Friends and A Splash of Water

Good mornin Monday!
Sunday was a grand day, with friends, water, music and the Eagle soared…
It just doesn’t get any better
than that.
Good friends, brilliant sun,
great music
add Water with a grand splash
and oh boy are you there!
Your mind can go blank, your worries washed clean and your heart bouyant,
imagining yourself the dolphin
or the Eagle that soars overhead.
For just as the water
washes it all away
you are free
all is well in your world.
what a wonderful way to begin a new week with the images of such splendor fresh in your heart and head,
the laughter of the dolphin,
its smooth skin and beautiful knowing eyes
as they reveal the soul.
Dolphins are just like that it seems
always captivating us
making us want more of them.
They are such gentle and loving creatures of great intelligence and spiritual connection.
Close your eyes once you’ve read this and just imagine…
Jumping into the coolness of the water,
then find yourself surrounded by the dolphins
as they chatter with you,
dance with you
let you know of the wonder of the Universe.
A world without judgment,
harsh words
A world of magnificent flips in the water
dives into surprises
beauty unparalleled.
Ah yes, Sunday was a day to be a dolphin, to soar with the eagles
to be human with friends and hear the sounds of laughter and to sing with abandon
as the sun danced on the water
we all flipped from the bow of the boat~
I wish you a remarkable week,
one that is filled with moving moments
lack of worry or stress.
Now here’s something you will want to take a look at,
maybe we should all be so lucky
Have the best Monday ever,
as Joey Graff would say,
“It’s Monday, time to dance on the desks with joy”
Tomorrow I am off to Oklahoma City, Tulsa and to Ft Worth Texas..
Speaking on Compassion Fatigue for
PESI.COM *Compassion Fatigue*
If you are in those areas, I’m sure they have room for “walk ins” on their site!
Sure hope TSA had enough of meeting me last time, so I can skate through security!!!
Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches
order yours below

3 comments on “Friends and A Splash of Water

  1. S T O M P : I must share this about my yesterday. Chance of a lifetime. Boating with cousins in the Gulf, spotted a manatee, jumped in just to " see " what transpired. Had a 20 minute one-on-one swim, roll, stroke, play with the wonderful creature to my amazement. Cousins aboard boat shocked, took a few pictures. Well, enough of me, safe travels once again doc. Speak to those folks that need to hear your words, for they give and give. A new week to look forward to.TSA, here she comes !!!!! Always, IRM

  2. Great Blog Doc! How wonderful to kick back, enjoy life and celebrate the day with friends.And now… another wonderful Monday to jump inot another week. Cannot believe how fast this month has flown by. Be safe on your trip, avoid the TSA whenever possible, they are getting a bit too personal, don't ya think? Have an awesone trip and a perfect week.

  3. Happy Monday morning friends. Very good to read about your beautiful Sunday filled with fun, friends and joyous memorable times with the dolphins, the eagle and the water. It sounds like the perfect Sunday. Enjoy your time in Oklahoma and Texas. Would love to be able to hear you speak. I know that those there will be very uplifted and encouraged to hear you and meet you. I hope the TSA are good to you this time. Have a wonderful day everyone with joy and Blessings – Sandy♥

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