The wonderful World of Computers

D’Vante Last Year
when he received the surprise of his life…
4 months later it had lines all over the screen and troubles, that now are resolved thanks to COB
and a talented service person on computers.
me… not so lucky i’m thinkin since returning from my trip, I have managed to finally wear out my trusty little HP computer.
I found that I was no longer able to use my ever so loved question mark, then no exclamation mark. wow how could i do my “thang” when using messenger to my good friend, or even here with flair,
then it got worse,
I decided to “pop” the key off and clean it.
Oh boy was that a mistake
as then there was no putting it back on.
That night,
I found I could do nothing
and pulled out the new and improved lap top
ohhhh no woe is me,
it would not allow me to get on and then
no computers would work
after the storm.
I was
computer less and lost here.
Good that Stuart and Sandy are back
that Stuart here to tell me
I really messed up by removing that key,
along with
“you have worn out this little computer you know”.
needed to hear that I did.
As for the new and wonderful laptop
well the diagnostics are still running still last night
and oh my
at least by bed time
he got my “you’ve worn it out” to type a bit here..
What did we ever do before these trusty little computers came along I ask .. without now a question, parenthesis, or other keys that appear to be wearing out by the minute…
I will miss this little HP mini though
it has my fingerprints etched in it,
after all
Healing Heartaches was typed on it,
many an email has been typed here,
and many a laugh shared.
How can anything this little remind me so often
that I know just enough to be dangerous
when it does not work properly
rather reminds us of life
in some ways.
As soon as we are confident
and take it for granted
it changes
and makes us uncertain
about things.
So then
for today
enjoy all
be well
take best care.
I wish you enough
Walk in Beauty

2 comments on “The wonderful World of Computers

  1. What, oh what did we do before these darn computers were here, good question ( ? ) SES.I, for one, would be totally cut off, lost and sad. Hope all gets totally resolved or replaced soon. Been missing those morning sessions with my coffee. Just got my summer hair cut, been sweating like crazy with this heat. Continue to enjoy your company, regards to them all. Be well, staying FIRM

  2. That was so right about computers – even though I am on a computer a good part of my day at work and at home I am really not good with computers. I just want them to work right when I need them to work. How lost we are though when they are not working. We've sure come a long way in a short time. Wishing everyone here a wonderful day and try to stay cool. Dr. Sherry, I hope you are having a grand time with your Mom and the boys there. Be well! Sandy♥

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