Oklahoma Thank YOU, and Good Mornin FT Worth Texas!

Thank you
for your lovely welcome
your two days
of such remarkable
This is what I saw as I looked up leaving the parking lot rushing to make the plane after yesterday speaking to a fabulous
group of folks of Tulsa!
over the tops of trees!
I sure hope to return
next year or sometime
Oklahoma City
and Tulsa
and the many beautiful areas of Oklahoma
where I was honored to spend two days
speaking to some fantastic
professionals providing services to the communities there!
Leaving Oklahoma City
I did make sure
The Oklahoma City National Memorial
it was worth the hunt and find.
I stood on that sacred ground
filled with profound amazement
found that my face was wet
in the 107 degree weather.
I sat on the grass near one of the chairs
I stood at the reflecting waters
I was filled with spirit.
I ached for those who died
on that day in 1995
when terrorism
hit Oklahoma City
I wept for those who were killed
the ones who were left behind
along with the community
that continue
to come.
The entrance way on each side has chain link fence there, with teddy bears, license plates, notes, personal effects, USMC, US Army T Shirts,
candles, flowers,
all attached to the chain link fence,
some new,
some old,
all there untouched though.
All honored as sacred there.
To stand still there, to walk there,
to remember
to honor
is to know you have entered sacred ground.
To enter there is to recognize
that we should never ever
that many will live on.
The chairs are remarkable, their beauty stunning and haunting
each powerful
almost speaking to your soul.
THE CHAIN LINK FENCE on each side of the entrance
Entering the
Oklahoma City National Memorial
Standing at the edge of the
Reflecting Waters
the Chairs on the Right
with tears streaking my face
as I felt the power of this sacred place.
I am so blessed that I took the time to come here
after a day of spending time
with many who were here that day
to offer and provide care to survivors
and those left behind grieving their losses
living differently than ever before
a city that is filled with lovely people.
In the front of each chair
is the name of each person who died that day.
Seeing this in person
is more than remarkable; more than breathtaking,
it becomes so very personal
heart bending
as you remember
you are filled with spirit and grace in this sacred place.
You want to stop at each chair
to pay your respects, to linger, to absorb all that is there
that was captured in the honoring.
It is a place of honor and grace
built from tragedy.
Before I realized it
I had stayed so long that I knew I would
really be late getting to Tulsa!
But I arrived safely and that was all that mattered.
And we had a fabulous day there
with more OK folks that were just great
the laughter filled the room mixed with tears
the intstallation of thought and validation
that the work being done by them is hard
as we spent a day together,
I had to rush like the wind
to make a flight to Texas!
I arrived last night late
and was greeted
here at the Hilton in Fort Worth
exhausted by rushing
and by the American Airlines
I was met here by a young man named
Jacob “Million”
and he was a kind as kind can be!
What a wonderful asset to the Hilton he is
before I knew it,
he had offered to print my boarding pass for tonight
had hooked me up with a car for the ride to the airport for tonight, had arranged for my 6am wake up,
then took my bags to hold
while I headed for the little place to grab a bite to eat!
What a delightful young man he was
oh how I loved the extra mile and his smile mixed with
service and kindness!
The view out my window this morning
that says
“COORS” along with a parking lot
the day holds promise of being with Texans
in the professional caregiving arena
from here!
Then it’s off to
American Airlines once again
hoping to see Tampa
by 11pm.
NOTE TO SELF:  return to OK City, Tulsa, and surrounding areas, *(hope they invite me back)
Now I hear Tropical Storm Don is headed to Texas
an AWOL soldier of the Army who who grew up in Texas
has been thwarted thankfully from another act of terriorism by a gun shop.
He had plans to BLOW UP,
 FT Hood and those there of the military
once again…
Thanks to a tip from the owner of the ammunition shop
he was caught, his plan thwarted.
Blessings to those who serve
and our country, her people
who take a “stand”
to keep us all safe in “OUR country”.
OK, so I am turning off the TV
the computer!
Time to get busy and set up for those who are coming
to another
PESI/CMI education seminar
Compassion FAtigue today
it is 6:57am here in a hot Texas!
So here we go,
another day, a brilliant opportunity to have the best day ever.
I see that traffic is horrible in Ft Worth and Dallas this morning
I am thinking there will be a few folks who walk in the doors
with a bit of stress after fighting the traffic to get here
let’s hope the hotel will keep the coffee flowing
the day will be one
filled with an attitude of great gratitude!
Wherever you are
Whatever you are doing!
Stay cool if you can,
Take Best Care of you>>> That YOU can do!
Goin to hit 100 today here.
The sage just was lit, and is filling this room and headed your way
with hope and healing ways from my heart to yours.
Walk In Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

6 comments on “Oklahoma Thank YOU, and Good Mornin FT Worth Texas!

  1. helloooooooooo.I have just read here and am filled with such a warm feeling of love, your thoughts in words express the passion of the memorial and the praying hands so vividly. So sad that often it is tragedy that opens our eyes and our hearts to the really important things in life….all is okay here in my corner, am trying to remind myself often that I am strong, a survivor and worthy of love and respect.. I am thankful and blessed to have had so much goodness in my life,trying times are challenging me and thanks to everything I have read, seen, and been taught in the past few years I am very grateful.You are an amazing woman Doc. Simply said. Wishing for you another successful and wonderment day, as well as a safe return home. Thank you and all others who take the time to be here and share kindness, reflections and compassion. I think the world of each of you ! !May the angels sing lullabies in your ♥tonight… sign me, hugging my angels, ♥ A. ~

  2. It has been a busy day today for me as I worked with our rescue group and shelter with a combined kitten adoption event. Many people came, some filled out applications for kittens 4 babies kits adopted and many more that need loving homes. I may foster two 5 week old babies we just took in. It was hot hot hot here in SE MI. It is 90 right now at 7:00 p.m. Dr. Sherry, thank you for your kind message. I look forward to hearing where you will be speaking in Michigan. Prayers for you that you had a safe trip home and resting today. Wishing everyone here a very peaceful Saturday evening. Blessings and hugs to each of you. Sandy♥

  3. Beautiful words as always Sissy! You keep circling SD but haven't stopped here yet:-)! Looking forward to when it is time to spend in SD for you I surely will keep you busy! Praying for safe Journey's hope the flight home will be a smooth one! Arm and arm my Darling! Making ready for the start of The Sturgis Rallt Just give me good weather the next 2 weeks and all will be fine! Love to all who visit here blessings !<3

  4. Wonderful words and pictures coming our way. The tears and heartache seeming so real again from all of the pictures. How wonderful it is someone thought of the chairs, the reflecting waters so much beauty along with the memories of the tragedy. The hands coming up out of the trees are so special. Praying hands and they look as if they came out of the tree tops. Someone was a genius to do the hands in the time of need of healing for everyone. I am so glad you were a part of the beauty and also we know you felt the heartache of the families who lost their loved ones. Our prayers are still with them and their love ones. May God Bless Our Nation, keep our soldiers safe and their families. Another crazy near Ft. Hood arrested as a gun dealer called the Police because of the questions this crazy was asking. Thank God for a store owner who remembered the last work of evil at Ft. Hood. Keep safe, hurry home and travel with speed. I am sure all of the people who attended your sessions will leave with lots of knowledge. Blessings to all.


  6. My heart is touched and my face is dampened with tears by your words and for those memororlized there in Oklahoma. It had to be very spiritual spending time there, reading the names, feeling the presence of their spirits there with you, and knowing what had happended and home so many lives were touched. My prayers and thoughts are with you this day and I know it will be a Blessed one for you and all those who will be touched by your presence this day. I hope that someday we will meet and I can hear you speak. There are so many that need to hear you. Perhaps some day you will make it all they way to SE Michigan area. I hope you will get some much needed rest when you get home tonight. Prayers for those friends here in this place and those mentioned in need of prayer. I was thinking of Sandy and Stewart today wondering how their house was coming along and praying for them still. Also thought of Baby Nicholas and hope that he is well now and his family is having a nice summer. I hope COB is doing well with her leg and has gotten some rest since going home. Blessings and hugs Sandy♥

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