gREETINGS from Traverse City Michigan!

I arrived in spite of
After getting my fancy dancy Avis
rental SUV (RED Mercury Baby)
with a fine sound system
that drives, “fine just fine”,
a GPS to tell me how to get to
I pulled into a parking lot
and almost fell out of the car!
HERE is my view as I turned left
into the
Holiday INN on
Front Street of
Travese City MI
I’m thinkin cuz Angie was wishin she was my chauffer this trip and that it was she laying on that beach!
I was “amazed that here as I turned into the parking lot, I was viewing SUCH BEAUTY OF THE WATERS!!!
Fantastic welcome
I am thinking,
so I parked the car, and casually walked to the beach before checking in!
Then I was greeted by two young women,
Both professional, both lovely,
both a fine representation of
the Holiday Inn
as they welcomed me!
They let me know that the beach actually was wonderful fresh water, led into
Lake Michigan
and was there to enjoy!
Darn, I did not bring my bathing suit
did actually have all afternoon I could have been out there on that beach!!!
That will teach me,
should I be invited back to this enchanting place.
The view from laying on my bed in the room and looking across at the mirror!
Now isnt that just amazingly beautiful?
I also had the opporunity to meet
Kathy L. Maruskin,
 the Director of Sales and Marketing after a stroll on the little boardwalk looking at the waters edge. She was delightful and had a lovely bouquet of lillies on her desk, all of my favorites too.
She said she was from the big city of Detroit and had moved here to a little place out in the woods with five acres and everyone thought she was crazy leaving the city,
but this was “home” and she loved it!
She spoke about how you can’t just walk in a grocery store without spending thirty minutes talking to folks they are so kind and friendly here,
and her passion and love for this place was obvious along with her job here at the
Holiday in of the West Bay
615 East Front Street
Traverse City MI
I’m planning on feasting on their signature dish of
white fish tonight, she has told me it is the best anywhere
and they are known for it!
So I told her I would be letting her know tomorrow!!!
But then wouldn’t ya just know,
spirit leads you to be where you are supposed to be;
I’m outside sitting on a bench looking at that most marvelous view and a woman by the name of
is sitting beside me.
We talk a bit
she tells me she and her husband are here for their anniversary
And before you know it,
she is telling me of her beloved daughter who developed
died two years ago July
We talked a bit more
then she asked if I had any of my books with me,
I told her before the day ended out
I might lose a pound with as many trips
I was making to room
getting books!
We both laughed
told her I would be right back.
As I entered the hallway I heard my name
and it was Kelly beckoning me to come and meet
her “boss”
I ran in and shook hands
with a wonderful woman

and said, “I’ll be right back”!
After signing
Healing Heartaches and hugging Sharon from Detroit and talking a bit,
I was then
treated to a cocktail by the GM and Kelly of Catering and Sales
and introduced to the entire staff that was working it seems. All of which I enjoyed meeting, and thanked all for their warm welcome and hospitality.
What a lovely time we had!
I also learned that Debra’s son
Is a Veteran,
Joe Brown, I thank you for your service!
He also was a NFL player for the
Seattle Seahawks…
Now how bout that for getting me some
“cred” from my godsons?
The ladies informed me
that their restaurant is known to have best ever
“pan seared fresh Wallyeye”
that I must have that for dinner!
It was
“off the hook delicous”
with a cherry butter topping to die for”
I mean outrageously good …
Then for a walk on the little boardwalk and
a sailboat in the distance and the waves hitting against the sand!
life is good this evening,
I am here 1400+ miles from home
have yet to imagine what today holds!

So far,
Traverse City is a place to see and the folks I’ve met are
I will keep you posted as the day progresses
and I marvel at the beauty of the waters edge
and walk out just to put my feet in the water here
just cos’ I can!
I was also honored to meet a man on the plane coming here, that was a Veteran of the Marines. He too lives in the Tampa Area. It was a joy watching him on that IPAD of his, and I thank him for his service.
Then on the last leg of the trip (that was almost missed thanks to Delta)
I was again honored to meet a man who is in law enforcement from Texas.
I was truly honored to speak with him, he was coming here for a training, and was with his family.
A Kind but strong man, I wish him safety in his work, and joy in his life… We are blessed to have him walking the walk keeping those in Texas safe.
and now a moment to reflect and to
A man that has known me all of my life
died suddenly Sunday with his family bedside
after traveling to southwest Virginia to attend his high school reunion and then falling seriously ill and becoming hospitalized there.
My Mom was invited to come to the hospital as she and he have known each other since they were teenagers; it seems he recognized her voice and gently squeezed her hand twice in recognition.
All efforts to help him were attempted.
Joe John Thompson,
 of Louisiana
a man I loved all of my life and particularly loved as a little child and one who taught me to shoot a bow and arrow, and if memory serves me my first weapon!
A handsome devil, who was spose to wait til I grew up to marry me! A young man who protected me from things that were percieved threats to a little kid, and also very real threats as well,
a guy who grew into a man,
one who I remember fondly.
\ ‘ /
He will be missed by all who loved him
he will dance in the lights of heaven as those who loved him now will welcome him to the other side.
Dance on Joe John, your work here is completed.
My thoughts and condolences to his family, friends and all who loved him.
Walk In Beauty Friends,
don’t waste a moment, it all goes by so quickly.
author of
Healing Heartaches

10 comments on “gREETINGS from Traverse City Michigan!

  1. Dr. Sherry, I just noticed you will be in Lansing tonight and speaking there tomorrow. Lansing in 98 miles for me. If I could work it out to come and just say hello that would be terrific but I will be at work. Now if you were closer to Detroit, or in Detroit, for sure I could get away. Gosh, that would be so good. What a Blessing you are to so many. Just wanted you to know.

  2. Thank you all and Thank YOU to this of Travers city and the four dear heart who drove 4 hours to spend the day with me there! What a stunning day we shared, than I hot the road for Grand Rapids!I appreciate ALL the energy that flows here, and you all are warriors of gentle spiits' sandy r. I will be in Lansing tomorrow night speaking there on thirsday ! Blessings to u all MD "thank u"

  3. WOW Cuzzie defiantly one trip I would love to be your chauffer on but I may not have left the sandy beach!! LOL Food looked great as well but the view was amazing~~Glad u r being wined and dined…you deserve it all and so much more~~I was so sorry to hear about Joe John as well. Never met him but have heard many great stories~He will defiantly be missed~Matt leaves Kuwait on the 18th and goes to Wisconsin and will hopefully b there for just a few days then finally HOME!! We r so excited. Please keep him and all the men & women serving our country in your thoughts & prayers~I love you Cuzzie "You got all Da Swagga" one person can achieve!!Miss u~~

  4. hellooooo..sounds as if you are enjoying all corners of the world…and they you meet willsurely be blessed in return… heartfelt thoughts to the young girl's Mom who lost her daughter with breast cancer, sure glad she will be reading " Healing Heartaches" and may find some comfort there… also condolences to you and your family.. losing a lifetime friend, Joe, you are surely " dancing across the galaxies" and it is sad for those left behind..Just wanting to wish you great success on your trip, and thanking you again for sharing with us.May you all have a day of happy thoughts. The thunder and lightning are awesome here today !!hugging my angels, sign me,thinking of you. ♥ A.

  5. It is lovely there. I think the Lake Michigan side of Michigan is the most beautiful side to travel and have travelled that road many times in my life and spent many vacations along that route. Too bad you could not go up a little further north to visit the upper penisula of Michigan. There is some wonderous beauty to see the further north you go. Michgan is a very lovely state. Where would you be speaking in Detroit?

  6. Sandy I will b speaking in Detroit in two days! Blessings to u! It is lovely here indeed! dRSES

  7. I am so sorry to here of your loss of your life friend Joe John Thompson. My prayers for his family and friends. One never knows when our turn will come and our last breath will be taken. I loved your words today and your pictures. So close but yet so far. I love Traverse City and have spent many wonderful vacations there on Lake Michigan and in that Travese City area. It is a beautiful spot of Michigan and one I have fond memories of. I love the people I meet as I have traveled North of Detroit. I work in Detroit, same place for 29 years, and live 26 miles South of Detroit so Traverse City is about 255 miles from where I am sitting at work at this time. Would love to be in Traverse City now and seeing Lake Michigan this day and meeting you in person. I hope you enjoy your time there and have time to see the area. The fish there off Lake Michigan is some of the best you will ever eat. The cherry sauce is delicisous as Traverse City is known for the National Cherry Festival that was held there just last month. They are the cherry capital. Anything cherry will be the best ever. I am happy you have met some of the nicest folks there. My prayers are with you as you travel and I know those you are in contact with are touched by your words and presence. Prayers and Blessings for those who are here this day. Have a wonderful Tuesday. I hope it is not stormy in Travese City today as we have had two days of stormy, rainy weather here in Detroit area SE Michigan. Sandy♥

  8. Morning, once again, I feel like I am on vacation with you and the descriptive way you write, fascinates me. Glad you meet such wonderful people, but you are a MAGNET, with a personality that draws us in to your world.The dinner looks mouth-watering, but were we not just reading about STATIN drugs & food ?!?!lol Enjoy your day & stay, Dr. SES FIRMP S : RIP Joe John Thompson

  9. My condolences on the loss of your family friend. You and your family are in our prayers. How wonderful that you have such vivid memories of him in your youth. Friends and love ones are life's greatest gifts. Treasured memories and photos, life's lifes beloved keepsakes. Knowing that you will touch many lives as you travel the country teaching. Thnak you for making the time to reach out to your readers. Sending you thanks and love.

  10. Who would have guessed that Travse City was on lake Michigan? Every trip is a geography lesson. That Wallye looks indeed fabulous. Could just eat todays blog. Doc you are amazing… You know no strangers. I could spend a week confined to a cardboard bos and not learn half of what you learn about the people you meet in minutes. You inspire me with every blog I read. Be well, travel safe. Sorry t hear about your family friend. We never know when this day can be our last. Need to make this day count.

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