>Sunshine Goodtimes


D’Vante last year with an old friend!
Well my boys are here and ohhh how they are growing
to imagine when their feet were little to match the rest of them
they are growing into tall ones
with brains in their heads
thoughts of their own!
Go figure
The day is bright and shining here
Kamryn on the computer
D’Vante still sacked out and resting.
What we will do today yet remains a mystery
to even us!
One thing we will do is talk about dreams
cos’ just like Walt Disney
it helps to remember dreams, to be mindful of them
after all
“it all started with a dream, work  and a mouse” Walt Disney said of Disney!
And look where that took him through the years…
And yes,
the tradition here is alive and well
with Kamryn having his
Godmother made milkshake each evening
even after Kamryn has his absolute fill of
dinner. Oh does that boy love to eat!
We are having the best of times,
as Olivia will tell all who will listen
“Nana makes the best ICE WATER in the world”
that is Kamryn’s take on my milkshakes!
I would prefer the ICE WATER making quite frankly
who could resist those big eyes when they request it ?
I am learning the latest dance moves as I watch him when he is unaware dancing in front of the mirror… not so sure I will be able to master it though without a trip to Dr Gallagher to put my back back in place, but I plan to try.
oh my what a dancer he is!
The excitement and fun continues, but I will have to take a short respite in the AM as I board the plane for IL, then jump to St Louis, and once more hop to Kansas City
before back home at midnight on Friday
where my boys will be waiting on me
and I’m sure they will have a list of what we are to do over the weekend.
how bout YOU?
What’s up for the week?
Have you got your attitude of gratitude on and ready to take it by storm?
Ready to see all the beauty that is yours out there
hiding at times and waiting for your discovery?
Be all that YOU are to you and those you love,
with all that you are friends.
Know that YOU are your most valuable resource,
YOU are the winner
that when someone asks how you are
“tell them YOUR truth”
if they cannot handle the truth
that is “their issue” not your problem!
Here’s to you on this sun filled day and to all you dare to dream,
Work your plan to see it to fruition
as a friend of mine would tell you
you have to “work the dream”
to see it through.
After all it worked out quite well for Walt Disney
and it all started with a dream, a plan and a MOUSE.
The fire is burning brightly, its embers are hot here with thoughts on the wind to all who gather.
Walk In Beauty

8 comments on “>Sunshine Goodtimes

  1. HAPPY SATURDAY TO EVERYONE READING !Did ya see that FULL BUCK MOON last night ?Sandy, it's you and me here lately.Hope Dr. SES and her visiting COB & boys are well. Enjoy the weekend. All is good by me.Truely melted Ice Scream

  2. Happy Friday Irene and Friends here. Finally made it to Friday – been a long and busy week here in SE Michigan. I am sorry it is so hot for you there in Fl. We have had a nice break this week. It has been in the 70s and 80s by mid day but heading back to the 90s this weekend. Yesterday morning it was in the mid 60s and that was pretty cool even for us. Hope your day is good and your weekend terrific. Wishing you a safe trip back Dr. Sherry and I know it will be a busy family night once you get home. Have fun. Sandy♥

  3. Me, too, just stoppin by to see if anyone else is visiting and/or commenting on the page.It is so bloody HOT here in Fl, it feels like we will explode any moment !Happy 7/14 to everyone, stay safe, cool and calm. Hi doc, how's by you and your trip ?T T F N F I R M

  4. I just stopped by to say hello and wish each of you a Blessed and Happy Thursday. I hope Dr. Sherry is having a terrific time while away. I know you are anxious to get back home with Mom and the boys. I am sure they have plenty lined up to do upon your return. Be safe. Thinking of Sandy and Stewart and hope all is well and they have been able to rest some. Thinking of Baby Nicholas and praying he is all better now. Take care everyone – Sandy♥

  5. It was good to read the words today from yesterday – I had a busy day and did not get to come back. It is a lovely Tuesday morning but a little cool at 65 degrees but temp is rising. So happy that the boys and your Mom are there and all enjoying they time together. Have a safe trip and looking forward to hearing about your time spent in Il, St. Louis and Kansas City. A lot of stops in a few days. I know you will look forward to Friday and getting back home. I was thinking about Sandy and Stewart and wondering how they were. Still holding them in prayers. Irene, I have had those posting issues at times also. Blessings to all our friends here today – Sandy♥

  6. "Service Unavailable" is what I have been slapped with x 3 days in a row ! Not able to comment, so here goes one more time:Welcome boys, Welcome COB, happy travels DYSIf this does not " post " as comment, my fingers will try again. All is well ova here

  7. hellooooo.safe travels to you and be sure to hurry home to those beautiful boys..happy to hear you are having a blast..it's almost midnight, the dawn of a newday.. some relaxing pooltime for me ifmother nature chooses to oblige me,if not.. life is still great and I'llcatch a few extra winks… Hope everyone iswell and loving summertime…..Have a great trip Sherry !!!!sign me, hugging my angels,with gratitude ♥ ♥ A.

  8. And a beautiful day it has turnd out to be. So glad you are enjoying the boyz and gtting set to fly away again. You are one traveling gal. Be safe dear doc. We all love you.

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