HOME AGAIN, those friendly skies

Clouds, more clouds
Texas, Illinois, Missouri
Ah, lovely indeed~
Home, to the welcoming committee of
Mom, (COB), D’Vante and Kamryn
along with the barking 4-leggeds
after midnight…
After meeting some wonderful professionals along the way, it’s good to be home!
In St Louis I realized I was in the
“show me state”!
Thinking I was to drive from there to St Louis
I jumped (or fell) into the rental car to plug in my next destination, only to realize that I was due to return the rental (full of gas) by 5p
and be on a plane by 6
arriving in Kansas City at 740pm!
As my head spun around
I felt like clicking my heels and glanced at my watch,
I found I was tired
to get to the
“next place”
in time
to make the plane!
And this trip along the way
I had some
“up close”
contact with
in Dallas
and most recently on my way home
last night
Kansas City almost missing my flight home!
This was an all time first for me
as I am usually not stopped going through
security, always
thanking the men and women for the work they do!
In Dallas, a woman asked if I had anything in my right pocket!
My pockets were empty as always…
She then did a
“pat down”
that included an abrupt and HARSH
hand up the inside of the leg
and then
quite harsh to the “crotch” and back again!
I was shocked at the “fierceness” without warning of that one.
Without apology, without words, without warning!
As I shared that experience with those I spoke to, I could see folks in the audience “wince”!
Last night, I arrived at the airport in
Kansas City, one tired woman I am
arriving in plenty of time
to grab a KS City Shirt for the godsons
and head on through Security…
As I joked and spoke to those there
remembered Kansas City makes DC look meek in their security measures,
I took off my watch, my everything that could possibly activate anything!
And wouldn’t ya just know it…
They body scanned me,
a woman then used her magic little cloth and wiped my hands
only then to find me surrounded by three
TSA agents who escorted me to a little room
saying they needed to do a
chemical showed up on my hands?
a 9/11 first responder who just thanked you for your work?
Be gentle with me I said as I told them of the woman who was quite rough in Dallas!!!
Chemical on my hands?
I had just had a burger and a cocktail at the hotel, do you think they were trying to poison me there?
It took a LONG TIME
for them to get quite familar with me,
then they of course wanted to get intimate with my bag I was carrying on,
one wanted to buy a book and have it autographed!
We talked about all the professional caregivers I had spent the last three days with;
Compassion FAtigue
people being ugly to others
how folks can be jealous
meanness in families
just about everything
to the point that they had called ahead and let
Southwest flight know
that they were searching me real good
to hold the plane for me!
they were well satisfied and had shared their families, their work, and their lives
they then escorted me on the plane
where others were waiting!
a young lovely couple in the first seats said,
“we saved you the window seat”!
Tampa here we come!
Touchdown 1130PM
Flight UNeventful
my kind of flight!
Airports in Dallas and Kansas City?
Might as well wear your bathing suits friends
the less you wear the easier it is
to laugh as they search you.
At least, they smile, laugh, and have
sweetness about them.
They are
NOT harsh
at least they TELL YOU what they are doing
to allow you to let your
brain get on board with the plan!
Sure hope you had a  chance to enjoy the
July Moon, it was spectacular!
As were those folks
in Springfield IL
St Louis MO
Kansas City MO
 (home of the Crossroads Hospice),
I might just add, a great group of folks in green!
Wherever you are
Whatever you are doing
Do it with style
With an attitude of gratitude
Do NOT blink
If you have those hatchets to bury
We only have this day, this moment
This DAY…
After all, will it really matter in a month,
next year???
Thoughts on the wind to all who gather here and there and everywhere.
Walk in Beauty,

3 comments on “HOME AGAIN, those friendly skies

  1. Sunday, S U N D A Y ! Welcome home doc to the safety of your family and ON THE GROUND.TSA, hum, I am still digesting that story.Big day ahead for me, gotta get moving.REgards to all, blessings to the list of names.I remain now and forever, FIRM

  2. Dr. Sherry, so good to see your words. Glad you finally got home after all those events and experience with TSA. I hope you had a terrific day. My day was busy at the animal shelter and then an anniversary party so am tired and heading for bed to start over again tomorrow. It is back to hot hot hot in SE MI 90s to go up to high 90s the next few days. I wanted to stop by here tonight to see if you got home okay and say hello and also good night to all. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Hugs to all. Sandy♥

  3. A big WELCOME HOME Doc! Exactly what was on your hands? Not one pat down but two…. Go figure. Anyway, glad you back in FL, and FL is damn lucky to have ya.Bone weary from a long ahrd week. Will spend tomorrow refreshing and relaxing. Best weekend to all.

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