>Gone Too Soon ~ JAREN 07-07-07 ~


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I have left this post for today, for those to re-read, to listen to the music, to look deeply at the photos, to comment, to say the names of their loved ones in the next place
and to share with all here.
Gone Too Soon
from her precious family
her Mom Andrea (sign me A)
her Dad Jimmy
her sister Marie
her family in New England
more friends than one can count
After hugging her Mom
(sign me A, our warrior here)
remarking on it being the luckiest day “ever”
being her joyous and happy self
“Mom there will never be another day like this one”
With her friends, she headed to the lake for a great;
no a fantastic day
when the jeep she was driving had a flaw, a malfuntion,
a something happened
not her fault
it flipped over and over
the Gasse world stood still in seconds.
I feel sure, absolutely sure that her Grandmother was there to grab her into her arms
on the other side, so that
did not suffer, did not feel anything,
I feel certain that
was wrapped in the protective arms and light
of her beloved
in that instant of time.
4 years have gone by,
some days have seemed like they would never end
while others have gone much too quickly.
The pain palpable
the grief horrendous
at times the silence deafening.
Jaren has let her presence be known; she has her ways to let her family and friends know
when hearts are connected in life
they cannot be separated by death.
Death is not that strong.
At times she will be the butterfly that lights beside her Mother on curbs, on the hood of her car; awaiting her at the front door like an old and trusted friend
hanging around
(*much longer than an average butterfly would ever stay).
Then there are the dolphins that find their way to Andrea, there at HoneyMoon Island
I feel sure that it is Jaren on their backs,
beckoning them to come close,
even closer
letting her Mom know
“I’m here, it’s all good”,
I am with you always.
There is
when hearts are connected.
It becomes so very important to
“say their names”
talk about her life, her whole and beautiful life
that was lived with passion, with laughter and a smile that could fill the room.
A family and friends that adored her,
stories that will entertain, will bring a tear to the eye
and memories that will keep her alive for the little ones and the Elders alike
as they remember the whole of her
not just the moment that she left
this life.
Without the storms of life we would never
know the rainbow.
Jaren Gasse,
a precious child, a child filled with color, with vibrancy, with joy


Gone Too Soon

Now adding color to the skies, to the heavens, to spiritland and still here on this earth for us
along with brilliance to the hearts of many
who now
MUST say her name;
and share their memories of a life well lived in a short amount of time while here.
Often it is those left behind who feel that they cannot or should not talk about their loved ones, their children, they feel that others grow weary of “hearing it”.
We all want to “talk about” those we have loved in our lives, they are an intrinsic part of the very fabric that makes us who we are.
Talk to US,
talk about our loved ones; bring their names into our hearts, our ears, our conversations.
we cry it is OK
do not run from our tears,
they are telescopes that allow us to see into the heavens!
Dance on Jaren, dance on baby girl
across the galaxies!
Ride on; ride the backs of the dolphins
enjoy spiritland with the Ancestors, with your Grandmother as you play on the
wings of butterflies
convince your dad there is a
“next place”
and show up in the middle of the gulf
on the wings of a butterfly!
As a dove following him all the way to a job site
on US 19 that stops at each Red Light and then flies as he drives only to arrive at his destination and beckon him with your mournful cry to get his attention!
Dad, do you believe now, do YOU GET IT< do YOU FEEL ME NOWWW
I’m thinkin he did, as he interrupted his conversation with the lady he was working for to go to his truck, get his camera and return with that dove still waiting on him! He then took the picture, wispered “I get it Jaren”, and at some point brought me a framed photo of it and said, “LOOOK”!!!
As Lovie once said to me,
“when the student is ready, the teacher appears”!!!
Good job Jaren baby! You sure did have to work your Dad over on that one.
There is NO DISTANCE friends.
Ah yes, Jaren
do your thing from the “next place”
and then as that same dove
arrive on the window ledge where the cats sit on the other side and stare at them
while your Mom is having a difficult day of missing you.
Stay long enough to make sure
“she gets it”
as she watches you and the cats
communicate quietly with respect
and joy.
Yes, I tell you not because I can prove it to you with empirical research,
because I am one who has been there,
who knows.
There is
4 years ago, gone too soon.
hers was a life lived as a beautiful child
who was loved madly by her family
her friends
she is loved more today
when everyone
will say her name!
Wherever you are
Whatever you are doing today
Please remember
I’m betting that if you want to hug our warrior from this page today … the Mother of
all ya gotta do is head out to
Honeymoon Island
I have a feeling that she will be there,
she will probably be on that purple noodle
out in the gulf
the dolphin will probably
find her
show up right alongside her
with a twinkle in its eye
just to let her know
Mom, I’m all good here, I want you to be too”.
And I pray those who love the Gasse’s
will say Jaren’s name
will incorporate her life into theirs
the stories, the laughter, the memories
and the little ones will grow up
knowing Jaren
knowing of her antics
and how she lived her life
in bold and beautiful color a full and beautiful life that left this earth all too soon
I’ll be with you today Andrea, right there
Honeymoon Island
as you shed those tears
hear your sounds of laughter
you remember and say
May it help you all to remember,
Andrea along with each of you
The fire is burning brightly here in ceremony and remembrance, the sage is fired up. I hope that Jaren has found little CAYLEE and has her in her arms, throws her up on a cloud and then tickles her til she rolls and rolls around on the clouds in splendor today, feeling safe and feeling Jaren love.
Thoughts of warmth and healing ways to and for all who enter here.
“say their names”
Walk In Beauty,

11 comments on “>Gone Too Soon ~ JAREN 07-07-07 ~

  1. >"Jaren"..I said softly and sent out on the winds…peace be upon you all. LOVE is so amazing.

  2. >Yes, Happy Saturday to all our friends here this day. I came and reread Jaren's story. Andrea, what a precious daughter she was to you and surely her presence is known in your heart and life daily. It sure is hard to let go of those you love so much in life but as Dr. Sherry says we never have to let them go because they are forever in our hearts and show us they are close by always. Sweet Andrea, I continue to hold you in my prays we I do all our friends here on this a very special place to come and be at peace in our world. I am off today to volunteer my place at the animal shelter. Oh so many animals. Praying we have good adoptions today. Many cats need their forever homes. Wishing you all a Blessed and happy day. Love and hugs – Sandy♥

  3. >Happy SATURDAY to everyone. Trying to dry out from the torrential rains of yesterday.I shared Jaren's life story with my sister in Hershey, who was very touched by it, said her name & we connected on another level of loss.Andrea, your loss and the life of Jaren will teach others, raise awareness & force us to a level of love which is overlooked most days.Last SHUTTLE launch was bittersweet but exciting. I am HERE and stand FIRM

  4. >helloooooo.the rain today is most welcome and refreshing to all of nature.. my heart is full of love and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to Doc, all of the gentle warriors who gather here and the compassion that flows as freely as the rains…Many friends and family members of Jaren read thisbeautiful tribute yesterday and I have heard from so many about all the lessons of life they havepicked out of gentle and powerful words…In a strange way, this has brought me some peace and closure… I feel as if Jaren's death was not in vain.. for if we all can in some way become a bit more loving,compassionate and in tune to those we know who are suffering the pain of loss of a loved one.. if we know now to surely say their names to those of us left behind.. it is so awkward when there " are no words".. yet that is when it is most important to focus on LOVE and the joys and love we have been blessed with, rather than the painin our hearts of loss.. if we can learn to take each day as it is, enjoy and be thankful.. and mindful that there are no guarantees of tomorrow.. hold no grudges, anger, or judgements of others.. love unconditionally with no expectations … I have learned these lessons , over time and many heartaches and I can say now that I have found some peace in my soul. It is hard work and I will say that the feeling of "getting it " is so worth all the tears that I have shed.Jaren is surely in the angel's place, surrounded by all the children, she loved little ones most… and she is for sure, taking pride in her work on the " other side" and making her rounds here as well. Thank you all again.. the depth of my feelings can really not be expressed in words.. I hope Doc has a great time with her family…she has earned a lot of new admirers here.. so well deserved and she is the real deal..this is such a safe and wonderful page, and we are blessed to have each other here !!!Thanks for all the support.. may I be able to be there for a friend when needed as you have all been there for me..Jaren may not rest, she has lots of happy work to do.. but that's okay..love to all.. sign me, forever grateful..and proud to be hugging my angels..A. ♥ ♥

  5. >Have a wonderful time with Your Mom and you Godsons. Rejoice and hold the time in your heart with the good memories forever. I am glad you left this here today as I was thinking a Andrea and Jaren and prayed for Andrea and family. Jaren surely makes her presence known and it is heart warming. I am off today as my sweet Grand Daughter is getting married tonight to her best friend today. It will be a beautiful wedding and family time. Be well and happy today all who are here and enjoy the Blessings we are given. Sending love and hugs Sandy♥

  6. >DR SES HERE! 7/8/11I have decided to leave this up today, for those to read the comments, to perhaps re read the thoughts of JAREN GASSE, to listen, really listen to the music, to look at the photos, and to be remindedTHERE IS NO DISTANCE… Hearts connected remain connected, the relationships continue as long as we "say their names"…Please continue to post your thoughts, say the name "JAREN" the name of your loved ones, share your thoughts here your stories, your hopes and thoughts to "sign me A" hugging her angels, and HOPE for all who gather here.As for me today, I'm watching this lightning and listening to this magnificent THUNDER as Gypsy puts her toy in her mouth and fusses at it… watiing for Mom (aka COB) and those fantastic Godsons of MINE, to touchdown for my hugs and kisses and and awesome time here. If the rains and thunder stop the tradition will continue by the yells and splash into the pool that is currently overflowing secondary to the rains from last night that are still coming down. I wish you all all that you dare to dream and the strength to work the dream…

  7. >Dear Andrea,I hope the sun shone in your heart today. I know Jaren lives on in the love you hold for her. I am touched by everyone's words,and the tender expressions of caring we share here in our little gathering place. Be well, remember each loved one who has gone before us, celebrate their lives, and celebrate our own.Find comfort in the knowledge that they are but a breath away.

  8. >helloooooo.I am not sure if you realized Sherry, that your blog was posted at 7:07 am…WOW.. for sure Jaren is with all of us and we are so thankful and so blessed…. We, Jimmy and I, have just finished reading this.. and although the tears are flowing, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU… your words have brought more comfort than you will ever know..and today we will speak her name, Jaren Leigh, she always hated that I made up her name Jaren, nobody would ever get it right, and she swore she would change it the second she turned 18..and I would laugh and tell her she was just so very special that she deserved a name unique to her spirit..We will be heading , as a family to Honeymoon Island, to feel the love and energy of our angel today.. and although there is no sun out yet here, I KNOW , I will find sun shininglike no other day and the dolphins will be playing… Jaren will make it happen..Thank you for sharing the need of all of us who have lost a loved one, yes.. say their name and your love will never fade.. I promise you this, for I know, REALLY KNOW…love is too strong to ever die, and there is no space.. only a space in time..♥ ♥ ♥ ♥THANK YOU ALLI am so blessed to have such a great friend in Doc, she really did save my life….and to all the warriors here… STOMP !!May your heart hear the songs of the angels, today, and every day we are lucky to breathe…sign me, HUGGING MY ANGELSand so proud and grateful for all that I have…WADU… I am a survivor !!!!

  9. >My heart is touched by the words here today and my eyes are flowing with tears for the loss someone that was so young and precious in the eyes of her family. Andrea, my prayers for you today that you will feel your precious Jaren so close today and always and see her in the gentle touches that she comes to you with. Jaren, what a lovely name. I know how difficult it is to lose the one you love so much to death but knowing that they come back to spend time with us and let us know they are happy and well is so touching. As I mentioned in the past my husband, Ed, comes to me on a watchful hawk. He has been gone now 16 years and I still see him often and close by. My dear Mom, Mary, only gone now 117 days and I feel her presence often in the gentle breezes and in the quite of my home. This place is a place of love and care and I am ever gratful I found you, Dr. Sherry right after mom died and I needed comfort and a place to feel loved and compassion. My prayers for you all this day and Andrea, take this day and make it a peaceful and loving day as your precious Jaren would have it. Take care my friends here. Dr. Sherry, have a wonderful day and thank you for being here. Some day I know we will meet and I hope it won't be long. Love and hugs – Sandy♥

  10. >Thinking of you gently Andrea today. I too will speak Jaren's name for you. Tell and retell the stories of all the times you have shared. Bring out all the pictures and spred her smiles around. Maybe you should host a celebrte Jaren day and ask your guests to come prepared to tell one of their stories about Jaren. Tape it all and make a Utube to post. Change the energy from "tired of hearing it" to sharing the joy you remember. I promise it can help. Remember to ask for what you need. From all of us who gather here, a sad event that marks this date, but once again an occasion to rememer all that Jaren brought to this life, and a sure knowledge that the doc is right. There is no distance for hearts connected in love. Take care of you. You are loved here.

  11. >Dear " sign me, A"…… my prayers and heart are with you today and always. Never has a story of loss touched me as deeply as yours.Jaren, I will say her name, often & out loud.On the Dunedin Causeway YESTERDAY, the dolphins were performing as though they were in a show at sea world. Jumping as I had not seen them do in the wild. Missing all our lost loved ones, together we are warriors.D Y S you "hit" me with today's blog, FIRM

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