Just a day to grin

Kamrn has a new
new bling in his ears
new Jordons’ on his
big ole’ size 8 feet.
D’Vante has
a new hair trim that is “fresh”
a rite of passage
another first with his Godmother
is looking great as this summer visit comes to an end
and he will soon be entering his
senior high school last school days
in the fall.
Cob’s leg is healing well
thanks to the gifted surgeon who has tended to her care.
The four leggeds have endured Kam’s taunts and teases
of course this summer
the Godmother has
served notice
is the champ of the wii bowling …
sometimes one just has to grin,
as meanwhile the trusted little computer
is losing ke_s left and right
and all the favorites i might just add.
is best to grin than to capitalize or to use
exclamations or question marks i guess
when one has to.
I love it when folks grin; it just tickles me.
The kids have great grins, both with dimples that I think I gave them when the_ were real little, and oh what loved dimples both have.
of course those dimples get them in trouble at times, are mischievous at times
can catch them in a fib or a lie in a hot minute.
Maya Angelou has a great quote on grins,
and I will leave all with that for
the thought of this
great da_. can u tell what letter I am having difficult_ with now…
“If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love. Don’t be surly at home, then go out in the street and start grinning ‘Good morning’ at total strangers.” Maya Angelou
I do love me some Dr Angelou.
Walk in Beaut_
Dr SeS

4 comments on “Just a day to grin

  1. Happy Friday Everyone – have a terrific day whereever you are. Here in SE MI it is really hot and humid. We reached 101 degrees yesterday and broke records. It was steamy! Today mid 90s and stormy this afternoon. Irene, hope you find a cool spot to relax. Sandy♥

  2. Finally made it to FRY-day, it's hot hot hot down here, as most of the country, but we Fla.peeps know how to keep COOL. Speaking of cool, nice hair, great earing, dimples, MJ's,etc……… Hey there COB: hope the healing continues. " Y " oh, why do these keyboards act up and fail ? Perhaps the pounding of words, ideas, thoughts, suggestions, & such.Peace out y'all : I am liquid ICE SCREAM !

  3. Great words today – thank you and Bless you. I love the new haircut and the ear bling and also that D'Vante got his tattoo to get him started in his senior year. Those special times will always be special memories for them. I am happy that your Mom's leg is getting better. Sure been praying for her. I see your Y is acting up. Hope they all don't go out on you. You all take care, have a Blessed and joyful day Sandy♥

  4. Good Morning Dr. SES, Y of course you are having puter problems, Y you not smiling big and pretty with those big dimples? My puter is doing fine today, tomorrow may be another problem. Love the Hawk earrings and the star. He must be a star in your life of the Godmother. Dimples in the other Godson? How lucky can you get? Beautiful day to smile and you are right, I think start smiling when you first get up and smile and speak to every stranger you meet. Be careful tho there are some crazzies out there. Blessings to all

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