SAturday Morning

Time for the
Reggee and Steel Drums
This is COB and Kam
trying to play the Steel drums
The Thirsty Marlin
Saturday Morning Coffee is on
looks like a sunny day here.
They of course did NOT sound like the steel drums of Bob Marley on those drums though when they were hitting those steel drums!!!
But we had a fun time with them getting their
“sway and swagga on trying”.
“We All Love LUCY”
she would be 100 years old today,
I have to say,
“happy birthday LUCY”.
Morning is coming easy today,
easy is good, it is comforting, and it is
Today, I’m thinking the thoughts here
are about
Getting into your happy place, no matter the stretch to fit find your way there today. To find your way to happy for the day, for tomorrow and the week ahead,
just for YOU, and for those you will encounter in the coming days.
if it may mean that not everything is just as you would have it to be!
And you just might find, that the joys that others see
will make you happier than you can imagine
by stretching a bit of yourself to get there
for the greater good of those around you
the Universal Energy that is out there affecting all.
Step out of you, and into other
watching the profound affects and feeling that it generates by giving of self
opening of YOU to receive the gifts
the idea of
“don’t worry bout a thing”
might just bring.
there ya go,
I’m sitting here enjoying my coffee
the sounds of Bob Marley
in my happy place.
Heaven help the ones who try to knock me out of that place on this day!
(can you tell it’s been a rough week?)
“We know too much and feel too little. At least we feel too little of those creative emotions from which a good life springs” [Bertrand Russell]
The real key in life is to make yourself feel good when you don’t feel good or when you don’t even want to feel good,
it’s easy when you do!
I want and am goin to stay in my
I will laugh if even at myself!
So as Forest Gump would say,
“that’s all I have to say about that”.
The fire is burning, the sage is lit, many blessings to all who gather here.
Walk In Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

3 comments on “SAturday Morning

  1. hellooooo.happy day to all… especially after such a horrifying experience with your family..sure am happy to hear all were safe and sound.but it does make you think, and recheck your priorities and attitudes.. I , for one, have finally adopted what I call the "whatever" attitude of life.. many things occur of which I have no control.. no more frustration, just whatever.. people say or do randomly thoughtless things, whatever, sorry for them when they have tunnel vision.. everyday for me is a challenge annd a gift, I always have a choice in the way I handle it, whatever… I will not be negative, angry, mean or upset..I try to take full advantage of each wonderful minute I am breathing, smile away my tears and do whatever it takes to be a better me…your words here are always an inspiration and so very truthful.. introspective and full of life's truths.. love the way you keep it real..NOT BLINKING HERE… I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first box of mater's, delayed by the funky summer weather up north.. but I checked them out with my own eyes and it should be another week or so… and you know I will be sharing. Hard to believe these summer months are whizzing right by..I'm off to find some "clearance" bargains and then to the pool for a few zzzz's.. daydreamstoo. Wishing well to all.. hope the day is easy on your nerves cuz you have had enough of it ! Love the photos of your gorgeous boys…we sure are blessed, I know that for sure.Talk to you all soon, enjoy whatever comes into your life today… hugging my angels,sign me ♥ A.

  2. Great words today Dr. Sherry. I know it has been a difficult week but God brought us through it well. I love COB and Kam on the drums. I love that music. Been a busy day for me as I volunteered at the animals shelter and we were very busy but sadly no adoptions today and one cat was brought in. Some days are like that. It is hot hot hot here in SE Michigan. Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the day. Sandy♥

  3. Can ya send me over some of that HAPPY?I am a little down and blue, even though the sky is clear and all is well in my world.Perhaps I should Re-READ your words today and slap some happy into myself, huh ?COB & Kam look great playing the drums."Lucy, you got some splaining to do ! " 100Eye Scream……

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