Good ole’ Tomato Sandwich

Fresh off the vine
on the table!
Just nothing like a homegrown
I ask my dear friend to send me a picture of her homegrown tomatoes right off the vine,
as soon as I saw it
I could feel my mouth watering!
Oh my goodness
all I could think of
was a
good ole’ tomato sandwich
with white bread
mayo, salt and pepper.
I could smell the sunshine
the tomato itself
before you knew it
I was just about drooling!
That’s the thing about Florida
tomatoes just don’t taste that great
unless you can find them at a produce stand
with a stamp on the carton
that says
only then you can believe it
if you can smell the tomatoes
before you arrive and see them.
It’s if you know before your eyes
see that they are real
grown from real dirt and tended to with care.
they are the kind that are juicy when bitten into
oh my what taste.
Of course
we cannot leave out
Again my mouth drools with the thoughts of that… If you haven’t tried them, you must~
Delicious they are, and rather addictive I must add.
Speaking of Fried Green Tomatoes,
have you seen the movie?
I think perhaps it is time to see it again;
a movie that is worthy of seeing every few months I’m thinking it ranks high in my book…
I might just have to work in seeing it myself this weekend now that I’ve brought it to the frontal lobe of my brain! LOL 
I spoke with a pal out in Wisconsin who proudly told me she had just picked her first tomato of the year, and safely carried it inside.
I asked her as I was riding in a car to the airport if she was preparing for a
tomato sandwich!
She said she had never had
“just” a tomato sandwich before;
loved a BLT or just bacon and tomato!
I was actually speechless for a moment,
someone had never had a real
honest to goodness
old fashioned tomato sandwich on white bread?
How could this be?
So with great detail I stopped talking about my day of speaking in FT Worth
and the venue
as she is my contact for that engagement;
instead changed the topic
to the details of
a home-made
mouth watering
tomato sandwich!
Oh the wonderful memories it evoked
with great detail I described the biting into that sandwich and the tomato juice that just squirts out and down your chin!
I’m sure the driver thought me quite weird or starving by the time our conversation ended
since it began with
how some people are just to rude
to be allowed in public!
I find it wonderful  how folks still garden for relaxation while enjoying the first sightings of the fruits of their labor;
the first bean, squash, tomato.
the care that goes into planting in soil, or in pots if the soil is not just quite right
or the terrain to rough.
Perhaps the person is not physically well enough to till the land like they once did
they find ways to best use pots and
forearm crutches to tamp the soil and drop the seedlings
then enjoy watching sun/water/care
grow into amazing
flowers and food to nurture and sustain
make your mouth just water
you think of how doggone good it will taste!
Often it might evoke memories of childhood
and those great times
of sneaking into the garden
with the salt shaker
and hiding out there
while taking those tomatoes right off the vines
and wiping them clean with your sleeve!
then just taking a great big bite
thinking it just may be heaven right there on the spot, right then and there the best thing you ever put in your mouth.
This is a great time of the year to eat salads; I had a remarkable spinach salad last night… the textures and flavors were worthy of lingering over as we talked and shared stories and good times.
I had to share the story of Kamryn going out to a restaurant and proudly and politely ordering a salad and letting the server know that he “wanted a salad please with tomatoes, croutons, cucumbers”.
When it arrived he was aghast that there was NO lettuce in the salad!
He just was astounded and then the server said,
“Sir you did not request lettuce”
We almost fell out of our chairs by the look on Kamryn’s face as he said,
“All salads have lettuce, of course I wanted lettuce”!!!
That boy does love to eat, and both he and Olivia have loved tomatoes the little ones,
Cherry Tomatoes since they could swallow!
They ate them like they were chocolate
Olivia had a tomato plant that could not quite produce as quickly as she could eat them off the vine!
So last year she planted two hoping they could keep up better!
Life is that way,
if we allow it to be.
Take a bite;
enjoy and savor it.
Sometimes take many bites, different flavors and mix the textures all at the same time!
Just like a homegrown tomato
or a string bean
a freshly dug potato
that smells sweet like the earth
and once washed and cooked will nurture
and taste wonderful to the senses
while we can be amazed at all that was done to make sure it made it to our table.
I wish you enough,
a day of abundance
a day of blessings
in all that you do
in all that you see
dare to be.
NEWS FLASH:  a neighbor has made a positive ID on the arsonist of Sandy and STuarts’ home and a warrant has been issued.
I know the world is round!!!
We here are very excited about this news.
They continue to work in the removal of soot and re-modeling of what is more and more to become their home again, now with the thought that perhaps justice will be done, we wait.
The fire is burning brightly, the sage is fired up, with thoughts on the winds to all
May you walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

7 comments on “Good ole’ Tomato Sandwich

  1. Yummo! I just finished the best mater and bacon sandwich on wheat bread lightly toasted, thick bacon just before the crispy stage, Mayo, salt pepper and a thick slice of Beef Steak mater. It was very, very good. The mater was not as ripe as I had hoped. I think they ship them too early but it was delicious. Now I am set for the day. Off work today and tomorrow. Have you heard of "National Clown Week? It is August 1-7 and I don't think I ever mentioned that I am a real life clown – "Fluffee the Clown." So, tonight and tomorrow I will be clowning around with my clown alley family and having fun celebrating our week. Tonight is the first time Fluffee has entertained in over a year. It was too hard to do it during Mom's illness and since she died in March. I am a little nervous but looking forward to Fluffee again. Wishing each of you a very happy Thursday and hope you find the best mater and have a yummo sandwich soon. Sandy♥Fluffee

  2. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR MOUTHWATERING THOUGHTS!I wanted to also include these that were received on the fanpage!!!NOW today rather than post, I'm off in search of a great tomato and some "wonder bread"..Sandy Roberts After reading your blog early this morning I went to the farm market and bought 4 big Beef Steak maters and some bacon. That should be all I need to for the next few days Mmmmm. I hope they taste good14 hours ago · Like.Kelly Twowolves My favorite fresh home grown tomatoes from the guarden on toast with mayo! YUMMY!


  4. Dr. SES, just a few comments about a mater sandwich, there are some rules for every thing. Rule #1 you must have some lovely tomatoes as in your picture. #2 you must have some wonderful fresh bread of your choice. #3 you must have the mayo, salt and pepper ready for the sandwich. #4 (this is very important) you must spread that mayo out from side to side and do not miss a spot on the bread. #5 if you want to waste the best part of the bread you can cut the sides off.(oh no). Cut the tomato in big and I mean big slices, place on the bread, salt, pepper and plop that sucker in your mouth and let it dribble all down your chin and smack your lips. Oh yea, that was so good fix another one and pour a big glass of milk. Gotta go just happen to have all of the above STUFF for the bestest tomato sandwich ever. Fried green tomatoes will be later. Gotta get the elastic size pants to put on for this feast. Go get em.

  5. Oh Wow – am I ever hungry for one of those tasty fresh, home grown mater sandwich on white bread with salt, pepper and mayo. I don't think there is any better taste then that first summer mater sandwich. I do like mine any way – on toast, with bacon, scrambled eggs, or just by itself. Growing up my folks always had a big garden and Dad prided himself on his variety of tomatoes, my favorite was always Beef Steak. Those big ones that one thick slice covered the entire slice of bread. He would collect the seeds each year from the best tomato and dry them all winter to plant in the Spring. Man those were some good maters. Warm sunkist, juicy and fresh from the garden. I wish I had room for a garden – maybe some day. I defintely need to go find some good maters in the next couple days. I was never real fond of Fried Green Tomatoes but I did love the movie and have watched it over several times. Angie, I am in prayer for Christina's husband that all would be well and he will be home soon. I loved hearing about Cameron and his eating pleasures. I have a good friend who has a daughter exactly like that has to have it just the way she wants it. And don't bother her or talk to her while she is eating as she enjoys her food. I am happy to hear about Sandy and Stewart situation and praying they find the monster that did that to them. Still holding them in my prayers.Wishing everyone here a wonderful Wednesday and I hope you can find that special tomato and enjoy a grand sandwich today. Sandy♥

  6. Happy Birthday to my TOMATO growing sister inHershey PA ! She has an abundant garden of tomatos, so many, she brings them in to share with coworkers ! Oh, how I wish I could taste a really good tomato sandwich ! Thanks for the mouth watering blog this morning, doc.Just returned from the dreaded fasting blood work: breakfast & coffee time ! TTFN IRM

  7. Good Morning Cuz,Thanks for waking me at 4am!! LOL Now I am wanting a tomatoe sandwich. I had my first a few weeks ago and it was devine! 🙂 Now you have me wanting more. Fried Green tomatoes are my specialty. I could eat them for days. But for some odd reason this year no one has given me any. Maybe I will stop by the fruit stand and see if they have any today. Kam has a plate full the other night and he had to add his salt and pepper and was just thrilled to death! He has always been a good tomatoe eater~ I too will never forget him ordering that salad and the look on his face! You would have thought you stole his ice cream! Now when he orders a salad he makes sure he says "don't forget the lettuce" and other waiters just look at him like "ok little kid all salads come with lettuce" but they of course do no not know the story. Once he even told a waitress at Macado's here in Radford when he order a BLT that it stood for Bacon Lettuce and Tomatoe and he also wanted mayo. The waitress just looked at him and laughed. Gotta love Kam. He does not play when it comes to eating food ;)I hope everyone has a beautiful blessed day. Today will be my seventh day staight just so i could have a "mini" vacation of 4 days. Don't know I am going to do except Saturday I will be laying on the sand of Claytor Lake soaking up the sun!!I would like everyone to keep my best friend, Christina's husband in your prayers. He is all set to finally leave Kuwait on the 14th!!! He will fly into Wisconsin for debriefing and then he will be home! We are so excited that he will finally be back~ Matt wants to go to the first VT football game and I have been working ever so hard to pass the word around so that I can take him!!Hope everyone has a awesome day and as always you are all in my thoughts and prayers~Love ya CuzAngie

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