Heading to Oklahoma!

Gypsy is looking at the suitcase…
She has her eye on the “walkin out the door”
I’m thinking!
I think after coffee I might need to have some
snacks for the babies in my hand
before I walk out the door!
It’s time to hit the friendly skies again
this time
to Oklahoma City, Tulsa and then Ft Worth TX.
I’m hoping to meet some more wonderful
professional caregivers who will attend
at the end of the day
will walk with a bit more pep in their step
they remember and/or find
tools to enhance their resiliency
for the important and difficult work they do.
There is an old saying,
“you can’t please everyone all the time”
that is not an exception when speaking to people of other places, thoughts, professions.
Some find that my “humor” and engagement of those present is not what it should be…
HUMOR is essential in all of lifes work and play.
it seems more that folks that aren’t engaged in the exchange are the ones who tend to comment on it.
Could it be that they wish they were engaging?
could it be that they wish it was them that I was engaging with?
have they just lost their humor secondary to compassion fatigue?
It’s hard to know what others think or how they really feel unless they choose to engage you
or talk with you ~
Every day is indeed a
and I would hope that we all enjoy all the many
freedoms and rights that we have while unwrapping our days.
I’m hoping for blue skies
and friendly TSA folks
who will greet me with a smile
not feel the need to get personal
in the same way
Ft Worth and Kansas City TSA now know me!
Yet another experience indeed ~
So as this day gets going
Gypsy watching the suitcase and eyeing me with displeasure as she knows a trip is happening
along with Jeepers who is staying on my lap
*as if that will help him*
then there is Patches
who is hanging in the bedroom
just snoozing away!
I wish you all enough today
as the sun is shining
and the heat is on here in Florida.
I look forward to seeing Oklahoma
and all those who will join me.
Ah, time to travel, to meet and to see
and then it will be time to get back home…

“Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.”  Maya Angelou

For all those warriors here, I sure hope you are having some wonderful days of this summer
along with messages of hope in healing
along your path.
Walk in Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life
*Order your copy and mention that you are a warrior here on the blogspot, and I’ll send you a special thank you gift*
Just put it in special instructions with your name for autograph…

3 comments on “Heading to Oklahoma!

  1. hellooooooo.have been away.. no computer to keep in touchwith everyone.. missed you all !!Safe and successful travels to you Doc !sure is good to be home, sign me,hugging my angels… A.

  2. Thank you today for the very uplifting words. I pray your trip will be a grand experience and that those you are in touch with and speak to will be uplifted. Okalahoma is nice – I have a SIL who lives there and have been there several times. Your sweet pups will be awaiting your return. Cute picture of Gypsy. Wisthing everyone here a very special and Blessed day.Sandy♥I wish I would have ordered my Healing Heartaches book directly from here. Would have loved to have had it autographed. I ordered it on-line before I knew I could order from here and before I found this most uplifting place. I am reading it again a second time. One definetly misses things on the first read.

  3. I wish you safe travels, Sherry, if you are not gone, already. Cute pic of the little one.I hope that those on the receiving end of your talks are " open" to your wonderful way of expression, explanation and lighten up attitude. Their jobs are not easy.Stay in touch and until then, I will keep you in my thoughts as you travel once again. IRM

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