>Did YOU enjoy it?


the fireworks were spectacular!
Whether you saw them locally, set them off in your yard, heard them from the neighborhood
saw the Macy’s 4th
Capital 4th
was a
to be certain!
Good morning America
how are ya?
I hear a skinny cute little woman won the hot dog eating contest
by consuming an outrageous number of dogs this year with a twist as grills fired up around our great Nation!
Our President stayed close to home and celebrated his daughters’ birthday
while the political campaign used the day
to try and win votes
(let’s not miss an opportunity to take this day
and try to win votes and do a little bad mouthing of the man who sits in the White House while we’re at it on the day of
celebrating or great country right)
And as we are enjoying the freedoms of our great country,
men and women fighting for our very freedoms
are over there in the sand
in the same uniforms they have been wearing for 4 months without changing their underwear for 4 months, or changing socks for longer
were eating from cans their rations
and hopefully sitting around
on the ground
having time to play some cards
and clean their weapons
rather than be in weapon exchange
with the Taliban
while we were enjoying
a cold beer and hot dogs and hamburgers
in our clean clothes
enjoying laughter with family and friends
without harm.
They will hear stories of how we missed them,
we will hear stories of what they did
and how it is going so far from home,
meantime here at home
folks gathered
many join in festivities
many spent time
thinking of those who were out there
just having the time of their lives!

Kamryn got to see those
“Monster Trucks”
once again was eating those big ole Turkey legs
cos’ that little Godson of mine
does love to eat!
Bet he had a “bombdiggedity 4th”
enjoyed every minute, he and his brother are due to “touchdown” here in just a few days!

This just might be the look of:
“oops, look at the size of this”
“did ya have to take the picture NOW”
I can only imagine there are pictures like this being laughed about all over the country today
as folks reflect of the fun had over the weekend
and the laughter shared!
One thing is certain,
my little 4 leggeds will be absolute thrilled when the “bam/boom/zzzzzzizzle
is over!
Like that noise they did NOT
as they crawled up around my neck last night
looking for comfort and for quiet.
We enjoyed ribs and Sandy made some off the hook shrimp for the grill that Stewart masterfully cooked for us
as we sat around the table
enjoying our time together
while we listened to
Tarpon Springs as they set off firecrackers in the afternoon and color filling the air into the night
with booms, and hisses and razzle!
Tarpon Springs does love to set off fireworks,
we really enjoyed
The Capital 4th
as DLB and I reflected on the many years of being there while watching the smiles on the faces, the dancing in the crowds
and those brave men and women
who have returned from war
sitting in the audience.
And in NY,
we watched Beyonce take the stage
and wow them
along with Brad Paisley and the energy could power the city
it was magical it was!
as we move into the week,
let us move that energy while remembering those fighting for our country,
let us not be caught up in the
“smak being talked” by those who are running for the White House
and bad mouthing our President.
Let us not be caught in the lies or the accusations that our President is responsible for troubles and debts that existed prior to his taking office; how ridiculous a claim is that,
after all
he’s only been there a short time
how in the world could anyone expect him to fix the ails of all that has happened over the last 10 years so quickly?
Let us not stand in judgment
rather stand in unity
for all that makes our Nation
land of the free
because of the brave.
A land where we have choices
where we have the ability
to think
the ability to say
and do
Sandy and Stewart are getting ready to take a brief respite from all they have been doing next door, and we think that a great idea! They are tired, they have been working non stop, they are tired.
So tired that Stewart was having someone to trim the palm fronds of my home when his saw broke and he went out and bought another, only later to have his friend visiting and then say to him, “Stewart, you just bought a new pole saw not so long ago, why did you buy another?” Stewart looked perplexed, thought his friend crazed, but went into his neatly organized garage, looked up… and don’t you know, there it was! A brand new pole saw! During all of this, he had forgotten completely!
Now that is tired! That was the icing on the cake of a day that just went wrong … it began with Joe the worker, falling off the ladder, then trimming my palm fronds (the association had the nerve to send me a letter that they were hanging down!) And as the cut was made one fell hitting him across the nose and cutting him! Then as he was mowing, he hit the water main at Stewart’s and the water works began like a gusher!
So the discovery that he went to buy and use a new pole saw, when it was discovered he already has a new pole saw, just sealed the deal… it is time for a break from all of this we are thinking!
What resiliency our dear friends have and have displayed since this arson.
We could all learn many lessons from this.
And we feel certain that after the break for a bit with their little granddaughter they will return with renewed energy for all that is yet to be done; but we are thinking they need to be here as the smell of soot continues to be there, and there is so much yet to be done, although they do have the back bedroom now complete with fresh paint, closet and bed!
It is coming along,
arson is truly a horrendous thing
still no arrest made.
That is quite discouraging, and I must believe that while justice is slow on this one,
it will come around.
They thank you all
We did have a good/great 4th of July
counting the many blessings
have become family during all of this
right here in our home
they know they are welcome
at home.
Jeepers loves LOVES
having his
Aunt Sandy and Uncle Stew
talk about “rotten”
he makes sure
that he gets in their bed for his morning dose of love and Stew reads the paper to him
before starting the day
over at the
“soot dew INN”
So friends,
“Whether you think you can,
Think YOu Can’t,
The fire is burning brightly in the prayer bowl, the sage is lit, with prayers and thoughts goin on the winds to you today.
Blessings to all
Walk In Beauty,
great news arrived to me,
The Article printed in the esteemed
 Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine
by Sage PUblications
was the most downloaded article
in 2009/2010
they sent me a congratulary email and wanted me to know!  I am so very honored.

5 comments on “>Did YOU enjoy it?

  1. >Awesome blog as always my dear cousin~ So glad you, DLB, Sandy and Stewart had a nice 4th. Sorry to hear about all the issues~ I will continue to keep all in my prayers~~Kam had a great time at the Monster Truck show but was disappointed in that "Monster Turkey Leg!" Wasn't as good as it looked but he was nice enough to share with all.The fam is looking forward to arriving on Friday! Sure will miss them 😦 But I will be working and staying busy with school so hopefully the time will go by fast~Hope everyone has sweet dreams and as Kam would say "Don't let the bed bugs bite"Love & blessings to all~~Angie

  2. >helloooo.never a dull moment for you it seems.. hope everyone there is taking a break and resting up some. Another glorious July 4th, celebtration of hearts and I love partriotic mucic. I enjoyed the sunshine and cool waters of the pool.. too much traffic at the beach for me..Heading out to do a few "put off" errands and then off to work..wishing to all a happy day !sign me, hugging my angels.living with gratitude , ♥ ♥ A.

  3. >So good to read your words this morning. Sandy and Stewart do need a bit of a break from the stress and work. Enjoy time with family. Back to work today after a few days off – it was nice to be off. Didn't see any fireworks but heard them all around. Wishing everyone a very safe and happy day filled with Blessings. It is good to live in a grand and free Nation as we do and thankful for all those who stand up for our freedom. Sandy♥

  4. >Good Morning Dr. SES, so much to write about and absorb this beautiful morning. We are sitting here in our cozy home in the land of the free. Why? We have our soldiers out there in the mud, hot and muggy weather protecting us. Thank you and thank you again. We are praying for you day and night. It was a wonderful 4th. of July for me, my friend invited me to go see the fireworks at a home of a fellow worker. I tell you they were so beautiful sitting there on the balcony. They were as beautiful as any of I have ever seen. So much about that I spent most of my day waiting for the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial, after 6hrs. no verdict yet. I hope it happens today. I cant just sit here waiting. I do hope it is Life without parole. Makes you sick to know she wanted to party instead of letting that precious little girl live with her grandparents since she did not want her. LEAVE OUR PRESIDENT ALONE, he is trying to clean up the mess of not one but several presidents. Give him encouragement, not all of this mud that is being thrown at him. We need to pray hard for all of the things happening in our world. Do something good for someone today. I am going to play Bingo and then take a dear friend of mine who is sick and troubled with many health problems lunch and a visit. Blessings to all and to Dr. SES thank you for your words of wisdom. Stu and Sandy needs a good break away from the soot and away to clear their mind of the things yet to come. Hope the arsonist is soon caught and I am sure they will pay the price. Blessings and prayers to all.

  5. >Sun and I am up on this Tuesday morning.Had a fabulous weekend with many events and celebrations. Glad to read the update over at Sandy & Stu's place, sad to hear of the events that happened. Yikes ! Stay busy but safe always, I am Irene, too much party-girl.

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