THE Hill, those folks in The Capital?congress/senate THEY STRUCK A DEAL?

Heaven help US
God bless the USA
A compromise has been reached
they are getting ready to vote,
They are NOT really “happy” did I hear?
What has “happy for them” got to do with US?
I hear and read
“they struck a deal”
and my mind can’t help but
think when I hear “they struck…”
of those who struck gold and got rich!
BUt it is a “compromise and yet they are not happy”
Guess those two groups cannot be happy when called upon to work for the people.
Perhaps it is time for new people there
that will find
“happiness in working for the real people, knowing that life is compromise?”
Does that mean
once again that those “who have get”
by some stroke of the Creator’s hand
those of the USA
will now “get”
a piece of those who have’s salaries and benefits?
are those who “have” the most
will now feel a bit of what most know as real life
and that the debt will be reduced as they will give up some that is paid by the government?
You know those things like full time salaries
FOR LIFE with full time benefits for major medical care that sit on the hill
and put their feet in deeply against the necessary changes to take care to protect all
just because they do not want to change?
the continued trillions that are being spent
on the need to
take over
a place that
is property the USA is now “defending” with our men and women (why I can’t help but continually ask)
then there are those with disabilities and fragilities
and hardships,
asking only for understanding and help; for
repaired durable medical equipment
so that they may live fully
enjoy their lives,
who find that they have to fight
uneducated and ignorant employees who are being paid by the state and government
and who decide that they enjoy saying no to some that are in need
at the same time saying yes to those who have no business being on the roles.
There are those who just want to resume their lives and not worry of their fellow men and women, and get on with their lives,
while others want to stand as Americans
do not like the idea that other countries may look at Us as less or in conflict with each other.
there are those who just want this
economic conflict to end
and to
live stress free in a world of the free
where the flag flies high
to work hard, play hard
and do their thing
whatever that is!
for others
and there are many
who are in this
place of
meantime we sit and take in the stress of the news and the lawmakers and those in power that we elected into office.
And we hear the stories of those who gripe about our
yet we also ask
“did you write your congressman and senator”,
only to hear
“why bother”.
And we then know why stress and depression
mixed messages and actions
are sent to the brain,
yet folks are truly amazed when they get mixed results~

It is time to empower yourself,
along with sending a strong message to those in power.
Respect begins with knowing that we must respect who sits in that white house in Washington DC
we are free because of the brave.
The President inherited this condition of our country
he did not create it.
He is not that powerful nor is he that strong to pull such a feat, in spite of what some are thinking.
It does not matter whether anyone “likes him”
it sure does matter that he is respected for the leader of our nation,
it is not a popular job,
I cannot fathom why anyone would want it.
what I really cannot understand is how
those in each party, those in power on that hill there can pull the
“I won’t do this or that, just because I do not like you”.
I do not get why
the cuts do not begin with the ones who are sitting fat and high, and receiving full big time salaries and full benefits for life, paid for by the government,
and those with the most,
and I do mean the most and then work down.
I do not understand why we are still in Afganistan
a land of sand
and those who want to kill our soldiers
and discredit our names and soils
and why in the world would anyone want it.
Have you really seen the photos of our Marines there?
Many people like to bully, to bluster, to just let others know of their grandness and why things work better if you listen to them, or do it their way…
We’ve seen that in large ways, on the big screen, in our communities, and often in our families.
I’ve seen it more and more on the road in the recent months, all we have to do is watch and listen
to know
that everyone has an idea, an agenda
a better idea.
Some are forceful in their expression and could care less how it effects or affects others when they tell you,
we are seeing that on National TV by the speaker of the house.
We are also seeing the faces of America in those we encounter in the grocery stores who worry if their check will arrive on the 3rd while this plays out.
will your elected officials stand for her people?
Mr. President, you are the man we put in the house,
it is time to clean and wash the fears away
 Take a stand and assure the people.
we already know it will whatever you say
will not be favorable to many,
then again, if we look back over history,
many who have taken a stand have not
they have been effective.
Some more than others,
we are still here,
we are still the Nation that the world looks to
that many ask much from
many stand in awe of.
We are the Nation that comes together
arm in arm under real and perceived threat
one Nation under the Creators arms
and eyes,
we survive
under times of great sadness and stress
and threat.
our colors do NOT run.
Our Ancestors
FIRST Americans
and now
we come from strong stock.
We are America
the many faces of great people
from those of the soil
of our rich nation
of spirit.
This is our country
our land
Those who stand with pride
do not fall.
The fire is burning brightly, the sage is lit and its smells and prayers are being sent on the wind to our President and his family, to all who gather here. Blessings to you friends.
Walk in Beauty,
author of Healing Heartaches,

6 comments on “THE Hill, those folks in The Capital?congress/senate THEY STRUCK A DEAL?

  1. Tuesday: You GO , Gabby Gifford !!!!

  2. helloooo.so well said, not a thing more to add except forpete's sake… the maturity level of our electedofficials needs to come up a mile or 2.thinking of you all…hugging my angels, sign me.♥ A.

  3. Now we have something else to worry about, our social security for the aged and for the young ones coming up. Yes, cut all of the fat cats salary and even go to the past Presidents and their families. BS, that is enough, they made enough money while in the office and now while out of the office. Let them and their families pay for all of the security of their family and also of themselves. Enough, is enough our Country is going to hell in a handbag if something isnt done to stop them. Hitting them in their pocket is the best way to turn their ways. Beware we are gonna get them, stand together and go for their pockets. Thank you Dr. for your wise words of wisdom.

  4. What a timely Blog doc. You are always right where we need to be, thinking about the real issues, finding our path and taking some responsibility. You are amazing. Whatever aggrement, compromise or "sacrifices" the idiots in Wash have made, it's way to litle and way to late. They have lost all respect. I will personally encourage every voting American to vote them al out and replace them with everyday people who really represent us, the huddled masses. This i as much about class and money as it is about anything else. They are an elite class with individual and collective wealth. While we cling to shitty jobs, with few if any benefits and are told to be happy that weeven have a job. What we need is to end the oppression we are subject to at the hands of a Govt "out of control". STOMP.

  5. Everyone is affected with this debt crisis.Everyday moral, security, happiness & livingchanged. What are " they " thinking ?Another page turned on the calendar, August brings us closer to the 10 year mark of 9-1-1I find it unsettling and uncertain.Hope to turn around my mood & thinking.Tomorrow is another day……….. to be FIRM

  6. Good to read your words and thoughts this morning. I hope you got some rest from your trip. Wow, a lot to think about and pray about and hope that the right things will be done. I pray that soon we could see our Men and Women who are protecting our country would be able to start coming home. I pray for my grandson Mike and my dear friend's son Matt who are so young and in the Army in Afganastan. Prayers for our president and his family and those who hold office there on the hill will do what is right for the people of this great country. Prayers and thoughts for all our friends who are here and stop by just to chat and leave a message. I hope the weather is not so bad wherever you are today. It is pretty hot here. High 93 today. Prayers for Sandy and Stewart that their home will be finished soon and that one who started the fire be caught and sentenced for all the wrong he has done. Wishing each of you a very happy and Blessed Monday – Sandy♥

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