New Day New HP Mini!

I’m back in business!
Oh my what a quiet home I’m in
now that the family left to head back to Virginia.
The vacation now
new memories are etched in the hearts of all,
we did it all
with exception of the boat
and that the weather kept us from!
Oh how these boys are growing
and changing
Speaking of changing and growing,
have you noticed
how the plants, the trees and flowers
just love this heat and summer weather?
Oh my talk about change and growth!
I am continually amazed
how the grasses grow
these flowers are just brilliant in color
and glory.
The hibiscus are producing such remarkable blooms this year
and the butterfly flowers
are calling out all the butterflies
to dance and be joyous for everyone
to behold.
It’s the little things that can bring such joy
we watch such marvelous change
growth by the moment if we just sit and admire it.
Life is such a gift to enjoy.
So much to witness and see
all around us.
I wish you enough today
may you enjoy each breath!
I guess D’Vante and Kamryn are enjoying life in Virginia
COB is recovering from them while enjoying her alone time at the New River.
Here at home,
it is quiet and enjoyable, and the 4-leggeds are still unsure if Kamryn will jump out from behind the couch to scare them half to death!
Ready now to outshine the sun,
hope you will too.
Walk In Beauty,


3 comments on “New Day New HP Mini!

  1. HOT HOT HOT here and everywhere it sounds like. Jut think bask to the blasting winds, icey chill of winter and gert in the spirit of this warm spell. It is what it is and it is HOT! Does seem like the steamier it is the more the plants bloom…. then wilt. So sad.But then, there is the cool pool water, the sprinklers and water mains with kids jumping and squeeling. It's all a matter of how we see it. Best to all.

  2. Happy Saturday everyone. It is busy for me today and just took a break to say hello. Dr. Sherry, I am glad you had such a good time with family making grand memories. Prayers continue for your Mom COB. Hope she gets plenty of rest. It is a little cooler here today in SE MI. Right now it is 84 degrees and 82% humidity with some stormy weather in the forecast for the weekend.I hope they weather is good wherever you are. Your new computer looks pretty nice and no missing keys LOL. Take care and have a wonderful day – Sandy♥

  3. Oh-so-glad to hear a new notebook is in your life, complete with ? & YThe visit is over, huh ? They must have had loads of fun, making new memories & enjoying.The sun is up again, grass, flowers & trees are looking just as you described: lovely !Going out to enjoy the day and night, hope you do the same. TTFN – FIRM

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