one thread
weaving a beautiful tapestry of care!

When the day ended;
Stephen Bright of Comfort Keepers (on left with the “green lai on) and
Janet Hessenflow (way down at the end)
gathered for awhile
at the sports bar
cos’ the love and the feelings were just too strong to break away from.
I was honored to be invited and to hear more of the stories of
of their lives
and their love of life.
Yes, It was quite a time indeed
I believe I have taken the Farmers out of the
“witness protection program”
so stay tuned for photos of them
I thank the woman that is behind them
for she indeed turned out
some remarkable men
with vision, with mindful purpose and passion
with great humor!
i TOLD them all,
“I’ll Stand By YOU”
during my time there,
You know me
I don’t say it if I don’t mean it…
this is for you,
send it to
Perry, Clayton and George as well! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU_JL-f0AN8
So now I am home
and have decided rather than clicking my heels
I just clicked my toes together
am headed into the pool to imagine the dolphins
playing for the day
and to embrace them in my mind
with an attitude of great gratitude
once again
thanking the CReator for using me
those here for all that you are.
Baby Nicolas that we surrounded in prayers has been released from childrens hospital to home, where he is being loved by his parents and watched closely, but walking and talking.
Sandy and Stuart are making progress next door, and continuing to love your thoughts and prayers, although no arrest has been made for the Rat Bast**d who did this horrendous thing.
For those who are sharing your hospice stories,
let me tell you, I shared them with Crossroads and they were so sorry for the horror stories
and could not imagine what you must have endured.
Now then,
the fire is burning and the sage is fired up, with thoughts on the wind to all who gather here.
I wish you enough.
Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life


One comment on “>I was with CROSSROADS HOSPICE IN North Kansas City

  1. >It was so good to come back this evening and read your words. What a wonderful and Blessed group of people in the Crossroad Hospice family Sure would be a Blessing if all Hospice groups and workers could have the love, care and compassion for their work. It would have been different had my precious Mom been cared for by this group rather than the one she was. God Bless this grand group and those that worked so hard to get is started and watch it grow as it has. I am happy that you had such a good time and I know that your words and your presence touched the hearts of all those who were there. I am happy you made it back home safe and well. My prayers with with you. I know you must be enjoying your pool today. It is hotter here in SE Michigan than there. I just checked as my sweet nephew doesn't live far – St Petersburg. It is 98 at 5:45 pm and 49% humidity. I volunteered today at the animal shelter and it was hot there even with the AC and on the way home my car temp was 100 – hot hot hot! It would be nice to have a pool here. Woo Hoo! I am so happy to see our answer to prayers for baby Nicholas. What great news that is. Still praying for Sandy and Stewart and also that they find that monster responsible for the damage. Have a wonderful evening and sending hugs and Blessings to you Dr. Sherri and all those friends who pass here. Have a safe and Happy 4th of July. God Bless – Sandy♥

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