>CAYLEE… I’ll cry for your justice baby


Precious Child
I do believe the world is round
I have to believe
I just have to believe
that while it may be slow
Casey Anthony and her attorney’s may be
popping the corks on the bottles
of champagne right now
will ultimately find its way.
“Bella Vita” (Beautiful Life it means)
the tattoo that was shown on Casey Anthony’s shoulder.
to think, she got that tattoo while little CAYLEE was
Did anyone ever really think of the tremendous significance of that?
Who just tell me
WHO would get that tattoo on their back of their shoulder while their beloved child was gone missing
“Bella Vita” Casey Anthony indeed for YOU maybe
I think not.
The way I figure it, when she walks out of that jail,
she’ll have already signed for a big ole’ hunk of money for the book deal or the movie,
it will all be gone in a hot minute or ten
she’ll be out there partying away
probably end up pregnant by someone
oh please let’s pray she does NOT have a child
she’ll drink, lie, cheat and steal her way
around systems
while using people and things
not give Caylee anymore of thought
than she gave her since
her death.
good people across the country are astonished
having watched, listened and heard the stories
listened and loved a little one
now traumatized by all that they have witnessed
who are probably having trouble
wanting to “do something”
“feeling much”.
And hearts are aching for a precious child
gone too soon.
my heart aches for CAYLEE
for the grandparents
who loved this little child and who mourn for her
for all the potential that will never be
the images now fresh in their minds.
It is time
for the PRESS to leave them alone;
to give them some respite
and some relief from all that they have endured to allow them to breathe.
Many will say that there was not proof
there was not facts to support
a verdict
OH my
did you see and hear
Nancy Grace?
I mean we all know Nancy gets “jacked up”
is “hard wired”
did you see her eyes, hear her passion?
I bet she would like to be the one,
the only one
standing on the other side of the gate
the day
this woman is released.
you can believe there are many who would
like to be standing there with their very own
rolls of “duct tape”
with her name on it
so she can “feel”
what they’ve been feeling all during this trial
and the many tears for CAYLEE
that have been shed by strangers
are still being shed
a child is remembered.
I have to ask you,
cos’ I have asked myself
how in the hell does that not constitute
in the United States of America???
HOW is it possible for a woman to sit
with absolutely
hearing the most graphic detail
of a baby girl
and her body
in such horrid detail that has probably
created vicarious trauma to others with children
along with those who have had children who have died
across the country
how in the world can this same woman
phone her family
speak such harsh profanities
while wanting the phone number of a boyfriend
while lying and speaking with absolute
no concern of her missing child?
This is beyond my wildest comprehension
of a human being that actually gave birth
and claimed to love a child.
It is unfathomable
that this woman is innocent,
what do I know?
I do know this:

Is it possible
that no one will offer her any money
for her story?
Wouldn’t that be just great!
That no one wants to hear it anymore
nor subsidize her party style once she hits the free streets that she has longed for and missed…
We can only hope.
So while others are just having opinions flying in grocery stores, in gas lines and at the produce stands, in hairdressers and all across the world.
The news media are a buzz and it is not about to stop anytime soon.
The Anthony grandparents would do well to take a cruise or vacation to get out of town and out of sight of reporters, it is time for them to rest!
The prosecution was brilliant, and they represented
the state well, they represented
and they should be proud.
They gave their all and they did
Caylee proud in their efforts to bring
her justice and see justice served.
As for the jurors, perhaps they were tired, maybe they were homesick,
perhaps they have no moral conscious.
maybe they think they did what they were suppose to.
Whatever it was,
I still believe the world is round.
What do you think?
Is anyone sleeping well last night or tonight?
Will we remember Caylee?
The fire is burning here, I have held this little child in my heart, she will be safe there, and I hold you all in my heart.
Baby Caylee, I am so sorry… but fly with the angels baby, you are safe now.
Walk in Beauty friends,

9 comments on “>CAYLEE… I’ll cry for your justice baby

  1. >Oh Sherry, I had stomach pains and nausea when the verdict was read, and much anger. Dealing with it I decided to let God meet out the justice, in his time, and let go of my anger which had gone way past wanting justice to wanting revenge for the little girl.

  2. >Go figure….. Doc, the world indeed is round. This is confounding. Sometimes there are no words. Often there is no justice.

  3. >Well said Joe, lots of wisdom in your words. I am sorry that I cant get it out of my mind and I am glued to the TV. Just saw Nancy Grace(who by the way really tells it like it is and in her own way not holding back) she just interviewed her boyfriend who was at one time engaged to her. I cant even say her name. He loved Caylee and the pictures you see you can tell that he does. He said it made him sick to his stomach to see the verdict. He said she was the last one to see little Caylee. I still cant believe it. The lady she accused of stealing her or babysitting her has slapped a big law suit on her so she may not be walking tomorrow. Her team is going to take care of her so her lawyer said, they better not go out on the streets of Fl. cause there is angry crowd waiting for her. Wonderful words Dr. SES, you said it all. The grandparents, it breaks my heart and Lee what she put them thru. I dont see how any love for her could be left in their hearts. News circulating is she is pregnant. I hope she cant bring anymore babies in the world and maybe she will die like little Caylee. I cant say anymore because I just may start using some of her profanity. I dont want to do that here or there. Thanks for all of the wise words of wisdom and the words you spoke trying to help us heal our hearts. God Bless USA, God Bless Our Children.

  4. >Through all of this, I believe in my heart of hearts..that GOD has shown through. While we, those he has created, are quick to be angry and show our disgust we must also remember that Caylee is now in the arms of the most high and will NEVER EVER be harmed again. I am thankful for that. There are many many lessons to be learned here, we just have to have the fortitude to find them.I am reminded of a bus crash in KY back in 1988 that claimed the lives of 23+ children. The driver of the car that hit the bus was drunk. The bus was found to have been over capacity in today's standard. There were no escape hatches, therefore many of the children were burnt to death. Today there are escape hatches on buses, the gas tank is enclosed in a cage, and there are capacity constraints. Many of the lessons learned in that crash have been implemented in order to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening again.I would encourage all of you to focus on the positive that is…Caylee is FREE and in loving arms forever. Anger is simply a waste of energy and emotion..I say this as I grapple with it myself.Joe

  5. >Well said. As always you hit almost every point. I am baffled as to how her parents have been by her side this entire time.. meanwhile Casey and her attorneys have shredded that families lives, forever. Casey is a narcissistic psychopath. She has put her life above all others. Only she is important. Only her needs are important, and I use that word "need" loosely because her needs are only self serving to her ego and her fantasy she calls life. Only her wants are important and she wants anything and everything that makes her life better, easier and "more fun". I cannot believe the jury, if they were able to see what we, the people sitting at home watching, were able to see. The games played by the defense. The lies said by the defense. I am forever disgusted. She will end up in jail again for something. Especially when she walks out of that jail and realizes she is center of attention, just what she has always wanted. I for one, will feel sick to my stomach and my heart will ache for that precious little girl who's life ended far too soon.

  6. >helloooo.there is not one word posted here of which I disagree.. Caylee is surely in the arms of angels and is loved every second unconditionally.. Her grandparents are in living hell, my heart is sad for them too.. imagine the horror that has come to light in their world as they must accept that somehow their daughter lives a life with a heart of stone, no remorse and depraved values.. I agree that it is time for the media to go away.. they are vultures feeding on virtual roadkill at this point in time.. justice will be served one day, hopefully sooner than later,and the karma of life has been known to serve devasting consequences…A lesson learned from this travesty.. we must as a society no longer accept the complacency of lack of humanity.. Speak up if you suspect there is an innocent child in harm's way, rally to improve the system of Family Services,a lot of our child victims could have been saved if not for lack of indifference..Personally, I need to shut this all off in my head, for it is way too stressful..soooooo,I am happy to hear of the Godsons pending arrival.. WOW.. sure hope you have been resting in preparation for all the fun adventures heading your way.. am looking forward to hearing the stories which always share love and laughter ! They are drop dead gorgeous young men I might add.. also I would like to extend my congratulations to you Doc onyour enormous success with your speaking tours.. You continually do so much for so many and your energy and compassion are amazing..The lives you have affected in such positive ways are endless, and I am truly proud and blessed to be a part of that same group.If not for you, I imagine I might be still half drowning and muddling through.. so WADU from me to you, and on behalf of lots of others as well.STOMP will be my heart's word for the day, and I will be reflecting on all the lessons of life I have come to know..Have a GREAT visit with your family !And to all who share their hearts here,May you hear the angels sing sweet songs, feel the warmth of the sunshine from both sides.. and give it all that you have.. I wish you well ♥ ♥sign me, hugging my angels, and grateful forall that I have had in my life… ~ A. ~

  7. >You said that better and more eloquently than I could have ever thought to. Thank you. My heart aches for the family of such a beautiful little girl. I can't imagine what her little soul had to endure before she found peace. I don't understand why people have children who don't want them. It's easy to control. So why don't they? Children aren't toys you get rid of when you're done playing with them. As tears flow and my heart aches for her, I also am grateful that she doesn't have to endure anymore pain. I'm not happy about it, actually i'm very sad, but in a way, i'm grateful.

  8. >So Sad for this precious child – makes my heart cry out for Caylee and so many more children suffering as we live and breathe this moment and so many just walk by on the other side of the street and do not report. So Sad that so many children have been severely injured and killed by the very parents/monsters that brought them into this world. Just this morning I read of a 2 year old child here in Flint MI that was found dead in her home over the weekend. She suffered with a lacerated liver due to blunt trauma and the child had old and new human bites over the body. What kind of sick world do we live in that anyone can do such things to an innocent child? The thought makes me sick to my stomach. It seems we hear these things so much. I look at my grandbabies and could never imagine them being harmed/tortured at the hands of someone. God please watch over our precious children and keep them safe and out of the hands of human monsters. Everyone have a wonderful day Sandy♥

  9. >After close following of this case, literally, from Day # 1, I HAVE NO WORDS Re: THE OUTCOME.I KNOW the world is round, hope it spins fast.

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