One Moment

One moment
can allow you to see
In each day there are so many opportunites to view beauty,
so many times when we are called upon to make choices
without ever really knowing that choices
are available to us.
In those moments in time
we often
can be swept up in the
drama of others
the actions of many
or the movement of energy that surrounds us
in our worlds
even while in the comfort of our homes
or our
It is in those moments
that comprise our days
that it may be helpful
to remember
that we do have choices
we do and are surrounded by beuaty
if only
we remember
to breathe
and to gaze at all that is around us
while remembering
that which lives within us.
The true beauty that is
the essence
Just as the skies that allow us to see the spirits dancing on the clouds
and glimpses of heavens
and the
beauty of the Universe that gives us the
most remarkable flowers
of summer,
the light that shines
brightly from within.
it is how we spread that light
radiating out to the world,
our communities
friends, families
those we touch as we move through those moments of our day
that leave an often long and lasting impact
after we have long gone
that is often like footprints
etched in the minds and hearts
of those we have met
will remind them of the flowers
we stop and notice
As you walk through your moments today
I hope you will
take in
the beauty that surrounds
Walk in Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

4 comments on “One Moment

  1. helloooooooo.once again, words of tranquility and peact to helpme slumber into restful dreams…love when the moon shines as brightly as the sun and angels dance upon stars…sweet dreams to all. Life is fragile and precious..enjoy and be blessed…Best to all..sign me, hugging my angels, ♥ ♥ A. ♥♥

  2. Beautiful words to calm and soothe us as we journey through the day. Very inspiring. Thank you. Dr. Sherry.

  3. Ahh, beautiful words for a beautiful Tuesday. Thank you for the thoughts and reminding me to look at the beauty around me daily and be grateful. Wishing each of you a very happy Tuesday. Prayers and thoughts for those who are mentioned and those who gather here. Sandy♥

  4. Thank you for the thoughts of beauty to sustain us. The photo will be the imprint I return to today. Muggy weather, mid summer is here…. Looking forward to some cooling trends. Too optomistic? I know, not until Oct. Don't blink, the cold will follow the sweltering summer. Best to all.

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