Smoke Signal
monday morning
time to send out a smoke signal
“here we come week”
are you ready for it…
time to jump on desks,sing in cars
just be giddy at the newness of the week.
happiness, joy,excited, tickled to life, yeah team
sort of feelings
that just fall from your nervous system…
Here at home with the family visiting
SANDY,STUART, and their 12 year old
granddaughter who returned from a respite of the daily smells of soot and fire
last night…
it is amazing the differences of thoughts, of moods in youngsters,
of communication styles
stay up late, get up and watch the everchanging landscape from within
is remarkable at times.
smoke signal
we are never stronger than we we lean into another for support.
we are never more brilliant
than when we
adopt an attitude of
great gratitude
walk into our day.
move about your day
as fluid of movement like the great waters of the oceans…
knowing the tides and the changes
are the only constants
in the world.
this day is yours
I wish you enough to be all that you want and hope to be.
There will be many times that you may be called upon to be like the great willow tree…
strong enough to bend ~
 “Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” Abraham Lincoln

3 comments on “SMOKE SIGNAL

  1. Hi Friends, just stopped by to say hello and wish you a Wonderful Wednesday. Try to stay cool cuz it is hot hot hot everywhere we look. Sandy♥

  2. Hi Friends, Dr. Sherry, thank you for the uplifting words for a Monday. My work day is over shortly and I begin my volunteer time at the shelter in a few hours. This is where my heart is in taking care and loving those orphan animals – especially the cats. I can go in and leave my world outside and this brings me joy. Yes, young people bring a whole other atmosphere in the household and it is uplifting. Prayers for everyone here today and stil praying for Sandy and Stewart. Have a wonderful and Blessed evening. Try to stay cool. It is hot here today in SE MI and getting hotter and I will feel it shortly when I leave work. Sandy♥

  3. Sailing into a new week with an easy-breezy day. Had a jam-packed weekend of activity, the heat wore me out more than the activity.HAPPY 50 th BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER LISA ANN !Can't believe all 4 of us are now over 50.Smoke Signal for sure. Enjoy everyone.I r e n e

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