JULY 4, 2011
Wishing all a very
4th of July
Proud to be

Stewart Wittel, USMC
(our family of choice)
He’s an Eagle when He flies that big ole’ jet for USA
for US!
Thank YOU Stewart and those you walk and fly with
keeping us free and safe.
We thank YOU and all who serve
we want you home safely!
May the Creator Bless YOU and your families
know this:
WE support YOU,
believe in YOU
thank YOU
I hope your flag is flying high
is matched by your spirit today
Turn your volume UP!
STAND UP> Enjoy and “sing”
We are so very blessed
to live among the free
because of the brave and those willing to stand.
Soar on
while remembering those many men, women and service dogs
who are defending our freedoms,
those who gave all for US
and their families.
Enjoy all on this day
with each breath you take
each step you make
each and every choice
giving great thanks
that we are living in a country
that is

Thank you soldier!
speaking of soldiers, I received this email,
what better day to pass it along and ask that you do the same:
I am also asking while passing this along to all you Warriors here,
for anyone who may have an family member, friend, affiliation with the U.S. Air Force to see if they have a connection that can help me find the family of Col. Patrick Fallon, “Firefly 26“.
He became MIA on July 4, 1969. He is from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, has a wife and 2 daughters, who may have moved to Georgia. I have searched his website page- called a radio station to ask for help finding him, and asked someone at the VA if they had any suggestions. So far I’ve come up with nothing. I am hoping this email, that it can help as you pass it along to all your friends. I had wanted to send my POW/MIA bracelet that I have worn and had since the early 70’s and just let them know I have thought of him often, prayed for him and them, and someone else, a stanger to them especially July 4th has always brought him to my mind…This is part of my bucket list- and every 4th I feel the need stronger to get this bracelet to his family. Any help would be appreciated! Here’s his bio:


Name: Patrick Martin Fallon

Rank/Branch: O6/US Aif Force

Unit: Vice Commander, 56th Special Operations Wing, Nakhon Phanom RAFB,


Date of Birth: 12 November 1921

Home City of Record: Pittsburgh PA (family in GA)

Date of Loss: 04 July 1969

Country of Loss: Laos

Loss Coordinates: 191700N 1030600E (UG004331)

Status (in 1973): Missing In Action

Category: 2

Acft/Vehicle/Ground: A1H

Refno: 1463

Other Personnel In Incident: (none missing)

Source: Compiled from one or more of the following: raw data from U.S.

Government agency sources, correspondence with POW/MIA families,

published sources, interviews. Updated by the P.O.W. NETWORK in 1998.


SYNOPSIS: Patrick Fallon was born in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania November 12,

1921. He attended West Point, but dropped out in 1944 to serve in World War

II. In Korea, he flew 125 combat missions, and as a forward air controller,

parachuted behind enemy lines. He came home with a chest full of medals.

In 1968, Colonel Fallon elected to go to Vietnam, and departed for Nakhon

Phanom, Thailand in September 1969, to assume the position of Vice Commander

of the 56th Special Operations Wing. His wife and two daughters waited in

Florida for his return.

On July 4, 1969, Fallon and another A1 pilot were ordered to check out enemy activity near the town of Xiangkhoang at the edge of the Plain of Jars in Northern Laos. The flight was led by Col. Fallon, call sign Firefly 26, his wingman, Firefly 27. Fallon took his plane down low to observe the Pathet Lao positions, circled and came in for another pass. His plane was hit by

enemy fire at 200 feet, and Fallon bailed out.

Fallon reached the ground safely between two 4500 foot ridges. Pathet Lao troops and machine gun emplacements were on both ridges. Fallon’s wingman called for assistance and rescue teams immediately. Firefly 27 was hit, but continued to lay protective fire until he was forced to leave the area. He subsequently made a crash landing in Thailand. Fallon maintained radio contact with the planes above him, but they were unable to rescue him

because of the enemy presence. His last transmission advised them, “Put it all around me, I’m hit”.

When the Air Force came to Mrs. Fallon’s door to inform her that her husband had been shot down, she was packed and ready to meet Pat on leave in Hawaii.

When his personal effects were shipped home, she discovered he had flown over 100 combat missions from NKP, received a Purple Heart and a Distinguished Flying Cross. He had never told her.

Through the years, reports have surfaced concerning Colonel Fallon as a prisoner of war in Laos. Mrs. Fallon has never given up her search for information on her husband’s fate. He is one of nearly 600 Americans lost in the “secret war” in Laos. When the U.S. signed peace agreements, Laos was not included and no American prisoners held by the Lao were released.

Although the U.S. Government has received nearly 10,000 reports concerning Americans still missing in Southeast Asia, convincing many authorities that hundreds are still alive, the U.S. has been unable to find a way to free those men captured in Laos. One of them could be Colonel Patrick Fallon.

My heart is full,

with hope and promise,
I wish you enough.
Walk In Beauty


  1. Are you still looking for col. Fallon's family?

  2. >Not only did I stand and sing, I placed my hand on my heart as the tears flowed. I would say that Stewart Whittel would be a force to be working his plan keeping us safe. What a handsome, strong and dedicated young man. God Bless Him and all of the soldiers keeping us safe. The soldier holding the little child should touch all of our hearts. We sit here in our nice air conditioned house, eating a good meal, do we ever think of the ones who are over there, at the Pentagon, White House and all of the other places protecting us and our families. Say a prayer for all our soldiers and their families. I think Ray Charles says it all. Thank you Dr. SES for the wonderful pictures and the blog bringing our attention to the lost ones MIA/POW and we must remember their families. GOD BLESS USA

  3. >Thank you for the message today and God Bless our grand America and all those, and their families, who have fought and still fighting for our Freedom. Be safe and have a wonderful day celebrating this great nation. Sandy♥

  4. >hellooooo.God bless America !May all have a safe, peaceful, andreflective day..hugging my angels…sign me, A ♥ ♥

  5. >What a beautiful Blog doc. Thanks to all who have served and are serving. Thanks also for the reminder that we still have Americans MIA.I look forward to a future 4th of JUly with no American serving in any war zone.Bring back the Hippie protestors…..A very special thanks to Stewart Wittel for his service.

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